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It’s a fact: websites that use bright, bold and effective colors are the ones that stand out from the crowd and are remembered.

The aesthetic of a webpage is naturally one of the most important aspects of a website’s design and structure. A site can have a squeaky clean backlink profile, super-fast loading time, and a seamless payment gateway, but if the pages are ugly, then visitors are not going to hang around for long.

As a web or graphic designer you must have a keen sense of color combinations and feel which colours look good together and which don’t. Anyway, even with this great skill in color combining, you may find yourself in situations when you just feel less inspired. That’s when these extremely colourful website designs will inspire you.

We’ve done some research and looked for the most colorful and vibrant websites on the web, to inspire you in creating beautiful, eye-catching designs.

These websites use colour very well to make their most important info stand out. The shades, gradients and colour palettes used in these sites is what makes them remarkable. Remember to click on each image to view the website itself. Some of them are interactive too! Plus, if you have found a website that should be on the list, or on the next list then please feel free to drop us a comment.

Calypso Park

Calypso Colourful Website Designs

This website design combines awesome vectors with super colourful elements and a slideshow with representative images. It’s a great approach for a park presentation website. 


Pixele Colourful Website Designs

Pixele’s colourful website has a super fresh and fun web design layout with a grey background with a slideshow full of colourful images. The background is simple, dark, charcoal grey, which is more than enough considering that the slider images are so vibrant. 

Mambo Mambo

MamboMambo Colourful Website Designs

Mambo Mambo uses a yellow background with images of people sun bathing. If you’ll continue scrolling, everything changes. Content is presented in many different way and through different colours. Have a look!

Colour Pixel

Colourpixel Colourful Website Designs

As its name says, this website design is full of colourful pixels. It also has some awesome graphics that blend in well with the pixelated background. The black boxes are a nice detail as well. 

Future Fabric

Guy Moorhouse Colourful Website Designs

With a minimalist design, Future Fabric manages to present a portfolio in a creative way, using large thumbnails and a different background colour for each project.


Panic Colourful Website Designs

This website uses animations and many different colours. All in all, it has a friendly and dynamic vibe. They have an amazing, eye-catching vector illustration on their homepage. This is surely a website design to remember and use as a source of inspiration.


C A T K Colourful Website Designs

This website uses fullscreen images with strong, vibrant colors to catch the visitors’ attention. The rest of the design is toned down and makes use of large, bold typography to send its message.

Yeahstyledg / Freelancer

Portfolio of Alvaro Casanova Colourful Website Designs

This portfolio website design combines nice vector illustration with cool textures and colourful elements. The neon pink color looks great paired with black as well as with the subtle grey background. The large, bold fonts complete the layout and the round-shaped social media icons are also a nice touch. 


Spelltower Colourful Website

Spelltower is a presentation website for a game of words made by Zack Gage. It uses a flat design on the whole website and once you scroll down the page, more colourful sections are revealed. The design has lots of interesting, colorful vectors and graphics which make it pop out!


colourpixel Colorful Eye-Popping Website

Colourpixel is the online portfolio of Nag, a Web Designer/Graphic designer from Hyderabad, India specialising in web design, print design, identity design and more.

Dom Jacob

Dom Jacob Colourful Website

This colourful website presents the work of Dom Jacob in a creative way. The choice of colours, light blue, yellow and pink work well together and give the website a friendly interface.


Daguia Tortas Finas Colourful Website Designs

This nice website design combines large, beautiful photography with colourful elements. The subtle texture on the background is a really nice detail. 


Phoenix Colourful Website Design

This colourful website has a different background photo and colour for each time you visit it. This is an original way to design and think a website. All in all, this colourful website is very eye-catching and can be a great source of inspiration.

Albert Lo Design

Albert Lo. Freelance digital creative

This creative web design studio’s online portfolio website uses violet as an accent colour. The subtle coloured line right below the header menu is also a nice detail. 


Flip Flops Havaianas Colourful Website Designs

High-quality textures and bright colours can never go wrong together. This website has a really cool, colourful design.  Have a look and see if you think the same


Razorbraille Colourful Website Designs

Colorful vectors and interestingly combined images and texts, this is one website design to remember! The menu maintains the same colorful appearance, while the background is white, but integrated with a simple, cloud shaped vector. 


Lavagraphics Colourful Website Designs

This design uses both illustrations and great fonts masterfully. The overall design is bright and colorful, yellow being the main color in this palette. The design is flat, with vector insertions and well chosen typography elements.

Kelsey Dake

kelseydake.com Colourful Website

Have a look at this amazing colourful website and the way it presents the artworks through a simple large thumbnail gallery. Not only the artworks are extremely colorful, but instead of opting for a simple, black or white background, the designer chose a bright, neon-orange colour to make the site even more eye-popping!

Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele Jaquenod Colourful Websites

This cool personal blog design is childish and friendly-looking, perfect for its audience. It has some cute vector illustrations in the back, making it a website to remember. It may look a bit to cluttered at first, but it’s not! It’s like all the vector illustrations blend so beautifully together and the whole website tells a single story through its images. 


Dreii Colourful Websites

This is yet another good example of a colourful website which has a friendly interface. The main vector image has a dynamic look and once you scroll down the homepage the colour palette of the design tones down a little bit.

We are slim.

slim Interactive GmbH Colourful Websites

This is the website of a Hanover, Germany based digital agency. It features an illustration of a floating island and uses a number of animations and transitions as you go from one section of this one-page website to the next. This website has an interactive design thanks to the way they present the content. They made a great choice in textures and typography too!


Promethean Colourful Websites

This website uses huge typography and a cool menu bar that turns out to be part of the background. The background is made of subtle gradients and the menu has some soft transition effects. If you click on the other pages of the site, the same style is kept, as on the homepage, but the background slightly differs.

Beautiful 2

Beautiful 2.0 Colourful Websites

This website uses glowing colourful elements on dark, black background. It is a great example of how you can combine a grungy design style with bright, neon colors. The menu design is also interesting, and even though it is made of only four buttons, it covers almost the entire header area. 


Cool Socks Colourful Websites

This website has an awesome illustration in its header. They sell really colourful socks and the web design layout is perfect for what they’re offering. The layout is quite simple but the idea behind the website is interesting! Instead of posting the photos of actual products, the images are made of vector illustrations. The site is fun to browse and offers a pleasant user experience.


Free Book For Digital Nomads By Digital Nomads Colourful Websites

The is a single-page website layout with an extremely vibrant and colourful design, perfect for catching leads and selling e-books. The bright red colour guarantees that the visitors will be intrigued by what this website has to offer.

Hungry Sandwich

Motion Graphics Animation Studio Leeds Colourful Websites

The Hungry Sandwich Club is made of a group of creative pals specializing in illustration, motion graphics and animation and their interactive website proves their vast experience in this field of work. This website is very colourful and has a friendly interface. It can be a great source of inspiration for future projects.

Commercial type

Commercial Type Showcase Colourful Websites

This website uses a large palette of colours due to the various gradients the designer used. There are two columns and many rows of fonts, each having its own colour. All in all, this website definitely has a unique design worth mentioning in this list.

Team Tsok

Philippines Web Design and Laguna Web Development Colourful Websites

This website design uses mostly orange shades. Dark themed websites look great with orange accents, and this site design proves it! It combines both vector elements in the background, with high-quality images perfectly positioned into the layout. The contact form is emphasized to convert better.


DBLG Colourful Websites

DGLB’s website has a colourful website that focuses on presenting their portfolio using a grid gallery with large thumbnails. All the representative images of the projects are well chosen, and prove their vast experience.


Green Man Festival Colourful Website

This website presents a music festival in a very colourful way. All the photos are well chosen and the background uses different coloured horizontal bands. All in all, this website uses animations, slideshows, illustrations and so much more to express how fun and cool the festival is.

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  1. Love the vibrant colours and design of all the different website designs, loads of hard workmanship have gone into these for sure.

  2. These are all cool. I like the floating feeling of the nav on the Foehn site. It’s a really cool colorful background!

  3. All designs are really nice header and content which is showing in first time on screen only nice some designers worked only on header and on content area only….. not on footer… need to work till and of the design same as they started from top; 🙂

  4. I like the list very much, except maybe 2 pages which are not quite as ”great and detailed” like others! Picture here is one thing, but the whole experience is lacking so much in some sites! IMHO 🙂

  5. That’s really an excellent collection of websites! At first I liked Mbdizajn the most, but as I went further down it was really hard for me to judge which one is the best. Keep up the good work….Wish to see more from you, Andy.

  6. Superb! Really lovely pieces of pure (web) art in here!
    Really like Beautiful 2, Arkix’s header, Marcos Xotoko and Foehn is absolutely delicious.


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