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25 Extremely Beautiful iOS Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

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Spice up your iPhone or iPad with these beautiful iOS wallpapers! iOS7 is flat, bold, bright and vibrant, this means changes have been made in order to keep the overall style. App icons, company logos, and even wallpapers have been modified to fit the iOS overall look.

In this article, we selected some beautiful images in high-res will transform your iPhone and iPad. These are just perfect to be used as wallpapers on your iOS devices.

Whether you are a fan of quote wallpapers, glitter, color explosions, minimalist backgrounds, flowers, patterns and even Batman, we’ve got you covered! These iOS wallpapers just scream personality! You will surely be able to find one that is just right for your iPhone in this list.

These hand-picked iOS wallpapers have different styles, color palettes, graphics, but they all look incredibly good! You will find both darker and lighter designs, as well as monochrome and colorful ones!

So here are 25 extremely beautiful iOS wallpapers you can put on your iPhone home screen.

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iOS7 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

This wallpaper looks like a perforated metal texture with a gradient overlay. It is perfect for iOS and not only!


 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

This is an abstract wallpaper with a water drop at its base. It is very colorful and mixes a color palette based on pink and purple tones.


 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone

This is a really nice glitter texture with several color gradients overlayed. It looks great and so will your iPhone’s screen if you use it!

Flower Wallpaper

 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone

Thi is an elegant flower wallpaper for your iPhone’s screen. The image focuses on two flowers leaving behind a blurry background.

 Caryne Pierce iOS Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad
This abstract wallpaper mixes red tones and light blue along with fractal shapes.

iOS 7 Wallpaper

This is a really nice iOS wallpaper. It uses an abstract background and a blue color palette.

Abstract wallpaper

Abstract wallpaper

This is yet another cool abstract background with a forced perspective that makes it look like those shapes are about to come out of your screen.

Flower iOS wallpaper

 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

This is yet another cool flower iOS wallpaper which will definitely look great on your iPhone’s screen.

Smartphone wallpaper

smart phone wallpaper

This is a smartphone wallpaper that has its inspiration in a dreamcatcher. This example is hand-drawn and painted.

iPhone iOS7 Retina Wallpaper

iPhone Retina Wallpaper

If you’re up for more glitter backgrounds then you might want to have a look at this example. There will be glitter all over your iPhone’s screen.


 iOS Wallpapers for iPhone

This wallpaper presents a landscape and has a really nice and elegant color palette.

Gallery – Abstracts

Gallery Wallpapers for iPhone

If you’re a fan of abstract wallpapers this might be just the one you’ve been looking for all this time. Check out this green abstract background.

25 Awesome iPhone 5 Wallpapers

 iPhone Wallpapers

This example is part of a 25 awesome wallpapers set. It is an abstract black and white background which will definitely look great on your device.

15 upgraded wallpapers


This set contains various wallpapers such as this one. Check them out and see which one is your favorite.

Collection of iPhone 6 Wallpapers in HD Quality

Collection iPhone Wallpapers

This is a really nice abstract and geometric wallpaper. It uses an elegant color palette based on blues and pink and mixes different geometry shapes.

Aurora Borealis

Wallpapers for iPhone

Seeing the Aurora Borealis in real-life can be breathtaking. This wallpaper is a really nice and would look good on any device’s screen.

Blue Sky 

Wallpapers for iPhones

And if you want more sky wallpapers then you have to check out this example as well. This is a clear sky background on which you can see the stars.

Wallpaper for iphone

Wallpaper iphone

This abstract wallpaper uses plenty graphic golden graphic elements on an abstract blue background.


Free iOS7 Wallpapers for iPhone

This is a free iOS wallpaper. It is simple and nice, uses a black background and has a blue flower centered.

New wallpapers

new wallpapers

If you’re a fan of Batman this might just be the wallpaper you have been looking for all this time. It is cartoonish, uses a simple textured background with earthly tones on which the black shapes stand out.

FREEIOS7 wallpaper

FREE IOS7 wallpaper

With this wallpaper, you won’t have to wait for the night to come to look at the stars, you’ll be able to do that all day long!

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers

Remember Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire cat? If so then you probably know that we’re all mad here!

Confetti white sky

Confetti white sky Wallpapers for iPhone

This wallpaper is really nice. It has a falling confetti pattern. This is a black and white wallpaper that could also be a really nice pattern.


background Wallpapers for iPhone

This example is really nice and it would look great on your phone’s screen. Admire this colorful explosion and see if this is the right wallpaper for you!


iphone wall

Last but not least, this is a really nice wallpaper. It is a hand-drawn and painted eye with golden tears of make-up dropping down.

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