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Mobile applications are just as important as websites. Because users are choosing smaller screens for convenience, brands are also making their products or service more accessible and convenient on all devices. Professional designers who work meticulously on mobile apps need to manage multiple things at the same time.

Creating a fantastic design is one task, and convincing clients or management to use that design is another one. When it comes to displaying your work, you need adequate tools and templates to make the overall look persuasive and impressive. Therefore, we have handpicked 17 free mobile application mockup designs for designers to download and easily use. These mobile app mockups are professionally designed and packed with useful features so that you can have a realistic and impactful appearance for your app design.

1. Gold Phone Screen Mockup With Mobile App Presentation:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Gold Phone

Rose gold is a beautiful color that has immense popularity in digital devices. This mockup has two mobile phones sitting together with different poses and similar looks. The overall theme is very gentle and classy. So you can use this mockup design for such elegant, feminine and luxurious app designs. Moreover, this PSD file allows you to customize every element smoothly and create a fantastic presentation according to your app design. So try this beautiful mobile app mockup to get a refined and realistic look for your app design.

2. Android Smartphone Free Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Android Smartphone

This one is attractive, premium quality, and very realistic-looking mockup design. You get a single android phone placed on a white platform and wall in this design. The composition is simple yet powerful, and it’s completely customizable as well. It offers a Samsung galaxy s10+ model in a PSD format with the flexibility to change all the colors and widgets. Undoubtedly it’s a fantastic mockup to have if you want a solid representation of your app on an android device. Also, you can download this awesome mockup for free and customize it as per your preference.

3. Multiple Mobile Screens Classy Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Classy Multiple Screen

This mockup has all the elements you need in an excellent mobile mockup design. It comes loaded with five multiple screens which allow a lot of scope for setting up various displays of the mobile application. The background use is very subtle and that gives the mockup a classy look. It has a green theme inherently, but you can change it to match your application branding theme. Moreover, this mockup is free to use and easy to customize as well. You can download this PSD mockup file and use it for apps, UI, or webpage presentations to showcase how your design can look on a mobile screen.

4. iPhone X – Free 4K Mockups:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Iphone

If you are looking for some great high-quality iPhone mockups, then this can be the best option. You get four different 4K mockups of iPhone mobiles. All four have unique poses and realistic appearances. These mockups are professionally designed and available for free. If you want to showcase the iOs version of your app or tool, then this mockup can be very easy and beneficial. You can edit the PSD file however you like and develop a solid presentation for your applications and UI designs.

5. iPhone 12 Pro Max Showcase Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Iphone 12

This one is another iPhone mockup design. Again, you get professionally designed iPhone mockups with straightforward and attractive compositions. It looks realistic with the shadows and modern with a complete design. You can download this for free and edit all the layers to get the ideal mockup design for your app or UI. The PSD file is composed of well-organized layers and smart objects. Overall this series of multiple iPhone designs look brilliant and effective. So have this in your collection if you are a professional who is constantly busy with app designs and UIs because this can be very helpful in multiple creative presentations.

6. Mobile App Screens Mockup PSD:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Mobile App Screens

This mockup is beautiful, simple, and neat. It has multiple floating phone screens and transparent shadows as well it make this mockup more exciting. In addition, you get a well-organized PSD file that is entirely editable. With this high-quality mockup design, you can represent various pages of your application or multiple UI designs in the same image. It is a unique, effective, and seamless mockup design that can help you with many presentations of your application design. So download this and create a fabulous 3D presentation with few simple steps to make your design look more convincing.

7. App Interface Mock-up On Phone Display:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Mobile App Interface

The colors, modern design, and 3D look are making this mockup very much attractive. This excellent quality design is available for free, and that’s one of the highlights of this mockup. It has more than one screen and other 3D widgets to allow you to add different features and options in a single presentation. In addition, you get a beautifully crafted PSD file with smart objects to edit it smoothly and insert your designs to have your desired presentation. This kind of modern, digital, and creative mockup design is very useful for designers who make multiple application designs and present them daily.

8. iPhone X On Desk Mockup Design:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Iphone on Desk

A natural picture of a phone on a realistic setup gives your application an authentic look and conviction. This mockup design has a bright and beautiful setup of a desk where you get some coffee, files, and a nice arrangement of a phone screen. The perspective is comfortable and straightforward. You can easily edit this PSD mockup and change things however you like to get the most suitable presentation for your app project. So choose this mockup design if you want a good quality design with a natural appearance to add a realistic touch to your presentation.

9. Extended iPhone Screen Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Extended Iphone

It is a unique, versatile, and helpful mockup design for all application designers. It has a floating iPhone screen with an extended page of screens. The folds in the screen make it look like a flyer or brochure, which is an interesting element of this design. With this mockup, you can present more comprehensive information about your app. You can present multiple features and pages as well if you choose this mockup design for your presentation. So download this PSD design for free and customize it within few steps to make a solid appearance.

10. iPhone 12 Pro Clay Stylish Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Extended Iphone Classic

This mockup is really beautiful, elegant, and stylish. It has a unique concept and solid realistic look, making this mockup look like a high-quality professional picture. If you want to use it for a large professional project, then you can purchase its full version as well. However, the free version also has the same design and look, so you can easily use this and make an incredible presentation. The floating clay iPhones with realistic soft shadows and sunlight make this mockup even more extraordinary. You can download the PSD file from the link mentioned on the page and edit your app design to complete this awesome presentation.

11. iOS App Showcase Mockup PSD:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Ios development

This decent 3D mockup design is a great option to showcase an application design in a seamless realistic manner. This mockup file has editable PSD files that allow you to change all the colors, backgrounds, and images to make a perfect presentation for your app design. In addition, it has three HD images with different perspectives and arrangements so that you can add more dynamics to your presentation. It is really a beautiful mockup design that any designer can download for free and make a great impression on their app, webpage, or UI design.

12. Elegant Glossy Dark Smartphone Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Elegant Dark Mockup

There are many mobile applications that look really stunning when seen with a black background. This is where this mockup can be really useful. Nowadays, many applications provide light and dark themes. With the three mobile screens in this image, you can provide a preview of all the theme variations of your mobile applications. The black background makes the mockup look really elegant and helps the design stand out. It also offers an infinity display looks, hence you will have to be a little careful when setting up the mockup. The open files are easily manageable and customizable. So grab this fantastic opportunity and collect this valuable set of mockups without any investment and use it for your creative purposes.

13. Smartphone App Screen Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Smartphone Red

It is a vibrant, deep, and sophisticated mockup design. There are no flashy phone designs and animated objects in this design which makes it very subtle and eye-catchy. Instead, you get a deep red design with a perfectly realistic phone setup combined with natural shadows and stands. The perspective and proportion are very balanced and comfortable. You can insert any type of application design into this mockup and create a powerful presentation in no time. So try this fascinating mockup for free and showcase your app design in the most effective way.

14. Free iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Mobile Screen & Smart Watch

With the advent of smartwatches, a lot of applications now have to come up with a smartphone version of their application. This is all the more important for health and fitness applications. From the marketing perspective, it would help the creators to brand the visuals of the applications for both mobile and smartwatches together. This stunning free mockup offers that opportunity. You can easily set up the mobile application on the mobile screen and the smartwatch version on the watch besides the mobile screen. It is a brilliant mockup with very realistic compositions and the good part is that the high-resolution files are free to download. So overall, this mockup file is a superb catch for designers who want to present their applications impressively for the phone and smartwatch simultaneously without investing any time or money in fancy mockups.

15. iPhone 11 Realistic PSD mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Iphone Realistic

It is a simple, adaptive, and photorealistic PSD mockup that is absolutely free for creative designs. It has a well-designed structure in a natural setup of desk with human element and coffee table as well. The perspective is straightforward that allows your app design to look clean and easily readable. You just have to insert your design and make an effective presentation look for your work. This is a PSD mockup file with systematic layers to serve all the customization needs of a designer.

16. Free App Interface Mockup:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Free App Interface

A basic and flexible mockup design is also needed to add a pleasant and straightforward app design look. This high-quality mockup design has many excellent features that can elevate your app design give your work adequate focus. It has beautiful gradient color and realistic shadow with a smartphone and extended screens. You can simply insert your design with a smart object layer and get a suitable presentation for the design within few steps. Overall it’s a brilliant mockup design that offers flexibility and a modern look.

17. Flat Lay Phone Mockup On Laptop Free Psd:

Free Mobile Application Mockups Designers Can Download: Flat Lay

This mockup is bright, realistic, and sophisticated. You get a very natural setup of a desk with a laptop, mouse, and some plant. It looks fresh, realistic, and perfect to showcase any app design, logo, webpage template, or user interface. You can use this editable mockup to add a different perspective and look of your application design. Moreover, this mockup is neutral without any particular brand or model design, making it adaptive and more helpful. So try this mockup for free and create your fantastic presentation.

So with the above-listed mockup designs, you get easily customizable files that can give you a helpful idea about how your design might look on the actual screen. Be it a mobile application or webpage; whenever you need to showcase your design on mobile screen arrangement, these mockups can come in handy. We have included various designs, arrangements, and devices to enrich this collection with quality information.

Mobile app mockups are beneficial for app designers to add a natural and practical perspective to their profession. And nowadays, there are multiple resources available online to get a good quality mockup without investing any time or money. So check out this list and get your suitable mobile app mockup for free and see how your design can look on the real android or iOS device. This way, you and your client can make better decisions and contribute maximum to the brand and end-users.

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