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Interested in developing your UX design skills? Here are some excellent UX apps and tools for designers that can hep you improve your skills. These are great UX tools and apps that apply to multiple purposes such as research, testing, user feedback, prototyping, wireframing, collaboration, and more.

You can utilize these amazing tools to transform user feedback into useful information. Try them out to successfully increase your product’s performance. You can track the user’s activity (mouse moves, keyboard strokes, scrolls, etc.), gather feedback from lots of people around the world, manage your custom support system, create prototypes of desktop or mobile apps, and much more.

All the information that you receive can be used to improve your outcome and create user-friendly products that are addressing your customer’s needs.


MouseStats is a great tool for any designer that helps you improve your performances. This item lets you measure the user’s activity by tracking their mouse moves, scrolls, and keyboard strokes.

MouseStats Website Heatmaps, Visitor Playback, Form Analytics, Visitor Recording Pin


Appsee is very useful to any mobile app developer. This tool lets you analyze the user’s behavior and gives you important information to let you create the ultimate user experience.

Appsee Mobile Analytics Pin


Ethnio is a wonderful tool that you can use for UX resources, surveys, and you can also use it to send emails to participants, to conduct interviews and more.

UX Research Recruiting, User Research Recruiting, and Usability Recruiting Pin


Here is a very useful tool that lets you capture your ideas and information, make connections, organize and contextualize them in the same place.

MindManager Pin


Use this neat tool to see what users think about you product. You can receive useful feedback that you can then utilize to improve your website or app.

Roadmap Prioritization from Product Feedback _ UserVoice Pin


This is a great prototyping and wireframing tool that gives you all that you need to design interactive mockups. You can use any sketch and start building until you reach the final product.

Solidify _ Quick way to build prototypes for user testing Pin

Power Mockup

PowerMockup presents a massive pack of UI items that were created using PowerPoint shapes. You can manage these elements and create various prototypes of mobile or web apps.

PowerPoint Wireframe and Prototyping Tool _ PowerMockup Pin


Gliffy comes in handy when it comes to wireframing and you can use it to successfully cooperate on flowcharts, UML, org charts, network diagrams & more.

Gliffy _ Online Diagram and Flowchart Software Pin


Proto.io is a great UI and wireframing tool that gives you all the tools you need to create stunning prototypes of various applications. This way you can see what customers think about your product and then create it.

Proto io - Prototypes that feel real Pin


Balsamiq is an excellent wireframing tool which saves you a lot of time. With the help of this item, you can build realistic prototypes, by using a drag&drop editor.

Balsamiq. Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software. _ Balsamiq Pin


Mockplus is a great tool for fast and smart prototyping. This item lets you focus on the actual design and it’s so easy to use – you just need to drag and drop!

Prototype faster, smarter and easier with Mockplus Pin


This is an excellent UX tool for designers that lets you add comments straight on the visuals and to convert them into interactive prototypes. Check it out!

Notism _ Design & Video Collaboration for creative teams Pin


Trello saves you a lot of time! This neat tool lets you collaborate on various tasks and see the progress of the project. You can set deadlines, add labels, etc. to ease your work.

Trello Pin


Murally is an amazing software which lets you brainstorm ideas and find inspiration by using online walls. Check it out and see what it has to offer!

Mural - Mural Pin


You can use this great collaboration tool on all your team projects to ease your work and fasten the process. This comes in handy when it comes to share, manage, and gather ideas.

Cage — Simple Online Design Collaboration and Proofing Software for Designers Pin

Red Pen

This is a wonderful tool that allows you to successfully collaborate with your team members. You can use this item to add a comment anywhere you see fit.

Red Pen Pin


This is a neat tool that allows you to create interactive prototypes. Take a look and see what this great item has to offer and use it for your future projects.

Free Web & Mobile Prototyping (Web, iOS, Android) and UI Mockup Tool _ InVision Pin


Use this useful tool to collect feedback and to improve your products. It lets you gather information and compare various designs before launching your final product.

First Impression Testing for UX Designers Pin


Silverback is a great usability testing application that you can use for Mac. Take a look at its full features and see what you can use it for n your next product.

Silverback 3 Pin


UXPin works in real time and it gathers useful information to help improve your products. It also gives you all the tools that you need to create prototypes and wireframes.

UXPin - UX Design, Wireframing Tools, Prototyping Tools Pin

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