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18 Best After Effects Lower Thirds

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When you’re in need of the Best After Effects Lower Thirds be sure to bookmark this page. To save you time searching, we have created a list of only high-quality Lower Third templates and considered some of the best options available today!

What is a Lower Third?

The lower third is a visual graphic or text displayed at the bottom of a video screen. Often it is used to describe a place or someone’s name. Many YouTubers use the Lower Third to promote something such as “Subscribing” to their channel.

Lower Thirds can also be used for displaying a logo, banners, website addresses, phone numbers, and other details. They are often in the lower right or left corner and small enough to not distract viewers from the main video.

A Word on Licensing

Whenever you can find professionally designed Lower Thirds, be sure that they come with a commercial use license. Therefore, we have only gathered the best Lower-Thirds here that include a commercial license from Envato Elements.

However, having a commercial license does not mean the Lower Third can be resold. Please review the licensing at Envato Elements to make sure you stay legal when using these editable Lower Thirds video templates.

Okay, now it’s time to start viewing these incredible options below – Enjoy and please comment!

1. Adobe After Effects Lower Thirds by Motion Studio

Your branding, business, and traveling videos will look great with this lower-third template. Utilize the animated titles, gradient colors, and multiple fonts to create visually appealing videos with this top choice!

2. Lower Thirds by Any Pixel

As seen often, we see the creator commonly using text in boxes to highlight or showcase the text message. Click on the video to see the effect of this excellent selection.

3. Lower Thirds for After Effects by Dawowi

It is an easily customizable lower-third After-effect template. You can change the colors, textures, or fonts according to your choice. Make stylize the lower thirds with this dark professional template.

4. Lower Thirds for Adobe AE by Real Studio

Provide a cinematic look to your video with the elegant lower thirds. This template is great for movies, films, upcoming event videos, exhibitions, company broadcasts, and more. The final video will astonish your audience.

5. Lower Third for After Effects by Team Shop

The lower thirds are perfect if you wish to make your video stand out. With commercial licensing and an unlimited download option, the template can be used for almost any type of video.

6. Adobe AE Lower Thirds by One Bober

Keep the focus of your audience with bold titles. With the personalized option, use the lower thirds to attract your audience.

7. Lower Thirds Created by Babaleo

Use the lower thirds without installing any other plugin. The easy-to-use lower thirds will help you to change colors, and fonts according to your needs. Get access to video tutorials to learn how to use the temple.

8. Lower Thirds | After Effects By Welcot

With the template, you will have complete control over the color of your lower third. Use the lower thirds for your social media videos and increase viewership.

9. Lower-Thirds for After Effects By Dontman

If you are seeking 4k resolution compatible lower thirds, then this template is suitable for you. Comes with a video tutorial and fast render features.  You can easily customize, resize, and change the text, images, and colors on the template.

10. Envato Lower Thirds by Space Motion

The template is compatible with After Effect Premiere Pro. This template comes with a video tutorial, a fast rendering feature, and easy customization options.

11. Lower Thirds by Aliyarmikayilov

With these 12 stylish animated lower thirds you will get full control of the text, color, and duration of the animation. The template supports video resolutions up to 4K, full HD, Square, and Instagram.

12. Envato Elements Lower Thirds by Motifixer

With the lower third template, you can create an engaging video for social media platforms or a corporate video that looks elegant. Enjoy a number of resources with an unlimited download facility.

13. Lower Thirds by Skechors Motion

With animations that reflect the modern style, these dark and stylish titles can help you stay ahead in the market.

14. Lower Thirds 1.0 for After Effects by 3oom

Clean and futuristic lower thirds for creating advertisements. Create branding or product videos to gain more audience attention.

15. News Lower Thirds for After Effects

Without any video editing experience, you can now design professional news videos with these stunning lower-third text animation templates.

16. YouTube Video Lower Thirds for After Effects

If you intend to interview a guest or show your name on YouTube videos, this lower third template is for you. It is possible for you to create dynamic introductions for videos on YouTube.

17. Liquid Lower Thirds

The lower third template is filled with fluid text animations. With full-color control, the cartoon liquid lower thirds are great for promotions, music videos, tv, shows, social media videos, and more.

18. Lower Thirds HUD Edition

Here we have a well-designed and cutting-edge lower third template that works well with HD videos. This template includes a video tutorial to demonstrate how to fully utilize its features. You don’t need to install any plugins to use the template.

After Effects Tips

Here are a few tips for making your editing experience easier and more flexible on After Effects.

  • Create a duplicate layer for your videos by quickly pressing “ Command+D” 
  • Select render quality to make your video editing faster. You can access render quality from the composition panel by selecting the dropdown menu.
  • You should enable the auto-save feature before starting a project. To do this, click “Edit” and then select “Preferences”. Make sure Automatically Save Projects is checked from the drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use a lower-third template in After Effects?

The process of opening and using lower-thirds templates in After Effects is straightforward. Just drag and drop the file into the Project Panel or double-click to open it from your Downloads folder.

Can I edit the lower third template in After Effects? 

Yes. The Timeline and Text panels allow you to edit the Lower Thirds templates in After Effects. These panels display a list of all the layers in your project. From there you can edit the lower third color, text, fronts, and dynamics. 

How do you create Lower Thirds in After Effects?

When using Adobe After Effects, you have the ability to create eye-catching, animated lower thirds by combining gradient colors, shapes, and fonts in about 3 to 4 steps. It’s best to follow a detailed Lower Third tutorial like the one over at MakeUseOf.com.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we just looked through 18 of the best After Effects Lower Thirds video templates that were provided by Envato Elements. The only thing you need to do is create an account at Envato Elements and you’ll have immediate access to all these stunning lower-third templates along with a commercial license. Currently, it’s about 0.55 cents a day to join.

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