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Having free PSD mockups in your freebies collection is an absolute blessing for graphic designers! These free PSD mockups are great to use in presentations for your clients. If you have a corporate identity project right now, then check out these brilliant free mockups for designers and download the ones you like most.

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Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp

Here’s a very realistic rubber stamp mock-up to help you create a distinctive showcase of your badge, logo or symbol. Just place your design using the smart layer and you’ll be done in no time. This rubber stamp mockup has a very realistic look and you can use it for showcasing your designs in your portfolio or just to present your ideas to your clients.

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #3

Showcase your logo design and give it an authentic vintage look by using this high-quality mock-up. The layered PSD includes smart objects and instant handmade grungy ink impression for a flawless result. This is a very good option is you want to showcase your logo design idea in a very professional way that will surely be unforgettable and will convince your clients.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #3 Pin

iPhone Photography MockUps #2

Use these beautiful and original photo based iPhone mockups to showcase your mobile app or theme. This collection of 16 PSD mockups that you can use for free for your personal or commercial projects. You can also use these mockups to update your design portfolio with some new elements.

iPhone Photography MockUps #2 Pin

Men’s T-Shirt MockUp

This is a neat mock-up that’s perfect for creating a photorealistic display for your t-shirt design. Along with the usual smart objects, the PSD file includes realistic textures, folds displacement mapping and filter actions. This mockup looks very clean and professional and you won’t even believe it’s completely free of charge. Use it to see how your designs will look on a real t-shirt and in a real context.

Men’s T Shirt MockUpPin

Hoodie MockUp PSD

This is a photo-realistic mock-up that will help you preview how your apparel design will look like printed on a hoodie. The PSD file allows you to change the color of the garment and place your design via smart objects so that it will blend with the folds and creases of the hoodie. The clean look of this mockup and neutral colors will help you present your designs in a very clean and professional way. We recommend it for both personal and commercial projects.

Hoodie MockUp PSD Pin

iPhone Photography MockUp

This is a food-themed iPhone photography mock-up great for showcasing and promoting apps, mobile websites and more. Just add your very own screenshot to the smart object and you’re good to go. This is an awesome option if you want to showcase your iPhone app ideas or backgrounds in a very natural and realistic environment.

iPhone Photography MockUp Pin

Serpentine Presentation Folder MockUp

This is a stylish folder mock-up that will help you create realistic presentations of your design. The PSD files are incredibly easy to use, just replace the image inside the smart object with your design, make any adjustments if needed and you’re good to go. This is a fully layered mockup has a very professional and clean look. Use to see how will your logo and brand identity will look like printed on a real serpentine folder.

Serpentine Presentation Folder MockUp Pin

iPhone & iPad Photo MockUps

These photo-based iPhone and iPad mockups are a great way to display your mobile app with style. Replace the screen image with your own design via smart objects, make whatever adjustments are necessary and have your presentation done in minutes. We recommend it for presenting your mobile-related ideas to your clients in a very fast and professional way or just to add these mockups to your portfolio to make it look more modern.

iPhone & iPad Photo MockUps Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #2

This is a new vintage logo mock-up to help you create a beautiful display for your branding projects. The PSD file is well organized and it includes smart objects which allow you to easily place your design. This mockup has a very realistic look that’s perfect for any kind of logo. Use it to enhance your brand identity presentation and make it eye-catching and professional.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #2 Pin

Tripod Easel PSD MockUp

This tripod easel PSD mock-up is great to showcase your advertisement, artwork or design in an urban environment. For obtaining a flawless presentation you have to apply your design using the smart objects. This item combines professional photography with your great design in order to offer a natural and realistic look. This way, you can see how your designs will look like printed on real paper or canvas.

Tripod Easel PSD MockUp Pin

Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD MockUp

This is a freebie that helps showcase mobile apps or themes, a photo-based Samsung 5S PSD mock-up. Use the smart object to replace the screen design with your own and you’ll have a flawless presentation in no time. This mockup has a very clean and bright look that will help you create professional presentations to showcase your designs or stunning items to add to your portfolio.

Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD MockUp Pin

High-quality Tablet/iPad Mockups

This is a great iPad photo mockup you can use in your own presentations for your clients to showcase their website or app on this mobile device. iPad Mockup is created to help you display your projects in a photorealistic way.

High quality Tablet/iPad Mockups Pin

Street Billboard PSD MockUp

This is a high-quality original mock-up to showcase your artwork or poster as displayed on a street billboard. The PSD file is fully layered and uses smart objects that allow you to easily place your design and have your work done in minutes. This mockup is very easy to use and it uses professional photography to help you present your designs in a very realistic way. You can create accurate presentations for your clients in order to show them how the final product will look like, if needed.

Street Billboard PSD MockUp Pin

MacBook Air MockUp

This freebie is a fresh, summertime inspired MacBook Air mock-up. Use this photorealistic, fully editable resource to present your apps and web design projects in a beautiful manner. This mockup is fully layered and the file has 2048×1280 px. It works with Photoshop CS3 and above and it’s very easy to download and customize. Just add your own design and you’ll have your image ready in minutes!

MacBook Air MockUp Pin

App Screens Perspective MockUp

Here we have another great example of a free to use mockup. This is a fully-editable PSD template that will help you showcase your app screens or interface design. You can easily change the background color and the depth size of the screens and add your design.

App Screens Perspective MockUp Pin

Elegant Vintage MockUps

This is a set of photography based elegant vintage mock-ups including 3 styles: Golden letterpress, Regular and Vintage letterpress. Just paste in your own design into the Smart Object layer. The file dimensions are 3000×2000 px and we recommend using this freebie for awesome presentations or portfolio showcases.

Elegant Vintage MockUps Pin

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2

Showcase your logo on a wall mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mock-up. The PSD file is fully layered and includes smart objects to make your work a breeze. Even if you don’t have any current project that may need this mockup, we suggest you download this freebie and keep it in your design inventory for future use.

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2 Pin

Cups MockUp PSD

Create a flawless presentation for your package design projects with this great PSD mock-up. Just apply your design to the cups using the smart objects. This mockup is very easy to use and it has a realistic look. Use it to bring your designs to life and see how will they look printed on a real cup.

Cups MockUp PSD Pin

Embossed Business Card MockUp #2

This business card design was conceived for dark themed designs and it includes smart layers to allow you to create a flawless presentation in just moments. It’s super easy to use and you juse need to insert your own unique design into it.

Embossed Business Card MockUp #2 Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD

Create a neat display for your vintage branding projects with this high-quality logo mock-up. Drag and drop your work inside the smart layer, edit the background and you’ll be done in no time. This mockup has a very clean design and you can add it to your portfolio in order to showcase your best works.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD Pin

17 Presentation Folder Mockups

This is an awesome bundle with 17 presentation folder mockups that you can use to insert your own design and see they look in a realistic way. You can easily add or remove text elements, add embossed or debossed design elements, add a new background and even remove unwanted folder features.

presentation mockups Pin

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