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Logo design is not easy at all and most times it can actually be very challenging. A logo represents the brands image and so, it must be designed with extra care and attention to every detail.

When designing a logo, you should take into consideration some basic rules. For starters, preliminary sketches are a must! This first step in designing a logo is crucial, as it helps you clear your mind, organize your ideas and define the concept.

Creating a balanced design is also important. By balance, I mean choosing the right weight for the graphics, pairing the fonts correctly, keeping in mind some ratio rules, etc.

Also, think about the scale of the logo. In logo design, size does matter, and a logo can look very different on a small scale, rather than it looks on a bigger scale. So consider the scale of the logo when you details it and think about how it would look on a truck, or on a letterhead.

Color has a great emotional and psychological impact, so taking it into consideration is important in any kind of design. You should know some color theory basics in order to choose the right shades and pair them perfectly.

Before starting a logo design, you should also do a bit of research on the company you design for.  The logo design concept must suit the client and its vision. Don’t use cartoonish fonts for a corporate business, or a rigid design for a kindergarten. These may sound like common sense rules, but there are many designers who forget them.

Keeping in mind these basic logo design rules, check out the compilation of colorful logos we selected below. As a graphic designer, I know inspiration is very important, so here are 20 creative and colourful logos, to inspire you in creating fun, beautiful, energizing logos for your clients. Check them out!

Seahorse – Endangered Species Project

Seahorse - Endangered Species Project colorful logos

The first example is a seahorse logo that aims to present and raise awareness on an endangered species.  It has a bright pink background and fading dark blue seahorse flat icon.


Monkvibe colorful logos

The MonkVibe logo uses a bell shape on which you might notice a person doing yoga in the lotus position. The logo uses vibrant colours and white typography.

Catch that ZEBRA!

catch it colorful logos

Catch that Zebra is a logo proposal for Catch it Services and has a running coloured zebra on top of the company’s name.  It has a neat design and can serve as good inspiration for your next logo project.


JHC_2 colorful logos

If you liked the previous examples then you might also find this one interesting. It is a doodle logo of a flower and it expresses joy and happiness.

Mirror Me


mirror me colorful logos

This colourful logo uses two main colours, blue and pink to make an eye-catching logo design.

Hell Pizza

delivery hell pizza colorful logos

If you were looking for a coloured Pizza delivery logo then you might find this example inspiring.

Vivid Concepts

vivid colorful logos

This is an example of Vivid Concepts logo that has a white cut-out “V” that stands out on coloured polygonal shapes. Besides the symbol, the logo also uses dark grey typography to present the company’s name.

Floral Glass

colorful logos

This logo for Floral Glass has a stained glass design that gives a friendly vibe and works well with the purple typography. Feel free to have a look at it as it can be a great source of inspiration for your next projects.

Get Organized

colorful logos

This logo proposal for Get Organized has a minimalist yet colourful design that resembles a clock. It is made out of flat icons that look like sticky notes and it is a good idea for the company’s thematic.


usic colorful logos

This logo uses colours and typography in a creative way. Each letter has its own colour along with a unique design. All in all, this logo that works well for music services has a friendly eye-catching design.


Datemeifyoucan colorful logos

If you liked the previous examples then you will definitely like this one too. Datemeifyoucan logo has a flat icon shaped as a heart with wings on top of the brand’s name. The name uses the perfect typography for this design and uses similar colours as the heart symbol. This creative colourful logo can be a great source of inspiration.

NEVADA ‘Park Ridge’

Nevada colorful logos\

This logo for Nevada’s Park Ridge is perfect for a developing residential land estate in Park Ridge in Queensland Australia. It uses typography and a clean and neat design for the logo.



Shark colorful logos

This is a concept logo that has a shark theme. It uses a large palette of colours that for both the shark icon and the typography. It is a good example of a clean design and can serve as good inspiration for future logo projects.

day 106 – flow

Flow colorful logo

This example is part of a 365 daily project that showcases a logo for each day. This one is number 105 and is called “Flow” it uses the colour brown for a tree flat icon on which you will notice a bright blue bird. It has a neat design that mixes the right colours along with a great choice in typography.


Galaxy colorful logo

This ship logo is part of a 12 logo bundle. It has a creative and colourful design that has a galaxy background with a centered ship icon.

day 88 – sleepin`

Sleepin colorful logo

Sleepin’s is also part of the 365 daily logo project that has a friendly and colourful design. It is a pillow hanged on a knob under white typography.


Zebra colorful logo

If you are up for more colourful animal logos, then you might want to have a look at this Zebra Logo.  Instead of the regular black and white stripes, this one is divided into 4 stipes of colours.


Murook colorful logo

Inspired by the red cross logo and symbol, this Murook Training logo’s aim is to promote courses for individuals who are seeking employment within the Health sector.  The logo has a white cross with a border divided into four. Each part has a different colour and a dot. Besides the cross, this logo also uses typography to present the company’s name.

Artic Wise

Artic Wise colorful logo

Last but not least, you can never have enough of a good owl design such as this one. This logo proposal has a cute light grey owl with yellow details centered on a dark blue background. All in all, this logo is a good example of a creative colourful design that can serve as good inspiration for future projects. Feel free to have a look and see if this example inspires you.

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  1. I love the logo design by Adrianne Hawthorne.

    The cut out effect with the painted water colors in the background created a very aesthetic look. Modern, creative and soft.

    Great logo design work!

    Sandy Rowley
    Logo Desiger


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