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I’ve recently had a chance to use a tool called PowerMockup and want to let you all know about it.

What is PowerMockup? It’s an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, which helps you sketch mock-ups for websites and applications.  It makes prototyping new designs extremely easy – a matter of a few clicks. The major advantage of using PowerPoint as a mock-up tool is that most people have it and know how to use it. PowerPoint provides a common design environment that bridges the gap between business users and developers. PowerMockup capitalizes on PowerPoint’s powerful features, and includes:

  • 77 fully editable user interface elements
  • 82 wireframe icons
  • Easy access via a separate ribbon tab
  • Compatibility with PowerPoint 2007 and 2010
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Word documents (enables you to edit mockups from within Microsoft Word)
  • Vector-based design
  • Export to PDF, PNG, EMF and many other formats
  • Ability to demonstrate an application’s workflow as a slideshow
  • Customization through PowerPoint’s standard diagramming features
  • Terrific printing capabilities, zoom, undo/redo, grouping, audio/video support

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PowerMockup provides various licensing features such as single, small team and larger team licenses. The team at PowerMockup offers a  30 day money-back guarantee, which really showcases the confidence in their software.

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2 thoughts on “PowerMockup Review – An Essential Web Designer Tool”

  1. PowerMockup is an excellent tool. I have been using it for a while now, as it is a great compliment to PowerStory (http://www.power-story.com), which allows you to define the flow of your UI storyboard with main flows and alternate flows just like use cases, as well as generate test cases into Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

    I like the fact that Andreas has figured out how to enable us to extend the pallet with our own shapes. Microsoft’s storyboarding product coming with visual studio 2012 will be interesting as well, but they have yet to support the ability to extend the pallet of ui controls. They say they need the PowerPoint team to extend their API in order to enable this feature.


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