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Top 15 Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes

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With the ever-growing need of practicality along with aesthetic, there is a rising awareness amongst people about landscaping and gardening. As houses are getting bigger, so are the gardens – and eventually, the need for landscaping. This, in return, has increased the consciousness about techniques as well as services provided by businesses that are into this niche market. Though the most important thing to highlight while building your website is the services provided, the reassurance of quality through images, and customer satisfaction might be secondary to focus on.

Here are a few easy to understand landscaping website templates and WordPress themes that essentially incorporate the above pointers while creating your website:

1. Greenova:

Greenova - Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Theme

Greenova is a modern, sophisticated and user-friendly landscaping WordPress theme. It comes with seven different mega-menu options in the header, each with a dynamic multi-page drop-down menu. The homepage flashes a reassuring slider that could essentially reinforce the brand’s anchor-line/moto. An amalgam of strong statistics and infographics right on the homepage, it also embodies testimonials and profiles of the dedicated team – to make sure the customers are in safe hands.

Apart from that, the theme has about 27 inner pages, a descriptive text bubble to fit in every necessary information, a WPBakery Page Builder option that allows to drag and drop elements while building the website and several layout options for every section to choose from.

2. Gardner:

Gardener - Gardening and Landscaping HTML Template

Apart from being compliant on all the hand-held devices, Gardner is a landscaping WordPress theme with an elegant, modern and accessible user interface. With all the details visible on the top header menu of the website, it makes a statement about the brand on the homepage. The gallery showcases four distinct layouts to choose from – a hover-over animation prevalent on all images for a smooth transitional effect.

With all the positive testimonials displayed on the homepage, a bank of engaging animations and infographics, this theme takes care of the assurance part. The key features also include cross-browser optimization wherein the website shall run exquisitely on any of the web browsers.

3. Etalon:

Etalon - Multi-Concept Theme for Professional Services

Etalon is a multi-optional WordPress theme, which provides a wide array of built-in service-oriented themes depending upon market segments. ‘Gardener’ is a landscaping WordPress theme under the Home tab – One of Etalon’s most active service providing the theme. With a refreshing opening image, this theme has numerous demo pages, smooth hover-animations beneath for easy access, and a super-responsive Ready to Shop option to sell your products and services. Given the versatile nature of the theme, it is packed with all necessary codes and optimizations for enhancing the speed and performance on any given device – hand-held or desktop. It is easy to access, a user-friendly theme, and even without any coding knowledge, it can be used efficiently.

In correlation to all the mentioned functions, this theme is a package of WPBakery, a feature that enables smooth drag and drop options for frontend and backend changes. Also, Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin, which makes it easy for anybody to create beautiful layouts, and an IconsMind – Premium Icon Pack, that helps you chose from a wide range of icons and animations.

4. Green Thumb:

Green Thumb | Gardening & Landscaping Services WordPress Theme

In the pool of all gardening and landscaping WordPress themes, Green Thumb is one of the most precious ones yet. The reason for this is its richness in functionality as it is loaded with the most important and premium WordPress plugins – like the WPBakery, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid Plugin, MailChimp for WP, and many more which are included for free.

Due to the wide range of available plugins, the visual elements of the website can be enhanced creatively and easily. The homepage itself gives a slider option with textual animations that cascade smoothly. It is full of custom post types that enhance the trust, make your content handy, user-friendly and easy to access.

5. Handel:

Handel - Consulting WordPress

While looking for a theme to suit your business, it becomes almost necessary to make sure that the package is versatile. Handel is a flexible multi-optional theme that includes demos for various businesses and services. It includes a landscaping and gardening WordPress theme alongside other options, which is a true mine of choice.

This is a super-responsive, ready to use on any hand-held device theme. With a cross-browser optimized set-up and a promise that any device with a Handel theme would deliver A-level performance. It comes with an additional goodie – WooCommerce – a plugin that allows selling of goods and services online in addition to the other facilities.

6. Buisson:

Buisson | Gardening & Landscaping Services WordPress Theme

Buisson is an amalgamation of the modern landscaping WordPress themes online. It is light and colorful as compared to the other themes, and gives a wide range of layout and service options for new businesses. If you deal with bushes, trees, lawns, lawnmower, landscape planning or provide eco-friendly services or even want to create an equipment store Buisson is definitely for you! It is made compatible with the WPBakery for easy drag and drop of content and files and a more accessible and user-friendly environment for creating web layouts.

The theme comes with custom layouts, sidebar managers and cross-browser compatibility for a smooth experience aesthetically as well as functionally. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, a plugin that allows you to convert the website into a shopping-friendly portal. The theme also consists of a bank of animations and clipart options to choose from to make the layout more graphical. For assurance purposes, it also gives a section for testimonials, a profile of the team as well as a responsive counter of services provided.

7. Edge Decor:

Edge Decor | A Modern Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Theme


Edge Decor is a contemporary, colorful, stylish and super-functional gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. It has a beautiful design and graphical layout. This would definitely make you stand out among other competitors in the market. It incorporates a lively user-interface with interactive transitions over mouse-hover. This results in a smooth effect on every element of the page. The title on the Homepage banner tends to leave a message on the consumer’s mind, in return wanting to at least browse through the website, if not buy.

The theme is a mixture of premium plugins like the WPBakery for easy drag and drop of elements and a Slider Revolution. Moreover, a customizable blog feed with more than twenty animations, WooCommerce plugin that enables online sales and a vast gallery of Google Fonts, with tons of color and typography choices.

8. The Landscaper:

The Landscaper - Lawn & Landscaping WP Theme

Despite being a premium gardening and landscaping WordPress theme, The Landscaper is one of the top sale-generating web themes available for gardening and landscaping purposes. Proving the point further, it is an amalgam of various customization tools and demo installations available. The Landscaper is highly client-oriented. It delivers through the various gallery and blog options. This has a project priority focus. This brings assurance and promise in itself.

The sidebars are not integrated with the main container at the centre. This makes the design and coding more user-friendly. The theme allows you to customize the sidebars wherever you wish to – up, down, sideways, or any other way.  It comes with a package of more than 800 Google fonts and five different header layouts. Hence, a new layout is guaranteed for every business website!

9. Grass:


There’s only one way to interpret that name – Grass! This layout is as green as it could ever be. With a very strong motive behind the foundation of the gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. SWLABS built this theme to provide a platform for the gardeners, landscape artists and all others with a passion for the green community. With a beautiful collapsing tile animation for the homepage, the website layout is informative, interactive as well as accurately optimized for speed and performance.

Grass is equipped with a nifty blog design for focusing more on the ‘community’ aspect and using it as a selling point. This also compliments the homepage. During the procedure of building the website layout theme, the creators tried answering multiple questions that inculcated the values of the community to be at the centre. The blog system caters to those who want to know more, eventually converting them into customers and buyers.

10. Cultivators:


Cultivators is a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme with a bespoke design in terms of pictures, visuals and videos. This theme is built on Bootstrap 3 grid system. It uses JavaScript language. Moreover, it has a CSS based animation. Founded on the Unyson framework, the versatility allows creating your pages with PageBuilder extension. Moreover, it allows you to edit the pages separately with built-in Theme Options. This theme uses three main pages as the unique attraction point – The Projects, Services and Blogs.

This theme focuses on the three main sections with all news and articles related to gardening, landscaping and architecture. Cultivators attempt to build a community and also makes the viewers realize their buying needs. It has a simple yet attractive layout, limited yet smooth transitions and an extensive gallery with smart animations. All in all, it’s a basic yet user-friendly theme to start with for your business!

11. Khidir:

Khidir - Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Theme

While gardening is a quite serious job, a little splash of cheerful color never hurt anyone! Khidir is a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. It has a super-vibrant color scheme and an equally vibrant array of customizing tools to chose from! The theme focuses highly on natural, organic and fresh supplies. It makes it quite clear on the web page with animation and graphic options, quite considerately taking into account today’s environment-friendly generation.

Khidir has exciting layouts and effects to chose and customize from. The theme also has many advanced features and other such choices that one can use while building their pages. It also comes with multiple header and footer options, a wide range of icons and infographics, and what’s more! It is WooCommerce compatible – which means products and services can quickly be sold online!

12. Yoland:


This theme is an efficient platform for both freelancers as well as agencies. Yoland is a modern as well as modest gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. It is quirky and design-oriented. In the sense that it propagates on the concept of implementing elements from actual concepts during gardening and (mainly) landscaping. It also has a compatible WooCommerce plugin which further allows you to sell services, products and designs online.

This theme essentially focuses more on designing elements of gardening and landscaping. It also has blogs to display the latest projects and designs more systematically, with supporting videos as well. It provides a footer with enabled social media re-direction to build a personal reputation with the viewers.

13. Gardenia:


If you like to keep up-to-date with the design trends and prefer a more sorted and easy-to-access layout, then minimalism is something you should go for. Gardenia is a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme that is minimal, efficient and yet, quite versatile. The theme has  8 beautiful homepage designs. With this, this theme is equipped to rule both, e-commerce projects as well as revamping the blog segment. With a customizable slider of a menu-bar on the homepage, Gardenia is chic and resolved in terms of pages and layouts. It is super-light on the eye, visually aesthetic and congenial.

As easy as the aesthetic, building a webpage is equally fast and efficient. With an easy drag and drop WPBakery plugin facility, Gardenia is simple, sorted and easy to use. You can change the images/content quickly and check the results multiple-times with a hassle-free direction – all without having to code!

14. Gardenista:

Gardenista - Gardening, Landscaping and Business WordPress Theme

Green is denoted as the color of peace, wealth and tranquility. Now, isn’t gardening all about that? Based on the beautiful greens, Gardenista is a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. A well-structured garden is what everyone is looking for to merge the indoor life to the beautiful outdoors. With this theme, you can put your brand and a clear message out there. This helps people to take notice of your brand and buy from.

The structure has a few smartly added elements. For example, in the ‘Why Choose Us’ section, you can view the services in a card format. This card flips upon hover and reveals the content. Similarly, a focus on the testimonials and clients efficiently heighten the need for attention. This is because they serve the very purpose of having a website.

15. GreenScape:

Greenscape - Lawn Mowing & Garden WordPress Theme

Greenscape is a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme which has a number of customizable tools. Moreover, it has many layout options to select from. This theme comes with a strong layout. It can be customized for a gardening/landscaping business and any other as well. You can also start or launch an equipment store using this theme, thanks to WooCommerce compatibility.

This theme also comes with three color schemes, custom widgets and social media accessibility. Moreover, it also has  Snazzy Maps that allows using various styles for Google Maps, PSD files and much more! The main reason for this theme’s development was to highlight the strong points of your company/business.

These were the top 15 Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes you should make use of for your next website.

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