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20 Examples of Flat Animal Logos

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Animal logos are very easy to remember and can be used for so many different types of niches. A high quality and well-designed animal logo can help you increase your brands’ value by associating it with a mascot and people love mascots!

If you want a creative logo which will grasp the visitors’ attention then you should check out these carefully selected flat animal inspired logos, created by skillful designers. Look for hidden messages, double meanings, fun word plays, and more!

Also, you will find mostly wordmark logos on this list. In case you are not familiar with the term, you should know that logos can be either lettermarks or wordmarks.

Lettermarks are considered logos that have typography-inspired designs. These are mostly the company’s initials or similar lettering used to create a symbol. This type of logo is frequently used, given the fact that a combination of initials can sometimes be visually effective. They are used in situations where the company’s name is too long or difficult to pronounce or it just doesn’t have a strong graphic that will get noticed.

Wordmarks are also logo designs but they focus solely on the business name. These are unique stylized logo designs that use the full company name. For instance, Facebook, FedEx, eBay, and others. These use the name of the brand in a creative way, by using various techniques.

And of course, there are mixed logo designs that use a combination of the two. This helps create a complex composition with remarkable features.

Which ones of these 20 animal logos designs do you like most? Let us know in the comment section below.


 Animal Logos mojito

Mojito uses a lowercase typeface and a flat elephant design that looks like it’s washing itself both placed on a simple light blue background. It was designed for a creative web agency.


 Animal Logos BlackSparrow

BlackSparrow uses the same principles, a flat animal design inspired from the brand’s name and typography, both placed on an abstract background.


Animal Logo Octopus AlienDance

Alien Dance is a creative logo that incorporates an Octopus shaped alien with a hat and a stick. It has a sense of fun and comical element attached to it.

Feathers & Fur

 Inspiration Feathers Animal Logos

This example is really nice and creative. The logo was designed to make people see either a dog, either a bird or both. It’s not so obvious what you see at first, the designer only wanted people to have a second look at it.

Happy Lama

 Animal Logo Happy Lama

Happy Lama is a logo concept which was specially designed as a trademark for children’s clothes. It uses flat design and earthly colors to contour a happy lama.

DODO pizza

 Animal Logo pizza

DODO Pizza is yet another good example of mixing flat design with animals into making a really nice and compelling logo. This one is for a pizza delivering company.

Gorilla service

 Animal Logo Gorilla service

This designer was simply playing with flat design and gorillas when this amazing logo came up!  The gorilla looks like it is wearing a shirt and the chosen typography looks great.

FatCat coffee

 Animal Logo FatCat coffee

This example is quite nice and it would definitely look good as a coffee shop’s logo. The cat’s tummy is actually a coffee cup seen from above and its handle is the cat’s tail. This logo can definitely put a smile on people’s faces!


 Animal Logo Scher-khan

Scher-khan’s logo concept mixes flat design with a really nice monochrome tiger. We hope this logo example will inspire you if you need to design zoo and tourism logos.

Clementine & Casper

 Animal Logo Clementine

This logo was specially designed for a children’s luxury clothing line. The brand’s name is centered and framed by abstract bunnies, giving it a retro touch.

cat logo )

This logo is a work in progress and it was specially created for a casino. It uses a really nice flat cat stylization and typography. This is both a great source of inspiration if you’re working on a similar logo and also a great way of presenting your creations.


 Animal Logo Okapi

Okapi was featured into the 6th LogoLounge book. The client who ordered this logo loves Okapis and wanted it to “feel natural and established”. The result was this really nice and compelling logo.


 Animal Logo Einzigartig

Einzigartig is an Austrian company that focuses on studying dog behaviors. This logo communicates the “dog whisperer style” behavior. It uses flat design and an abstract dog profile on which you can also notice a person’s face.


 Animal Logo EAZA

EAZA – European Association of Zoos and Aquaria was founded in 1992 and their mission is to facilitate cooperation within European Zoos and Aquariums towards achieving some education, research, and conservation goals.


 Animal Logo cat

This flat cat logo is a designer’s vision in regards to this theme. It looks simple and clean and the letter “o” looks like a cat. Check it out and find your inspiration!

Ecological reserve. Park

 Animal Logo Ecological reserve Park

This logo was specially designed for an Ecological reserve and park. It uses a flat deer and earthy color palette.

logo Buffalo

 logo Buffalo

If you’re looking for some more flat animal logos then you shouldn’t miss the Buffalo logo. It was designed for a financial institution. Let this logo design be your inspiration, thanks to its clean appearance and interesting illustration technique. The simple light orange background also makes a big difference.


 Animal Logo Pleme

Pleme in English means “tribe” and the logo was created for a friend and his hiking/camping group. The group is very passionate and wanted to have an identity or symbol for themselves. That’s why this logo uses that certain tribal typography and the sketchy landscape. If you’ll look closely you’ll notice the small deer. This logo is both serene and adventurous.

Lion Force

 Animal Logo Lion Force

In this flat design logo, you’ll see a really cool stylization of a lion. This example can be a source of inspiration for many businesses such as banking services, lawyers, insurance and much more.

Fox and Goose

fox and goose Animal Logo

Last but not least, this example is a concept logo for a pub called “Fox and Goose”. It uses flat design and in the same time, it manages to keep a sketchy/hand-drawn appearance. The color palette is also nice and mixes well with the chose typography and graphic elements.

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