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Vector graphics are always much more helpful than image files because you can resize them without compromising on resolution. If you enlarge images, then there is a chance that the image may get pixelated. This is not the case with vector files, because it can be modified easily without any quality issues. Also, the file size of the vector files is quite a lot smaller in comparison to images. The vector file quality varies from one platform to another but still, it is manageable to fit it into your design.

Rather than wasting your time on creating a file from scratch, you can easily download vector files. Finding vector files online is the time-saving elixir for many busy designers. But it’s not always easy to find vector files online. In fact, you have to search a lot to find the best suitable vector files for each project you are working on.

So to solve your search puzzle for finding the best vector files, we have come up with the list of top 10 places to find quality vector graphics for your website.

1. Vexels

Vexels - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Vexels is the one stop solution for finding a variety of vector files. You’ll be able to get almost all of them here, including ornamental vectors and icons. It has an online editor available to modify the vector files, alter layouts and add new elements. The editor is also capable to change the colors and text to save your time in case of fighting with deadlines.

You just have to make sure that the vector files are linked to Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the free vectors from Vexels. Additionally, if you are looking for credit-free vector files then, you can subscribe to the paid plan of Vexels.

2. Freepik

Freepik - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Freepik is actually like a free search engine to find vector files, stock images, and PSDs. It has everything with it and it is convenient to search for anything. You just have to type the name of the topic to find the relevant vector file. The free vector website has premium plans available for paid subscribers. By subscribing to the paid plans you can use the Freepik vectors for completing your design puzzle. Alas, it doesn’t have any online editor to make your work easy. Also, you won’t be able to find any SVG and PNG files.

3. Dryicon

Dryicons - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Dryicon develops icons, web templates, and vector files. You won’t find everything on Dryicon but it has a great navigation feature. Don’t judge Dryicon with a limited stock of vector files because you can easily find specific files for your design. It has an affordable paid license option available with the free option.

4. Vecteezy

Vecteezy - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Vecteezy is one of the most popular online platforms available to find vector files. You can avail the benefits of the online editor to modify the vector files before downloading them. Vecteezy is working to improve the UX editor but yet they haven’t found a cure for quality results.

Some of the tools are on Vecteezy are quite tough to modify as the designs were not created with this tool in mind. There are a lot of options available on Vecteezy, you spot your category and find the best suitable vector graphics. The only concern with Vecteezy is the quality of the vector files. So you have to spend a little time to find a better quality option.

5. Freedesignfile

Freedesignfile - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Freedesignfile is the all-time solution to find free vector files online. It has everything with it, vectors, images, fonts, and also Photoshop tricks. It doesn’t have the largest stock of files but you can definitely find the best suitable vector file. The quality of the vector file is not that great with Freedesignfile but there are plenty of free options available to choose from. It doesn’t have any online editor to save your designing time.

6. Flaticon

Flaticon - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Flaticon has a stock size of million free icons under its vault. It allows you to create your own style of the pattern from the available icons. You’ll find each and every type of vector file on Flaticon. It has PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats available to download. The most popular item on Flaticon is the free social media icons available in a variety of panaches.

7. Vectorportal

Vectorportal - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Since 2005, Vectorportal has solved the designing troubles of many designers. The vector category on Vectorportal is not limited to the list of categories. Other than the Vector files, you’ll find Illustrator Brushes, Illustrator Patterns, and Swatches on Vectorportal. You can smoothly navigate with the dropdown search on Vectorportal. Also, it has got some brand guidelines but it doesn’t specify the file format. But the USP of Vectorportal is that files can be used for personal and money-making business.

8. Shutterstock

Shutterstock - Free Quality Vector Graphics

Shutterstock has already earned a lot of fame for itself. Most designers know about this free image finder online portal. Shutterstock has everything you want. You name it and you get it. But the only trouble with Shutterstock is that it doesn’t have any free options available.

But then there is a privilege with the individual purchase option. If you don’t want the entire subscription plan you can opt to buy a single file. You can easily get the things on Shutterstock if you are ready to pay for it. This is the reason it is slightly below in this list.

9. Free Vector

Free Vector - Free Quality Vector Graphics

You’ll find a variety of vector files, graphics, icons, and illustrations in various categories. The Free Vector allows you to download files for personal and commercial use by providing appropriate credits. Though the options are slightly less compared to the ones offered by bigger portals, this site offers good creative vectors which can help your design stand out from the rest.

10. Vector Me

Vector Me - Free Quality Vector Graphics

There is an interesting story behind the creation of The team who created was unable to find a search engine to get free vector files. Thus, they decided to create with a wide range of vector files and easy search options.

The above list has covered the 10 best online portals to find free vector graphics. We recommend you go through the list and find the best vector files that suit your design. Also, don’t forget to bookmark the resource sites you like so that you can go back to them whenever you need good quality vectors for your design.

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