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Let’s face it, Pinterest is not just for planning a wedding or yummy recipes anymore. More and more businesses are using it as a marketing tool (25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Pinterest accounts). Behind Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media networking site and of last year Pinterest became the 4 largest traffic source in the world.

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, the people using it is constantly growing as well. You can see how this is a great way for businesses to reach potential customers. It is especially a valuable marketing tool for the design community because people see your product visually first.

The more visually appealing or creative your product is the better chance you are of getting noticed. Small agencies can compete with larger agencies because it’s all about the initial response to the product.

Pinterest can be a great source of design inspiration. Designers are using this free service to collect examples of great designs everywhere. Here are 10 Web Designers to Follow on Pinterest you can follow in order to receive your daily dose of design inspiration! Not all their boards are design inspired so check them out and follow the ones you like!

Mike Jones

Pinterest Web Designers to Follow on Pinterest

First on the list is Mike Jones, a graphic designer and partner at @resoundcreative (a creative agency). He has a great board collection of awesome graphics and very inspirational designs. Have a look through his boards and see what interests and inspires him.

Niki Blaker

Pinterest Web Designers to Follow on Pinterest

Niki Blaker is a design strategist at Forty. She is married to a developer and it is also an AIGA Arizona board member. You’ll find plenty of beautiful boards on her Pinterest and you’ll see that her interests lay in typography, illustrations and so much more.

Jeff Andrews


Jeff Andrews is a graphic designer, illustrator, and sometimes costumed adventurer. His favorite quote is “Don’t let the world define you. Define yourself, and let the world take notice!”. He has an amazing collection of PinBoards you can follow.

We Are the Rhoads


Sarah Rhoads is a talented photographer. On her Pinterest profile, you’ll find plenty of boards from design inspiration to photography boards divided into specific categories.

Stu Greenham


Stu Greenham is a web designer from York. His Pinterest Profile is a great source of inspiration. You’ll find much graphic design, web design, product design boards you can follow. He has a great board collection of awesome graphics and very inspirational designs.



COLOURLovers is a Color + Design Community. They have over 20000 followers and many awesome boards! You’ll find plenty of sources of inspirations through their

Jen Vasseur


Jan Vasseur is a freelance web designer and developer with a large number of elected boards. She focuses on color and fonts while her own board impresses through design concepts.

Dan Otis


Dan is a talented graphic designer. On his Pinterest profile, you’ll find many useful, creative boards like Logos, Digital Colleges, Business Cards, Web Design and more!

Kayla Meyer


Kayla Meyer is a graphic designer from Austin, Texas. She has some really cool Pinterest boards which will surely inspire you in creating awesome works!

Lisa Welding


Lisa is a talented designer from Ohio. She has many types of PinBoards from Fashion and Home Decor to Design, Packaging, and Illustration.

Mattias Ahlvin


Mattias Ahlvin likes web design, science, fiction (and sci-fi), writing, web design, drawing, gaming and so much more. He has a great and inspiring Pinterest profile you can follow.

Matt Pringle


Matt Pringle is a web designer at Digitalsurgeons.com, from New Haven, CT. You’ll find many design related boards on his profile, from web design to packaging and print inspiration!

10 Easy Pinterest Tips to Market Your Web or Design Agency

Pinterest can be an incredible traffic source for your website because after all, it is more of a search engine rather than a social network. This means that some SEO techniques can also be applied to Pinterest! You can use Pinterest to grow your income by attracting new clients for your business or by growing your website and your revenue from ads, affiliate marketing, and more.

Check out these simple steps and tips you can follow in order to set up your Pinterest account and start growing it and your business. It will be worth the effort, as you’ll see that in only 2-3 months traffic will start to increase.

1) Create a business account. This will allow you to get access to the Analytics section and see how many clicks you get to your site. 

2) Fill out your profile and add your website address in your profile description. 

3) Follow other creatives.  If you are at loss to figure out who to follow just go to your favorite design & web’s blogs or sites. Chances are that they have a Pinterest account.

4) Make boards related to your field. Some Board Ideas for design/web agencies: Icon design, Hand Lettering, Non-profit logo’s, Unique website navigation and Print design.

5)  Be descriptive.  Use hashtags in your descriptions.

6) Don’t over self-promote. Don’t repeatedly repin your work or other content. Pinning it once is sufficient unless there are multiple angles or additions to the project.

7) Make your work visually pleasing. Look at what works on Pinterest and what doesn’t. Get some inspiration from other pins that catch your eye. 

8) Use Pinterest to show the overall personality of your agency. This can also be a great way to clients see what your overall company is like before they call or make an inquiry. This can put them at ease and get them excited about doing business with you. Likewise, if you are applying to agency or company.

9) Promote. Do not use auto post when it comes to your Twitter & Facebook page. This makes your activity impersonal and sometimes can be just plain annoying (especially if you are pinning 15 new things in a short period of time.)

10) Pin consistently. Don’t pin just to pin. Make sure these are items that you have a genuine interest in. 

What do you think? Do you have any Pinterest tips? Or do you want to share your Pinterest with us?

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