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10 Free Retro Fonts You Must Download

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Typography fascinates me. Websites can spend hours deciding what font to use, where to place it, what colours and words work well and how large each word is. We all know that typography plays an important role in graphic and web design. There are lots of fonts available, each one of them suitable for certain situations. In web design, typography is used to create a strong impression to the viewer, thus fonts are very important.

As a designer, you must have a big collection of fonts, so that when you design you’ll have the resources where to choose from. We’ve looked around the web for the best vintage inspired, free retro fonts, to help you create beautiful retro designs. The retro font is quite popular these days, so we hope these freebies will help you out!

I’m a bit tired of all those massive list posts that are just impossible to go through. You forget about them as soon as push the retweet button anyway. So what I have today is a short list of just 10 vintage / retro fonts, which are free and high quality!

Want more? Check out these vintage typography examples and vintage logo mockups. They will inspire and help you create more awesome, vintage-themed projects for both web and print.

PS – If you have found any other beautiful fonts on any other websites that you think deserves to be on this list, or on the next list, then feel free to drop in a comment.


Brownwood Free Retro Fonts

The Ultimate Font Download is the largest and best selling font collection online containing over 10,000 fonts licensed for commercial use and royalty free. Brownwood is one of them. This is a great retro font with a cowboy, country look which can come in really handy for design projects. It can be a great asset to your freebies arsenal. Have a look at this example, you never know when you will need a retro font.

Fairfax Station

Fairfax Station Free Retro Fonts

The next example is Fairfax Station Font. This is a lovely retro inspired font, which you can download for free and use it as you please in your designs. It is yet another free font that can not miss from your design library.

ARB 85 Poster Design Script

ARB 85 Poster Script Free Retro Fonts

If you are looking for a font which will add a dose of creativity and improve your designs then have a look at this amazing example. This is a modern poster script, Alphabet No. 85. It has an attractive style and it is highly suitable for modern posters and card work. This font can definitely spice up your designs and give them a dynamic touch. It is heavy and bold, yet graceful and can come in really handy.

Mailart Rubber Stamp

Mailart Rubberstamp Free Retro Fonts

Mailart Rubber Stamp can be exactly what you were looking for if you were thinking about approaching a retro design such as the one in the preview photo. This retro font is based on the Mailart rubberstamping of Jonathan Stangroom, H. R. Fricker, Flea Art (and others), and the typeface Clarendon Condensed. It is a font that can not miss from your freebies arsenal and which can definitely improve the way your projects look.

Herald Square

Herald Square Font Family Free Retro Fonts

Herald Square Font is a great retro font, ideal for headings, websites and printed designs. The lettering is heavy and bold and the numbers look great. Looks good on anything. It is also free to download. Feel free to download it, add it to your freebies arsenal and watch your design projects improve with this font!

Andes Font

Andes Free Retro Fonts

Andes is a free vintage inspired font with a square, minimalist design. It has a lovely design and it is great for both websites and printed designs. The letters definitely have a unique design and can be used in so many creative ways to spice up your design projects. Feel free to take a closer look at this font, download it and use it as you see fit! You’ll surely find it useful in your future vintage-themed projects!

Airstream Retro

Font Squirrel Free Retro Fontss

If you loved the previous examples then you will most likely like this one as well. Airstream font finds its inspiration in the 50s, a retro script with an italic, handwritten design. It looks great on posters and printed artwork but can also be used in logos and in so many other creative ways. This font can not miss from your design library as it may come in really handy in future projects. Have a look and see if this is the font you have been searching for!


Parisian ICG Free Retro Fonts

Parisian ICG font is a simple retro font with a rounded, feminine design. The lettering design is as elegant as it can be and it will definitely improve your designs and give them a professional look. If you want to create vintage designs, this is the right font for you. Check out the Parisian font, download it and watch how fast the way you design improves! Do not miss the chance to have this font in your freebies arsenal!

Say it Fat

Say it Fat font free

This is a great sans serif retro font with a bold design. It has a unique design and looks great on posters, logos, mottos, you name it. It can be used in web design in so many creative ways and can give a really cool and modern look to your website. It can be downloaded for free. Have a look at this font and see if this is the font you have been looking for in your project.


Riesling Free Retro Fonts

Last but not least, Riesling Retro Font is a popular font, with retro details and lovely handwritten, elegant curls and swirls. Works well in all sorts of designs, especially if you want to add a sensitive and elegant touch to your creative project. Would look great on a wine bottle label if you ask me. This font, along with all the previous examples are worth having in your collection whether or not you are working on a retro design, you never know when you will need them!

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