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10 Great Web Designer Portfolio Websites

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As a web designer, you must have an amazing online portfolio, in order to catch the clients’attention and make them hire you. A good portfolio website is an ultimate resume. It not only shows your skills, but it also shows how creative you are. If your portfolio website has a custom made design with personalized elements, will show your future clients that you know how to sell yourself and your services.

Here are 10 great web designer portfolio websites, to inspire you in creating your own awesome online portfolio!

1.Cedric Pereira

The first example is Cedric Pereira’s website. This slideshow website uses a different pastel-colored background for each project. It has a highly elegant and creative design that uses huge typography and cut-out animated bubbly shapes of representative images for each project. This website proves the vast experience in interactive design of Cedric Pereira. Feel free to take a look and to discover all the well-thought details of this website’s design.

Cédric Pereira - Interactive designer Web Designer Portfolio Websites

2.Fabian Irsara

Fabian Irsara’s website also uses huge typography with highlighted keywords to present himself. There’s a lot of scrolling to do on this website thanks to the good amount of content. You don’t have to surf much through it to see his works as you’ll easily find links in his menu bar. Feel free to have a look at his website to see if it inspires you.

Fabian Irsara Web Developer, Photographer, Traveller Web Designer Portfolio Websites

3.Mike Dekker

Mike Dekker’s portfolio website uses grid-type galleries and horizontal bands in a creative way to present himself and his works. The use of both colors, images, and the black and white animations show this designer’s vast experience and also give a sensitive touch to the web design layout.

Mike Dekker UX UI & Product designer Web Designer Portfolio Websites

4.Patrick David

The next example has a much more artistic touch to its web design layout. Patrick David has more than 10 years of experience in digital products and has worked and developed hundreds of websites. His portfolio looks great and best shows his experience in this line of work. This website manages to presents content in a highly creative way, giving readers a great user experience.

Patrick David Italian Web Developer Web Designer Portfolio Websites

5. Seb Design

This is yet another example of an amazing portfolio on which you might want to have a look. There’s also lots of scrolling on this one-page portfolio. What I like most about this portfolio design is the nice use of pale pink typography on a black background and the interesting vectors. The nice vector illustrations really show how creative and skilled the designer is.

Sébastien Nikolaou Web Designer Portfolio Websites


Prashant’s website best describes his interests in interactive websites. If you’ll continue scrolling you’ll notice a lot of animated content, images that change colors or which appear out of nowhere. This website gives a good first impression and also offers a great user experience along the way to its readers. This website proves Prashant’s experience as a young front-end web developer and might serve as a good source of inspiration for future projects.

Prashant Sani Freelance Responsive Website Front-End Developer

7. Robbie Manson

Robbie Manson’s online portfolio website has a creative way of presenting himself through a column of typography and another filled with mobile illustrations. The layout is pretty simple which shows a great interest for details. He also has a brief description of himself and his work on the left side of the page. This column goes all the way down and presents written content about several case studies and projects.

Robbie Manson Web Designer Portfolio Websites

8.Sebastian Graz

Surfing through Sebastian Graz’s portfolio leaves a good impression from the first sight and all the way to the end. He chose a very good way of presenting his works through a grid gallery on a pink pale background, that only shows a keyword or a brand’s name at first. Furthermore, it letting the reader discover the details of each project. It has a colorful and creative web design layout that makes this website worthy of being on this list.

Sebastian Graz Web Designer Portfolio Websites

9. Authentic Style

This web design portfolio website starts with a horizontal bight blue band with huge white typography, followed by a gallery of projects you can click on to find out more. It sure has an authentic style just as their studio name implies. It offers a neat and smooth user experience and provides good content about their services.

Top Rated WordPress Web Design Company authenticstyle

10.Victoire Douy

Victoire Douy uses a slideshow of animated illustrations to present his work. He has a neat and elegant web design layout that uses pale light colors and huge typography to present content to followers. The interface has a friendly touch added in its design and proves this designer’s vast experience. You might want to take a closer look at his website to see some really well-thought details and really good ways of presenting content.

Victoire Douy UI UX Designer Web Designer Portfolio Websites


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  1. Thank you. I’m just about to design a photographer portfolio website and like these, the emphasis is on the photography, not the site graphics,

  2. Awesome list and great websites. Design of some websites is very appealing. Black and white combination of Effective design is awesome.


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