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If you are looking for some free and cute templates for Google Slides presentations, then you have come to the right location. If you can’t decide which one is your favorite, you’ll have an opportunity to download all of them totally FREE!

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Free Cute Google Slides Templates – Quick List

Today designers have created an entire economy around presentation templates with modern and trendy styles and designs that will fit practically any theme or topic – like those you’ll find here.

Here’s a quick list of cute GS presentation templates. The detailed descriptions can be seen further down on the page:

The art of creating presentations has been completely transformed in the last few years and users no longer have to rely on the default templates (limited, simple designs) provided by Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Not only are these templates designed with high-quality animations and functionality, but another advantage over the simple default options is that they are super easy to edit and launch.

You’ll see a variety of slide designs, and layouts to choose from. All you have to do is flow your content into them and add the right media files (images, infographics, etc.) in the right places.

Find The Cutest Templates For Google Slides

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Cute Google Slides Templates Available for Free

For that touch of cuteness, I have added templates that are dedicated to special themes like babies, pets, kids, romance, and more. All of them are editable and so they can be tweaked to add your content.

NOTE: All templates are compatible with both PowerPoint & Google Slides presentation programs.

Cute Google Slides Presentation Template

Cute Google Slides Presentation Template

The perfect template to start our list of cute presentation templates, this design asset is really resourceful. The templates consist of 150+ content slides and five color variations. The illustrations are very well designed, and the infographics are handcrafted.

The template is compatible with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and even Keynote. The designers have used picture placeholders, meaning you just need to drag and drop your media content. The design is kept minimal but with pastel colors, making the presentation look adorable.

Bambino – Google Slides Template

Bambino - Google Slides Template

With a name like that, you can be sure that this template will be cool and quirky. In terms of design, the template uses bright but warm colors with a lot of white space, which renders a heartwarming feel to the viewers, especially with the large-size images of the babies.

The template covers over 150 slides and comes in five different color variations. The slides contain all requisite design elements be it infographics, gallery, portfolio, illustrations, icons, vectors, and more. You can work on this template in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Giraffe – A Cute GS Template

Giraffe - A Cute GS Template

Inspired by the tall animal Giraffe, this presentation template uses the patchwork of Giraffes as its base design, including the color palette. There are over a hundred slides with a variety of layouts. Some have images on the left, some have infographics, and some have space for banner-size images.

Using placeholders for media allows users to quickly add photos or videos without disturbing the overall layout. This template also has animations and slide transitions which you can edit as per need. For editing, you can work on Google Slides and Powerpoint.

Puss – Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Pusse - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

It is easy to guess that this template will be about cats. But mind you, the template can be easily used for other purposes as well with just minor tweaking. The design and layout of the template are very fresh, as it uses peach and pink colors. In addition, there are various shape compositions for adding media content.

The template consists of 12 unique slides but has loads of design elements. It comes in three color variations along with a dark and light theme. The design elements are easy to edit; if needed, you can refer to its help guide on downloading the design asset.

Terote – Playful Presentation PPTX / GSlides / Key

Terote - Playful Presentation PPTX / GSlides / Key

One of the cutest presentation templates on Envato, Terote uses very playful fonts and bright pastel colors. It is a template made for content related to small kids. You can use it for presentations related to kindergarten, kid upbringing, or other educational purposes.

The template is compatible with Keynote, Google Slides, and Powerpoint. It consists of 30 creative slides with various design elements in them. Five color options are also available. The good part about the template is that it offers master slide designing, which is an easy way to quickly customize the presentation.

Hotley – Template for Google Slides

Hotley - Template for Google Slides

Fully compatible with Google Slides and Powerpoint, the Hotley presentation template is perfect for corporate presentations or even for hotel and wellness industries. The key color theme is red and orange, but the interesting part is using various shapes to make the design look fresh.

When you download the template, you will get 12 PPTX files. The slides cover content topics like the cover, vision, mission, team, projects, portfolio, and more. There are also ready-to-use mockups within the presentation.

The Puppies Google Slides Template

The Puppies Google Slides Template

Just like we had a dedicated template for cats, we now have a dedicated template for dogs. The Puppies presentation templates come with more than 150 slides and five color schemes. In addition, the template can be edited using Google Slides and Powerpoint.

In terms of content, the slides cover almost all that you can think of. The design is kept simple, using large white spaces and good space for media and infographics. While the base design may be dedicated to dogs, you can always tweak and use the template for other purposes.

The Eastre Template for GS

The Eastre Template for GS

A super cute presentation template that can have a versatile use, the Eastre is worth adding to your collection. The design is uplifted with the use of bright and vibrant colors. Even the design elements like infographics deploy such colors making the content stand out easily.

There are hundreds of slides for you to choose from. Though it offers five color schemes, you can always customize them as per your branding requirement. In addition, the illustrations are handcrafted, which makes the presentation look very visually appealing.

Fantasy Kids Google Slides Template

Fantasy Kids Google Slides Template

Cute presentation templates can work best for content related to kids as they can draw and retain their attention. The fantasy kids’ presentation template is a good example. This template uses casual font styles combined with warm colors like yellow, orange, and peach. In addition, there is a lot of white space, which allows the content to ease in.

You can use this template for Google Slides and Powerpoint. There are five color schemes, including a light and dark theme, and over 100 slide options. The ease of editing and predefined layouts will help you save time and effort.

The Pets Google Slides Template

The Pets Google Slides Template

As the name suggests, the Pets is a presentation template dedicated to pet animals. The template’s design is inspired by nature and hence uses green extensively. The best part about this template is the use of various shapes that act as placeholders for your pet images. While editing, you just need to drag and drop your images in them.

The template is compatible with Google Slides and Powerpoint, and its simple design allows you to easily change it. Although with its 150+ slides, you hardly need to create your own slides from scratch.

Doolable – A Google Slides Template With Doll Theme

Doolable - A Google Slides Template With Doll Theme

The Doolable is a presentation template with a theme centered around dolls and the base design focuses on white spaces interspersed with content and media elements. In addition, the designer has smartly mixed up dark and bright colors like orange, maroon and black to make the presentation look visually stunning.

The template deploys a lot of cute handmade illustrations and infographics, which can be handy in displaying key information. Furthermore, as the design can be controlled by Slide Master, users will find it very easy to tweak the presentation to their branding needs.

Dalova – Romance Google Slides Template

Dalova - Romance Google Slides Template

Looking for a cute romantic Google Slides template? Then we have a perfect one for you. The Dalova template uses white and red colors and other love-related elements like hearts to convey a special feeling for the special someone. 

Upon download, you will get 30 unique slides in three master color themes. In addition, there is a dark and light background variation also available. Although this template is themed for romance, you can also use it for displaying content related to gift shops, event planning, cafes, and more.

Little Memories Template

Little Memories Template

Without a template dedicated to small babies, we cannot complete the cute presentation templates list. Little Memories is a perfect presentation template for storing memories about your little one. The theme design allows you to place baby pictures and a small write-up related to the photo.

The design is kept simple with the use of a lot of white spaces and big typography. There are over 150 slide designs to choose from. Although it offers five color schemes, I suggest you stick to the basic one as it looks cute.

Fashio – A Template Focused on Fashion

Fashio - A Template Focused on Fashion

Moving from kids to the other side of the spectrum, let’s look at a presentation template for fashion. It comes with 150+ slide designs containing a variety of design elements.

You can browse through the slide options and shortlist the slide layouts that work best for you. Editing the template is easy, using picture placeholders and a grid layout. In no time, you will be able to present your fashion portfolio impressively.

Kinder – A Daycare Google Slides Template

Kinder - A Daycare Google Slides Template

As you can observe, the Kinder – A Daycare template presents content related to kindergarten and other pre-primary school-related activities. The design is interesting as it uses illustrations of kids, colorful infographics, and stock images of kids.

Compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can easily use this template for educational purposes. The design has three color schemes, and the slides contain all the requisite design elements you may need to flow your content.

Wedding Google Slides Template

Wedding Google Slides Template

In the list of cute presentation templates, I’ve have also included one wedding template, as cute and quirky wedding invitations are in trend. This presentation template deploys a fine combination of floral images, calligraphy fonts, vectors, and illustrations to impress the viewers.

While you can use it for creating wedding invitations, this template can be a boon for wedding-related industries. Be it event planners, decorators, clothes, or even food and bakery-related agencies, all of them can use this template.

Nuguya – Feminine Style Google Slides Template

Nuguya - Feminine Style Google Slides Template

A stunning presentation template, Nuguya conveys the feminine style very impactfully. The template comes with over 360 slides with three color schemes. The slides cover important information like mockups, maps, process flowcharts, and more.

The Nuguya template is compatible with PowerPoint and Google slides, and you will find it easy to edit as the template uses picture placeholders. You can quickly deploy this template for fashion brands, lookbooks, design portfolios, branding or creative agencies, and pitch decks.

Sakuro! – A Flower-Themed Google Slides Template

Sakuro! - A Flower-Themed Google Slides Template

Ending the list with a cute and flowery presentation template, I’m proud to present – Sakuro! The Japanese design style inspires the entire presentation theme. Sakuro in Japan means a flowering cherry tree, and elements of this tree are used throughout the template.

The design asset has 5 PPTX files containing more than 150 slide options. The illustrations of the tree elements are pixel-perfect, and the slides contain all the necessary content elements. The big advantage of this template is that it uses Master Slides; hence, you can edit the template to suit your branding style in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make Google Slides look cute?

The key is to choose a template designed with a cute-looking theme. Also using playful and elegant fonts will help. Match this with warm and pastel colors. These would include yellow, orange, red, blue, and other vibrant colors. For best color matching, only stay with 3 or 4 matching colors that compliment the theme of your template.

How do you import themes into Google Slides?

It is very easy to import a theme or template into Google Slides. First, select a theme that you want to upload. You can browse through the list of cute templates from above and pick whichever suits you best. Then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Slides and start a new presentation 
  2. Go to the Slide options on the top and select Change Theme
  3. When you scroll to the bottom, there will be an option to Import the theme
  4. Click on that and then select the theme you have already downloaded from the above list
  5. Click on Import theme, and Google Slides will have it ready for you

How do I make my slides more aesthetically pleasing?

Aesthetic slides have the ability to attract and retain viewers’ attention. Making your slides more pleasing to the eyes is easy and here are some design tips:

  • Only use neat and clean fonts that are easy to read but still look elegant, cute, or fun.
  • Do not make the slide crowded with content. For example, in place of bullets and numbers, you can use infographics.
  • Use only high-resolution images or vector graphics.
  • I also recommend using professionally designed presentation templates.

18 Cute Google Slides Templates – Summary

Presentations, by default, seem boring; consequently, finding a cute presentation template can be challenging. I have compiled 18 Cute Google Slides Templates in the list above that will convert your content into visually appealing stories. Enjoy!

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