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This article contains a fascinating collection of amazing 3D illustrations with mind-bending designs. You can feast your eyes with these surreal illustrations which will definitely impress you.

These 3D illustrations showcase a high level of creativity, talent, and technique and also illustrate some rather bizarre scenes.

These illustrations will show you the true power of Adobe Illustrator and what masterpieces you can create with this awesome software.

Check out the 3D illustrations with surreal designs we gathered in the list below. We promise these will keep you engaged throughout this entire article, from the beginning ’til the end.

Let’s begin!


These stunning illustrations are a lovely mixture of wild animals and various textures. Follow the link above and see the complete collection.

Migration 3D Illustrations


This is an outstanding set of beautifully created illustrations which have a beautiful concept behind. Take a look at the full collection and discover what it’s about.

Destruction Creation 3D Illustrations

World’s Smallest Bakery

This high-quality illustration which was created for an Australian bakery. This design has a great concept behind: ‘Toast it” converts your toaster into worlds smallest bakery.

Worlds Smallest Bakery 3D Illustrations

Santal – Il Sapore della Frutta

This is a stunning artwork which was created for the brand Santal. It is actually a set of creative representation of the three fruity flavors. The designer combined various references from the geographical origin of the fruits.

Santal 3D Illustrations

Heavy Weight

Here you have a stunning illustration that demonstrates an extraordinary technique in creating this outstanding weight loss illustration.

Heavy Weigth 3D Illustrations


This is a neat set of surreal worlds beautifully designed that will get your attention. The designer shows a lot of imagination for having created these illustrations.

SURREAL WORLDS 3D Illustrations

North Pole 3D

This scene titled north pole 3d proves a neat concept and excellent execution. This impressive design has very detailed features.

North Pole 3D Illustrations

ASICS: LA Marathon

Here is a stunning illustration of Los Angeles on the bottom of a shoe. Why? Well, why not? This design was conceived to support the Los Angeles Marathon.

ASICS 3D Illustrations

Vodka Body

This detailed digital artwork was created with neat techniques. The overall design is very impressive and will definitely get noticed.

Vodka Body 3D Illustrations

Animals reconquer the world

Here is a stunning illustration with a beautiful message behind it. This digital illustration was designed by talented artists, with a  lot of creativity.

Animals 3D Illustrations

The Guardian by Tesparg

This mind-blowing surreal illustration showcases a lot of creativity from the designer and also a lot of skills and great techniques.

The Guardian 3D Illustrations

Requiem for Industry

This gorgeous architectural representation was created using Shade and Adobe Photoshop. This illustration has a very detailed design that will get your attention.

Requiem for Industry 3D Illustrations

If I Lose My Mind by Skokie

This is an abstract piece of digital artwork which was created by using a lot of techniques and programs such as Rhino, Poser, Max, and others.

If I Lose My Mind 3D Illustrations

Cubik apple by yurishopa

Here is a stunning illustration of a beautiful apple with a special shape, a square. This wallpaper has a beautiful green color. It was created using Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4d.

Cubik apple surreal Illustrations

The Deep by VileYonderboy

This is another wonderful illustration that has an outstanding design. Use this outstanding artwork as an inspiration for your own projects.

The Deep surreal Illustrations

Egg Hunt: Saving the Lost Race by =NightsongWS

This scene seems to be from a fantasy movie, from another world, with these two persons, that giant egg, the dragons. Either way, it’s an exceptional illustration that is very well realized.

Egg Hunt surreal Illustrations

The Nobodies by darthhell

Here is another remarkable design that seems to be taken from a science fiction movie. This illustration has neat details an outstanding design overall.

The Nobodies surreal Illustrations

My new vision.. by obselete-angel

This mind-blowing illustration showcases a great amount of creativity and also excellent techniques for having thought and also created this artwork.

My new vision surreal Illustrations

Alien Crypts by GypsyH

Here you have a striking design of an out-of-worldly landscape. This might as well be taken from a science fiction or fantasy movie.

Alien Crypts surreal Illustrations

Skream Variation by roache7

This is another mind-blowing illustration with a stunning design that proves lots of creativity from the designer. Also, there are several techniques that he used, including outstanding lightning.

Skream Variation surreal Illustrations

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