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10+ Websites with Great Typography

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Typography plays an important role in graphic and web design. There are lots of fonts available, each one of them suitable for certain situations. In web design, typography is used to create a strong impression on the viewer.  It is very important to have a unique and appealing website in order to stand out from the crowd. Typography is one of the best ways of achieving this.

In this article, we’ll show you a bunch of websites that have designs with great typography. We love websites with great typography so if you know any other cool designs let us know in a comment!

Basis AG – Berlin Real Estate

This website has a bold look with stunning photography and typography that is also used a symbol rather than a simple text. This website uses a simple design made special by using the yellow accent color. The fonts are cleverly used in order to create a very modern, minimalistic look with bright backgrounds. By combining clever typography and beautiful photography you can achieve a professional look that can attract new clients.

Salford Stories


Salford Stories is organized by Dave King and Kingdom Voice Limited in association with churches across the city. This website is a great example of how typography can help you spread your message in a very creative and original way. With just a single page and 3 basic colors, this website is very attractive and has really nice graphics. The colors of the text change at hover which gives the whole website a more dynamic feel. The creators of this website had some great typography and spacing ideas that make Salford Stories a great example of a unique website!

David Batra

David Batra is a Swedish stand up comedian and TV actor. He was born in Lund and his mother is Swedish and his father is of Indian origin. David Batra’s website is simple yet very eye-catching due to the great choice of colors and clean typography. The website showcases some great, thin fonts that are neatly organized. The text isn’t very intrusive and it goes very well with the big, high-quality photography that you can see on his website. The limited color palette is also a great choice that gives the whole design a minimalistic look. The clean background makes the texts very easy to read and comprehend.

Envy Labs

Envy Labs is an app design and development agency and this is their official website. This is a great example of how you can combine typography with graphic elements in order to create a stunning front page. This website also uses a dark background with colorful accents and smooth movement that make everything more dynamic and catchy. The backgrounds are actually interactive!

You and I Graphics

Youandigraphics is run by Irene Demetri, a web and graphic designer based in Athens, Greece. While having great graphics and bold colors, this website design is simple but delivers the right message in a very creative way. The website uses a clean, simple and crisp font and some strong colors. The limited color palette makes the whole design striking and catchy. The website also has a drop-down menu with a clean look and typography that takes you to the desired pages. This is a great example of how you can create a flat minimalistic look with nice typography.

KBS Canada

KBS is a global, full-service integrated company from Canada. They have a very modern website that catches the viewer’s eye from the very beginning. This website makes great use of bold typography and text movement in order to make sure the client will go on exploring the website. The color palette is minimal except the bold blue used for the logo and some texts. This is a highly responsive and animated website that can be a great source of inspiration.


Tyler Galpin is an entrepreneur and designer based in Los Angeles. His personal website has a very modern feel because of it’s graphics and typography. It is mostly monochromatic with only a small insertion of color, perfectly placed in order to emphasize important elements. The logo is striking and the typography is very clean and bold and it delivers the right message. The website has a specific symbol for the 3 areas of information you can travel to. The background always remains simple with grey geometric accents for a clean look. Having a relevant personal website is always important in making the clients get a grasp of your work style and preferences.

Maaemo Restaurant

This is the website of Maaemo, a Norwegian restaurant that cares about nature, produce and cultural history. The website is very minimal and modern and it creates a great Norwegian mood by using the video background for the front page and a very simple, crisp typography. The logo is striking and so is the other font used for this website. By using this simple approach, the website creators made sure that the clients will focus on all important information and photography.

TVL Corp

TVL Corp is one stop internet solutions company in Chennai Tirunelveli India and Malaysia. This is another website with large, bold fonts used in the main slider. We can also see here a nice choice of neutral colors for the background with some bold accents for the image boxes and font. The page headers are strong because of the big bi-color text. This website is a great example of smart font choices that go well together in order to deliver the right message to the client.

This is my pixel

This is the online portfolio of Maximillian, an interactive developer & designer. This is a simple, creative portfolio with a vintage touch and beautiful fonts. The website has a very clever idea that can easily reach out to potential clients. The color palette is limited and classy and the accent goes on the red elements. The website actually has a smart and funny tool that lets you create your ‘own pixel’. This is just the first page of Maximilian’s website. After this, you can proceed in seeing his portfolio showcased on a simple but clever website design.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

This is an awesome website design which uses typography as its main graphic element. The homepage portrait is made out of words, written in German. the whole website has a very clean, yet very creative design.

 jjr website Great Typography


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