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In this article, you will learn a lot about Inkscape and its powerful features that allow you to create stunning artworks. Inkscape is an open-source graphic editor that is compatible with various platforms such as OS, Windows, and Mac.

These 20 Inkscape tutorials offer all the information you need to successfully design wit Inkscape. Each tutorial has useful information organized in a step-by-step manner, while designer offers clear guidance all the way.

These tutorials are perfect for beginners, to help them learn more about Inkscape. Also, you can find some tutorials that are targeted to more experienced designers as well. There is something for everybody!

Draw Trees

Learn how to draw trees in Inkscape by following the step-by-step instructions from this tutorial. The designer offers easy-to-follow guidance that will lead you to the final result.


Fancy Borders

This is a wonderful tutorial that guides you all through the creative process of these beautiful border designs. This tutorial is perfect for beginners.


Floral Motif

Here you have an amazing tutorial that teaches you how to create this stunning illustration with a floral motif. This is a vector file that can be used at any size.


Urban design

This is a trendy urban design that you can create in Inkscape in just a few steps. The designer shows you step-by-step how to create this illustration.


Draw anime eye

Learn how to design this stunning anime eye with amazing detailing. This tutorial guides you step by step to achieve this beautiful illustration.

Learn-to-draw-an-eye-in-anime-style-_ Libre-Graphics-World

Postage Stamps with Inkscape!

Should you need personalized postage stamps you can learn how to create them in a few easy steps. These are vector illustrations and will look perfect at any size.


Vector light button

This is a lovely vector illustration of a light bulb icon that you can learn to create in Inkscape. Follow the steps to successfully design this item.


Illustrating a Rainbow

Learn how to create a rainbow drawing by using Inkscape tools. This is a step-by-step tutorial that guides you at every step to create this illustration.


Pac-Man Baddies

Check out this lovely tutorial and learn how to create these joyful Pac-Man inspired cartoons. You will be using Inkscape and follow easy steps.


Create a Vector Compass in Inkscape

By following this tutorial you will learn how to create a vector compass by using Inkscape tools. You will be given step-by-step guidance.


Create a Chibi Tux Penguin

This neat tutorial will show you how to make this Chibi Tux penguin. You will work in Inkscape and create a vector illustration that can be used in large projects, without quality loss.


Rubber Stamp

Take a look at this useful tutorial that shows you how to create this rubber stamp. The designer explains the process step by step and the information in clear.


Pile of Coins

This tutorial shows the making of this beautiful illustration of a pile of coins. This tutorial is suitable for all designers, no matter how much knowledge they have on Inkscape. The information is clear and simple.


Epic Logo in Inkscape

This technique demonstrates how to create this professional logo design by using only Inkscape. You will work with various tools and techniques. Let’s start!


Creating a Goblet in Inkscape

Learn how to create this neat goblet by using only Inkscape tools. The information is well-organized and easy to follow. Take a look and start creating!


Inkscaping a Globe with Latitude & Longitude

In this great Inkscape tutorial, you will be taught how to design these marvelous globes that have both latitude and longitude lines.


F10 Gears: Drawing the Gears

Here is another neat Inkscape tutorial that you can use to create beautiful illustrations. This tutorial gives you all the information you need to create these nice gears. You can use them in various situations.


Paper Note

This is a very easy to follow tutorial that guides you through creating this lovely paper note with a beautiful design. You will work in Inkscape and basic knowledge is required.


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