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If you’re looking for beautiful backgrounds for your designs, this list of 20 awesome backgrounds for apps and websites is just perfect for you! There’s a new trend when it comes to patterns and backgrounds used in designs. Blurred, abstract, angled backgrounds are being used more and more often in designs.

We selected 20 of the most beautiful backgrounds for apps and websites, some abstract, some realistic. All of them follow the latest design trends!

Plume Free Background 

This is a desktop background using an abstract style. It’s a PNG background that you can use for you Dribbble shots or whatever you want. Its nice, geometric pattern and classic, neutral colors make it a perfect fit to be used for countless projects or web designs. These grey tones are very classic and timeless.

20 Blurred Backgrounds Pack

This is a set of 20 free blurry backgrounds for your projects. These are perfect for showcasing your apps! Because of this blurred effect, the backgrounds become very soft and uncluttered so they’re perfect for showcasing your apps or for creating classy websites.

Free Polygon Backgrounds

This is a set of 12 polygon backgrounds great for web design or graphic design, with 12 different backgrounds coming in a 150 dpi RGB Format. Includes:12  JPGs Hi-Res (150 dpi) 4000×2500. Their geometric and colorful structure cam fit lots of design ideas for personal and commercial projects. Feel free to use them in any way you want.

Free Cardboard Background Vector

This is a free cardboard background vector, high quality and at a very good resolution. You can use it for various purposes, for apps, websites or other designs. The cardboard background can be used in various sizes because it comes in a vector file that’s very easy to change and resize. Because of the neutral brown tone of the cardboard, we recommend it especially for apps and websites.

 23 free blurred backgrounds 

Here we have another great example of a pack of blurred backgrounds that we all love and sometimes overuse. You get: PSD size 2660px x 1995px, 23 JPG files size 2660px x 1995px, 23 JPG files size 400px x 300px for Dribbble players. You can choose your favorite one from the 23 blurred designs and use it for personal or commercial projects.

23 free blurred backgrounds JPG Pin

4 Preview Backgrounds for Free

This is a pack of 4 backgrounds which come as high-quality PNGs. They can be super useful for designing icons, construction mock-ups, logo presentations, UI/UX work, websites or just on anything you can think of. They have subtle, modern-looking color tones that are both beautiful and effective.

Set of 5 HD Polygon Backgrounds

This is a pack of 5 HD high-quality Polygon Backgrounds. For whatever project your working, you can add a stunting background from this collection. Resolution: 4500 x 2400, DPI:300. We recommend this collection of HD background is you love polygon designs as much as we do! So modern and pleasant!

16 Free Blurry Backgrounds

This is a large blurry background collection. Sizes: 2560×1920, 800×600, and 400×300. You can use them for anything you can think of. These are a more colorful option for blurry backgrounds so use them if you need a pop of color for your designs or presentations. Each one of these 16 backgrounds can be used completely free of charge.

20 free blurry backgrounds

Here we have another great example of a big pack of backgrounds that have a smooth, clean blur effect. This is a set of 20 free blurry backgrounds for your projects. Each JPG file is 800x600px and you can use them for both background apps and website designs.

20 free blurry backgrounds Pin

Abstract Triangle Vector

This is an abstract triangle vector background. It looks great used as a background for an app design. We also recommend it for different web design elements such as eye-catching headers or any other kind of purpose you might think of.

Abstract Triangle Vector Pin

Bokeh Background Template

This is a set of bokeh effect backgrounds you can download for free! Great for desktop wallpapers, website backgrounds, and UI elements. The bokeh effect seems to never get old so don’t be scared to use it for any personal or commercial project you might have.

Blurred Backgrounds

These are 20 of the best types of blurred backgrounds in high resolution for all your design needs. They work especially with flat designs because of the clean and neutral color palettes they have. You can use this pack free of charge.

10 Blurred Backgrounds

Here we have another great example of blurred backgrounds that you can use for apps, website designs or even wallpapers. There are 10 Blurred Backgrounds that will work great used even for Dribbble. This is a pack of blurred backgrounds we all love and sometimes overuse. These blurred backgrounds are a great way to add depth and feel to a design, and they come in a variety of different styles and colors that are both modern-looking and eye-catching.

Grainy Background 

The grainy background is a great way for showcasing your app icon in a cool and appealing way. The effect can be used in various colors that you can choose from.


10 free Blurred Backgrounds

We hope you’re not tired of blurry backgrounds yet because we have another pack for you. Here are 10 free blurred backgrounds. Free to use for whatever design you please or even as a cool wallpaper for your laptop or phone. Dimensions in pixels: 2000×1200.

12 Blurred Backgrounds

Here are 12 more Blurred Backgrounds to use for your website or app, and even Dribbble. This includes a Photoshop PSD and each layer is a vector smart object which can be scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a folder with all 12 Backgrounds in JPEG format. You can even use these for designs that are bigger than 1600×1200 and each one of them is very flexible and versatile. The nice, earthy tones can bring a fresh look to your projects.

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds

Here’s a pack of 20 Hi-Res Blurred Backgrounds! Resolution: 4500 x 3000! You’ll never have to worry about dimensions with these backgrounds, just scale it down to what you need. One of the cool things of this pack is that the backgrounds come in lots of different colors and tones so we’re sure you’re gonna find the perfect one for you and your projects, regardless if they’re personal or commercial.

13 Blurred Background Freebie

Here’s a set of 12 free blur backgrounds, which may be helpful to you to showcase your designs, UI elements, apps, etc. You can even use them as wallpapers! They’so modern and versatile that they will fit perfectly for any project you might have in mind.

25 Free High-Resolution Blurred Backgrounds

This package of blurred backgrounds consists of 25 high-resolution images (4000px x 3000px). Download these images for free and use them for any purpose, without restrictions. 

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