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The free logo design software that has popped up in recent years is one of the latest innovations which have taken graphic designers and branding specialists by surprise. Free logo makers have, in some ways become new competition for graphic designers.

Many big-name players like WiX and Shopify have entered this arena allowing anyone to create stunning and professional-looking logos without having any graphic design experience.

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Our list of free software for creating logos is most suitable for individuals who do not have the design skills or access to professional graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator (the recommended software for professional designers).

You’ll have to determine which one is the best for you by getting familiar with them first. Most promote themselves as free apps, and some ultimately charge for downloading the finished logo.

10 Best Free Logo Design Software (quick list)

Before we dive into a detailed comparison list of the 10 best free logo design software apps, let’s answer a fundamental question first.

What is logo design software?

First off, you should know that logo design software is also identified as logo makers, logo creation tools, and logo editors. As the name suggests, it’s the ability to use graphic design software for logo creation. However, there is no software to download, which is a computer resource saver.

Being free to use, as already mentioned, means some of the programs will charge for the final design or the high-resolution version of the logo. But you can freely edit the logo anytime with the option of changing colors, fonts, composition, backgrounds, and a lot more.

You may also want to see our complete collection of logo design articles and posts. For tips on how to choose a free logo design software app, scroll further down on this page.

10 Best Free Logo Design Software for Branding

1. Wix Logo Maker – Best for speed

Wix enjoys a very good name for website development, and it is making solid inroads in the logo design industry with the same reputation. Trusted by over 200 Million users, you can’t go wrong with Wix. This free logo maker offers stunning and professional-looking logos at an affordable rate. The editing workspace offered by Wix is also robust and allows a lot of scope for customizing the logo.

It utilizes a unique process for getting the right set of inputs from you. For brand names, taglines, and industry categories, it takes regular input. But after that step, it shows five batches of logos, and you have to select which style you like. This intuitive approach allows Wix to get a better understanding of the visual logo you have in your mind. This critical input can provide excellent and relatable logo options.

Also, see our post on tips and tutorials for the WiX logo maker.


  • Free: 200×200 pixel logo version
  • $20: Eight different logo versions 
  • $50: Logo vector file 


  • Easy-to-use designing interface
  • No design skills needed
  • Provides good professional-looking logo options
  • It also offers other value-added services for brand design 


  • Only low-resolution logo file is free 
  • No provision for designing a logo from scratch 
  • Logo options may seem generic 
  • Tries to upsell its other products 
Wix Free Logo Maker

2. Canva Logo Maker – The best option overall

In a very short time, Canva has become one of the most trusted online graphic design tools. Along with all its other powerful graphic design options, Canva also offers a free logo design. The tool works as easily and smoothly as its main graphic design editor. There are plenty of logo templates to choose from, and also the fact that Canva is loaded with design elements and tools makes it all the more suitable option.

Canva allows designers to download a high-resolution logo for free. But this is not with transparent background. Still, the image can be easily used in various applications. For designers already well versed with Canva, their free logo design application can be a good addition to your design resources.


  • Free: High-resolution logo
  • $12.99/month: Canva Pro Plan is needed if you want the logo with transparent background


  • Super easy to use even for non-designers 
  • It offers a lot of font options 
  • Users can avail thousands of design elements
  • Highly reputed and used by the design community


  • Logo vector file not available for free
  • No specific plans exclusive to logo design
  • It does not allow the creation of unique shapes 
  • AI logo generation is not as good as other competitors
Canva Logo Maker

3. Hatchful Free Logo Maker – Provides the best logo templates

Shopify, the e-commerce website-building giant has also entered the logo design software arena with its Hatchful tool. This is beneficial for users who choose Shopify as their eCommerce partner as they can also avail themselves of its logo designing and branding services. In terms of functioning, it is similar to the other logo design software on our list but lightning-fast. Moreover, its AI can generate good useful logos.

It does allow customization but only for limited features. Its multilingual support enables you to create logos in different languages, which is a big plus if you want a global reach for your brand. Just like Canva, it allows free download of high-resolution logo images. Even though it does not have thousands of design elements, Hatchful can be a handy tool if you are looking for a quick logo generator.

Cost: Free


  • Super fast app delivering instant results
  • Free high-resolution logo templates are abundant
  • Does not need any design skills 
  • The application supports logo design in multiple languages


  • Logo templates are fewer, and options may be generic
  • You cannot get a print-friendly logo vector file
  • Customization tools are limited
  • Only email customer support is available 
Hatchful Free Logo Maker

4. NameCheap – One of the best free but simple logo makers

Namecheap has a good reputation for providing cost-effective domain and web hosting solutions, and it is also trying to build a reputation as having one of the best free logo software available. It follows a similar process to that of the other free logo design software which first takes inputs from the user and then it presents autogenerated logo ideas or options.

The logo templates are good, but they can often offer quite random logos. The best part about this app is that it provides logo files for free. It also allows you to visualize how your logo will look on various branding materials. The interface is simple, but there are not many editing features. NameCheap logo generator tool is suitable for people looking for a simple logo design software that’s free.

Cost: Free


  • The user interface is really easy and fast 
  • Good collection of logo templates
  • Get your logo files absolutely free
  • Offers a quick live chat customer support


  • Editing options are very limited
  • The AI logo generator can, at times, give random logo options
  • The design elements available are not great
  • Constantly tries to upsell other services 
Namecheap Free Logo Maker

5. Adobe Express – Best for those with intermediate skill level

Is there any Adobe design product that we cannot trust? Looking at the massive wave in online logo design services, Adobe Express (also known as Abobe Creative Cloud) has also entered this sector. The logo creation option it provides through its AI is really good-looking. The best part is that the services are entirely free, and you even get the vector files for download at no cost.

The Adobe logo maker scores over its competition due to the editing options it allows. For non-designers, this may not be important, but for designers, it opens a lot of creative bandwidth. There may still be a few glitches in the tool, but it is one of the best right now if you are looking for a free logo-making application online.

Cost: Totally Free


  • All the logo-making services are free
  • The tool has powerful customization options
  • You can create a logo right from scratch
  • Loads of design elements to choose from 


  • As the app is in the beta stage, there may be a few glitches
  • Designing tools can be overwhelming for non-designers
  • Auto-generated logos are somewhat random and not impressive
  • Slow customer support
Adobe Express Free Logo Maker

6. Looka Branding & Logo Maker – Top option for providing lifetime support

If you are looking for an online design service that can help you more than just with a logo, then Looka is a good option. While it performs strongly in the logo design arena, it also extends its services by offering you other branding design services. As a result, this becomes a lucrative choice for small firms that do not have the budget to hire a full-fledged graphic designer.

The logo design program of Looka is easy to use, and the AI is brilliant in giving precise logo options. You also get full ownership of all logo designs you create. The problem is that it only allows a low-resolution download of the logo file. For editable logo files, you have to subscribe to its plans which are a bit costly.


  • Free: Low-resolution logo image
  • $20: High-resolution non-transparent logo
  • $65: Vector files of the logo 


  • The designing tool is easy to learn and use
  • AI-generated logo options are creative 
  • Its comprehensive branding plan can be helpful for small firms
  • Get full ownership of your creatives


  • You get only a low-resolution logo file for free
  • It does not offer a wide range of customization options
  • Designing a workspace is a bit slow to respond
  • Its pricing plans are costly compared to its competitors 
Looka Free Logo Maker

7. FreeLogoDesign.org – A great option for coming up with logo ideas

The FreeLogoDesign website is dedicated to the idea of designing logos online for free. It covers over 35 business categories and has over 2000 logo templates. This means that you will always find a suitable option on this website. It also supports various languages, which is highly beneficial for global brands.

Functionality wise it is similar to most regular logo creator applications. The design element options are not very creative, but they can work for people looking for quick logo options for personal branding. But if you have designing experience and are looking to perfect your logo, you will find it slightly frustrating to work on its editor. Also, it allows high-resolution downloads at a very premium price.


  • Free: Low-resolution logo
  • $39.99: High-resolution logo download 


  • Tons of logo options offer a good variety
  • Overall app is easy to use and quick to deliver results
  • It covers a lot of business categories
  • Offers social media add-on features for logos 


  • Only low-resolution logo image is free
  • More emphasis on text and not logo graphics
  • AI-generated logo options are generic
  • The premium plan, which gives logo vector files, is quite costly 
  • Customer support is not up to the mark 
Free Logo Design

8. Tailor Brands (Logo Maker) – A top option for those with no design skills at all

As the name suggests, this service works extensively to provide tailor-made solutions for brands. However, the target audience for Tailor Brands is non-designers, and hence it offers minimal design options in its editor. This may not work well with people who have design experience or want to finetune their logos.

Overall the user interface of this logo generator is simple and clean, and its AI’s logo options are professional looking. Compared to some higher-end logo maker applications, the pricing plan of Tailor Brands is relatively cost-effective. However, one of the most common complaints is that its pricing plans are deceptive, and users end up paying for annual subscriptions.


  • Free: Low-resolution logo download
  • $3.99/month: High-resolution non-transparent logo
  • $5.99/month: Logo vector files  


  • Well suited for non-designers
  • The app interface is intuitive and result-oriented
  • Pricing plans are very cost-competitive
  • Delivers logo in a very short time 


  • Provides very limited customization options
  • Auto-generated logos can be off-target at times
  • Design elements are very limited
  • Poor and unreliable customer support 
The Tailor Brands Logo Maker

9. DesignHill Logo Maker – Top reviews (4.9 of 5)

The logo-making tool of DesignHill is prompt, straightforward, and delivers good results. DesignHill is considered to be one of the premier design competition platforms. Users can create projects, designers provide their results, and the best entry wins.

However, logo designing does not use this principle. Instead, it follows the standard procedure of the other logo generator applications.

Once the user provides the requisite input, its AI generates a series of logo options. Most options are generic, and you will have to scroll quite a bit to find good options. Its design workspace is not as equipped as that of Wix or Adobe. It lets you play around with font, color, and other such features.

This is beneficial for non-designers as they can quickly get a logo output. It has 100+ logo templates and a lot of design elements, but from a cost perspective, it has a disadvantage compared to its competitors.


  • $20: Low-resolution logo
  • $65: High-resolution logo


  • Provides a lot of logo templates
  • Very useful for people looking for a super-fast logo
  • The application interface is straightforward 
  • Offers a value-added custom branding package 


  • The cost for high-resolution logo files is very high
  • Customization features are minimal
  • AI-generated logo designs are generic
  • Constantly tries to upsell other services 
DesignHill Logo Maker

10. Free Logo Services – Best for quick support and little interface issues

Here is one of the best logo design options but not as good as the others on the list. It replicates the same working process of getting inputs from the user, offering auto-generated logo options, and then allowing users to tweak it as per their needs.

Another cool tool that FreeLogoServices.com provides is a robust mobile application on which you can design free logos.

In terms of logo templates, it has a decent collection and supports multiple languages. However, its design options are very limited; therefore, it is better suited for the non-designer community.

Furthermore, its pricing plans are way too expensive than other better players, which puts this service at a disadvantage. It is suitable for non-designers who want a simple logo quickly.


  • $40: Essential logo download package
  • $60: Premium logo download package


  • Suitable for non-designers as it offers quick logos
  • The logo maker comes with a mobile application
  • Customer support is very reliable and quick
  • The app interface is simple and glitch-free 


  • There is no option for a free logo download
  • Autogenerated logos are generic at times
  • Pricing plans are way too costly
  • Allows very limited customization 
Free Logo Services Online

6 Tips on How To Choose Free Logo Design Software

Tips on how to choose free logo design software

It is essential to understand that each logo-creating app works differently and offers different plans. Therefore, whenever you are choosing a free logo maker app, make sure you consider the following aspects:

1. Is it really free?

The logo design software promises to be free at the start. Still, when you are done through the entire process of designing the logo and moving towards downloading it, they surprise you with a payment plan. So, if you are looking for a truly free logo, ensure that the software you choose is free throughout.

2. Quality of Logo Options

These software logo designing tools largely depend on the AI (artificial intelligence) they deploy. While some apps deliver very accurate and good-looking logo combinations, some cheap tools throw up random logo options that are not helpful and end up wasting your time.

3. Customization Allowed

No matter how good the auto-generated logo options are, you would always want to make some minor tweaks to them, be it changing the logo or the font style to match your branding. If you have certain designing experience, it becomes all the more important that you are allowed to finetune the logo; otherwise, you will feel stuck and have to use professional software.

4. Value-added Services

Logo design is generally the start of your branding exercise, and post the logo; you will need other branding elements like visiting cards, letterhead, and even a website. In that case, go for tools that offer other value-added services to make your overall journey more cost-effective and seamless.

5. Customer Support

Always double-check the quality of customer support when you plan to avail yourself of any online services. You do not want to be hanging out there in the dark with no help available. Even for logo design, you would want the right amount of hand-holding or troubleshooting to complete the process quick and hassle-free.

6. Value for Money

The last and most important thing you must consider is the value for money when using logo design software. Based on the budget you want to work with, you can access the pricing plans of the services. Also, keep in mind that you have the option of hiring an actual designer for the logo if you feel the pricing plans of certain software are too high.

In this blog, we will cover the top 10 best options for free and simple logo design software that’s available today. We will try to guide you to make the right choice and get a professional-looking logo with minimal effort and one that’s free or low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best logo design software that’s free to use?

WiX and Canva are some of the best logo design software that is free to use because of the professional-looking logo templates offered along with the ability to easily change colors and fonts. It’s worth mentioning that these companies have big budgets to innovate and design their software to outrank others.

What are the benefits of using free logo design apps?

There are a lot of benefits to using a free logo maker app, as it helps you design a logo with minimal effort and takes very little time.

The biggest beneficiary of these logo generator tools is the non-designer community. They no longer need to learn design or depend on a designer to get a good-looking logo.

Following are the reasons why you should opt for using a free logo design tool:

  • Big Benefit for Non-Designers due to simplicity and ease of use
  • Variety of Options and features that are still of professional quality
  • Easy Customization without having to hire a graphic designer
  • Unlimited free modifications so you can practice before finalizing
  • Finally, because they are free

Online logo generators are highly cost-effective since there’s no need to put a lot of effort and time into the logo design. The upgrades they offer are also very affordable. Many tools also offer additional branding packages.

Best Free Logo Design Software for Branding Summary

Gone are the days when people without design skills could not create logos by themselves. The logo design software of today can do the job for you. But given these many choices, it is always hard to figure out which ones are really good and, more importantly, which are really free.

Our list above is trustworthy and delivers reliable and quality results. You should be equipped to choose the software that best suits your design needs and get started on your logo creation journey.

When you find a good match, let us know in the comments below.

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