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20 Free Dark Backgrounds for Web, UI and Graphic Design Projects

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Everything seems to be about cleanliness, minimalism and excessive use of white space nowadays, but what about dark designs?! Dark websites and graphic design projects and also look clean, simple and minimalist if designed properly.

Take a look at these 20 free dark backgrounds for example! You can use these black and grey backgrounds for almost anything, from web design projects, to user interface designs, print designs, and even logo designs! Many of them can also be used as textures, so you can create stunning 3D illustrations or 3D text effects and some can even be used by 3D artists and architects in renderings and modelings!

You will definitely find the free dark background you’re looking for in this list. Use them to create mockups, presentations, logo designs or simply as a smartphone or laptop wallpaper.

3d render of spotlights on a grunge brick wall

This is a high-quality and high-resolution image that is actually a 3D rendering with some spotlights on a brick wall. You can use this image for various types of projects, from showcasing poster mockups, logos, to even creating dark and grungy product mockups for your client.

3d render of spotlights on a grunge brick wall

Free Black Textures

This website is pretty amazing! It offers a huge gallery of textures and free dark backgrounds you can choose from. Whether you’re a 3D artist, architect or a graphic/web designer, you will definitely find a texture or a background for your project. The best part is that these textures can be also used in 3D models! Most of the dark textures and patterns in this collections are high-resolution, texturized images of real materials, such as doors, leather, gravel, metal, asphalt, fur, walls and more. You can successfully use them in Photoshop too if you need to create realistic designs. 
 Free high resolution Black textures

Black dark background with a geometric gray shape

This is a simple black background image with a geometric pattern on top. It’s perfect for using in graphic materials, such as flyers, posters, magazines, book covers and more or as a background for presenting your logo designs to your clients. You can even use it in web banners with a little bit of tweaking.

Black dark background with a geometric gray shape

Leather black 3 texture

Here’s another realistic texture you can use in different ways. Download this image in high-resolution and use it as a background for logos – you can even create a stamped 3D effect to make it look more realistic, or in website projects! Think of a leather-textured menu or a leather-themed user interface!

leather black background

Dark grunge interior with spotlight shining on wooden floor

This is a great free dark background image that you can download in high-res and use in so many different ways. It has a shining spotlight effect in the center and a wooden floor in perspective. You can use it to showcase your product designs, 3D works or even logos!

 Dark grunge interior with spotlight shining on wooden floor

Dark City Walls texture

Do you need a dark, grungy wall texture or background? This may be what you’re looking for. This is a great texture with a subtle but really eye-catching asphalt/concrete effect. Use it as an overlay or as a background for mockups, logos and more.

 Dark City Walls texture Free Dark Backgrounds

Dark rhombus background

We love this cool dark background with a symmetrical geometric pattern! Imagine your logo written right in the middle of the image. How cool would it look?! You can also use it as an overlay on texts to add a modern-futuristic effect to them, texture or simply as a background! 
Dark rhombus background

Black wall free texture

This black wall texture can be used in various ways. It is a perfect dark background for showcasing your minimalist logos. It can also be used in print to create stunning 3D effect, website designs or user interfaces! The possibilities are endless.

 Black wall free texture Free Dark Backgrounds

Dark grunge texture

This dark grunge texture looks a bit like granite, doesn’t it?! It can be used as a high-res texture and you can overlay it on anything, or as a background for mockups, logo presentations, banners, social media images, and more.

 Dark grunge texture

Black minimal background with abstract shapes

This black background with abstract triangle shapes and subtle shadows is perfect for sleek, minimalist graphic design projects. Imagine it as an eBook cover, in magazines, banners, or even on websites! Cool, huh?!

 Black minimal background with abstract shapes

Texture 08

Grungy textures are almost always dark and can be used as amazing backgrounds for your smartphone, laptop or for your graphic design projects. Again, like other textures from this list, you can overlay it in Photoshop over any layer you want!

 Texture Free Dark Backgrounds

Black background in geometric style

Looking for a cool, minimalist geometric background that is also dark-colored? This carbon black background may be a great choice. If you want to create a geometric, angled design, this may be the pattern/texture you need.

 Black background in geometric style

Black Rain Drops

This high-resolution dark background can be used to create stunning photo effects! Overlay it on images and with a bit of editing you can achieve mind-blowing rain drops effects!

 Black Rain Drops Free Dark Backgrounds

Dark pixels background

Pixelated graphic design projects are making a comeback! Use this dark, large-pixels background in your designs. It looks cool and can be used as a texture, background or in any other way you see fit.

 Dark pixels background

Tsunami texture

This creative handmade texture looks like an abstract painting! The designer behind it is very talented and offered it for free! Use it in any way you see fit. Let the creative inspiration flow through you!

 Tsunami texture Free Dark Backgrounds

Black texture

If you’re looking for something simple, this is it. This black background has a subtle texture and a subtle, muted light effect in the middle of it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using this resource.

 black texture Free Dark Backgrounds

Steel of canvas

Macro shots of everyday objects can also become great-looking dark backgrounds! Take this for example! This is a macro shot of a metallic fabric. Looks pretty interesting, right?! Be creative and use it in your design projects.
 steel of canvas Free Dark Background

Carbon fiber v2

If you want to create a carbon fiber effect, this subtle dark background pattern may be the best choice. The awesome thing about this freebie is that it also comes as a pattern file for websites!

 Carbon fibre Free Dark Background

 3px tile

Do you want your website to have a 3px tiled background? Then this may be the freebie you’re looking for! This dark background is made of small dark square tiles with varied grey color tones.

 3px tile Free Dark Background

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