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20 Free Icon Sets For All Occasions & Purposes

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Social media is a crucial platform to help drive businesses these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man show, or a multi-continental corporation, allowing viewers of your site quick and easy ways to plug into your social media outlets so that they can stay up to date with what’s going on is extremely important.

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing social media icons that link back to your respective social media account, icons are also a great way to inject some color, creativity, and character into the design of a site. That is why we added a bunch of social icons in the free icon sets list below.

Although icons are an extremely important element of a website design, as they show your great attention to details, icon designs are sometimes ignored when creating a website. Icons may be small graphic elements, but they represent some important details that complete the look of the whole website design.

For instance, to connect with your visitors, you can use social icons! Also, if you want your site to be more intuitive, you can also use icons in menus, lists and so on.

There are many free icon sets available on the web, with concepts ranging from business to leisure, technology to culinary, and so on. We’ve picked out a great selection of free icons today, and hopefully, you’ll find at least a few sets that you can pick and use in your own projects.

In this article, you will find 20+ free icon sets you can download and use for a variety of purposes. Just choose your favorites and download the icon sets you like the most!

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Food & Drinks Icon Set

This “tasty” collection of icons is inspired by foods and drinks. It comes designed in 3 styles: outlined, colored and outlined + colored. The collection includes over 120 icons available in multiple sizes and formats.

Food Drinks Icon Set

Social Media Bubbles: Icon Pack

Bubbles is an 8 icon set that includes glossy options for StumbleUpon, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Each icon is offered in either a .png or psd format and is 250 px by 250px. The clean style of each icon makes this set a must have for any designer looking to add to their icon collection.

bubbles Free Icon Sets

World Landmark: 12 Free Icons

This is a neat pack of 12 line icons representing some of the most famous landmarks of the world. All icons are available in multiple colors.


In The Studio: 24 Free Icons

This is a nice collection of 24 free vector icons inspired by studio gear and music. All icons are available in multiple formats, so don’t hesitate to use them for your projects.

 24 Free Icons

Swifticons – 52 Flat Activities Icons

This is a set of 52 colorful flat icons inspired by a wide range of fun activities. All icons are available in multiple formats so you can easily integrate them into your projects.

Swifticons Icons Free Icon Sets

80’s Gadgets – 40 Free Icons

These icons are inspired by the 80’s gadgets such as video game consoles, music, and video players. This retro set contains 40 icons available in 5 sizes and 3 file formats.

80’s Gadgets Free Icons sets

Nova: 350 Material Style Icons

This is a great collection of 350 Material icons available in two styles: line and solid. All icons are tagged for Iconjar.

Nova Material Style Icons

Thousands: 2000+ Free Icons

This is a huge collection of more than 2000 free icons available in 2 styles: wired and colored. These icons cover a wide range of categories and come in multiple formats so you should definitely use them.

Thousands Free Icons

More Than 3600 Flat Icons

This softly colored yet vibrant flat-styled icon set comprised of more than 3600 flat icons (without counting the 3 sizes included) is FREE for personal use!

Flat Icons More Than 3600 Icons by iconShock

Illustricons: 36 Free Icons

This pack includes a neat mix of icons and illustrations created with great attention to detail. This collection includes 36 pixel-perfect icons available in multiple formats and 2 sizes.

Illustricons Free Icon Sets

5 Icon Patterns

This is an excellent collection of icon patterns. This downloadable pack includes 5 patterns for Illustrator and a lot of ready to use wallpapers for desktop and iPhone.

 Icon Patterns free icon sets

Cosmo: 100 Free Icons

This collection is a nice set of 100 free colorful icons created by Icojam. All icons are fully scalable vector shapes and are available 2 formats – .psd and .ai.

Cosmo Free Icons

Unigrid Flat: 100 Free Icons

This is a diverse pack of 100 flat icons released by Icojam.  All icons are available in two sizes and come in multiple formats like .ai, .psd, .png, .eps.

Unigrid Flat Free Icon Sets

Smashicons: 300 Free Icons

Smashicons includes 300-pixel perfect icons in 4 styles: outlined, webby, solid and flat.  There are available in multiple formats and were built following top iOS developer standards.

Smashicons Free Icon Sets

Happycons: 40 Happy and Unique Icons

Happycons is a set of 40 essential icons designed in unique and joyful manner. All icons are built on a 180px grid and are available in multiple formats.

Happycons Free Icon Sets

Blunicons – 60 Essentials Icons

This is an amazing pack of 60 essential icons designed in a unique manner. All icons are free to use in your various projects and are available in multiple formats.

Blunicons free icon sets

Smashicons: 100 Free Icons

This high-quality collection of 100 diverse icons was designed with great attention to detail. All icons are available in 4 different styles: flat, webby, outlined and solid.

Ingenicons Free Icon Sets

Ego – 100 Vector Icons

This original set of 100 free icons is designed with a radical angular. The icons are fully scalable vector shapes built on a 24px grid. They are available in multiple formats.

Ego Free Icon Sets

Icons Mind: 50 Flat Icons

This is a modern pack of 50 flat round icons, ready to add to your design library. These icons are customizable, fully-scalable and available to you in both editable and ready to use formats.

Icons Flat Icons

Free Social Media Icon Set

Elegant Themes is an icon set that says it all in the name. These high quality icons are a no nonsense option for designers looking for a pack of icons that they will be able to use on multiple projects. Included in this set are 42 icons that are 64×64 px in dimension and are offered in both PNG and PSD formats.

elegantThemes Free Icon Sets

Wooden Badge

Wooden Badge Icons are the perfect solution for anyone whose site is designed with a wood paneling theme or has some sort of wooden accent incorporated into it. With 27 different icon options, chances are all the ones you need are included.

 Free Icon Sets

Grass Textured

Grass Textured is a fun option for anyone looking to incorporate some social media icons in their project that has some intimation of grass in it. Whether it’s a website for a golf course, a landing page for a landscaper, or simply a promotional email for your lawn mowing business, these 12 different icons, offered in three different sizes (256px, 128px, and 64px) will certainly make the cut.

 Free Icon Sets

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