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We designers have to stay permanently updated with the latest design trends on the web. To make it easier for you to update your freebies collection, we selected 20 graphic freebies for designers. All of these various graphic freebies are very high-quality free PSDs or .Ai files for you to download and use in your own projects.

In this set of 20 various graphic freebies for designers, you’ll find lots of random PSD and vector freebies such as objects, doodles, vectors, and more!

Skyfire VLC skin

This is a Skyfire flat skin for VLC Media player, hope you like it! You can also use this in your web design projects as new, flat skins for audio/video players. The strong accent colors are like a breath a fresh air for an old and monotone software.

Skyfire VLC skin Pin

Freebie doodles!

Grab some free doodles! Free to download and use for whatever purpose you want! All these are high-resolution and can be used for any personal or commercial projects. They have a funny and easy-going look that would be perfect even for posters!

Freebie doodles! Pin

This is an automated Illustrator Text Effect (Appearance Palette). Just download the AI, install the font (if you want to use the same font I’ve used) and write. Change the colors using Global Colors. We recommend this cool effect for video intros, posters or even presentations so you can create eye-catching effects.

Think – Free Illustrator Text Effect Apperance LogoPin

Learn some Chinese characters

This is a pretty interesting project the designer shared on Dribbble. Some Chinese characters are formed by how objects visually resemble. Created totally just for fun, so PSD included, feel free to download. You can use it if you are a teacher and you want to teach your children some fun stuff or you can just twist and change various elements and use them in other designs from your personal projects.

Learn some Chinese characters Pin

Open Device Lab (.ai freebie)

This is a .ai freebie, part of the re-designing process of the website for the Open Device Lab in Leeds. It’s free to download and use as you please. All the items are flat icons with bold lines and very limited color palette and they look catchy and modern. You can customize it and include some items in any project you might think of.

Open Device Lab (.ai freebie) Pin

Flat Niram – Color Swatches Library for Illustrator & Photoshop

This is a cute freebie for all of you. 100 awesome and flat colors for your projects as ready-made color swatches library. Illustrator and Photoshop are covered. Grab your copy and add color to your projects. This freebie is perfect if you need some inspiration for color combinations for your flat design projects or any other project you may have. Feel free to download it and start experimenting.

Flat Niram – Colour Swatches Library for Illustrator & PhotoshopPin

Long Shadow Generator

This Long Shadow Generator is pixel perfect, comes with a fully editable .psd, is 100% vector shape, and has organized layers. It’s super easy to change the colors and make this effect suitable for your ideas. The font used for this is from the Ubuntu Family.

Gfx. Long Shadow Generator #Freebies Pin

Emmet Lego Movie Free Vector

This is just another Lego freebie, this time of Emmet from the Lego Movie. Feel free to use it as you like for your ideas and projects. We think it would be perfect for a kid’s poster, presentation or any other idea. This freebie comes as an .eps dile that you can download for free.

Emmet Lego Movie Free Vector Pin

Free Birthday Gift Tags

This freebie is a pdf printable with all 8 birthday gift tags shown. The rectangular tags are roughly 3?x1.5? and the circular tags are 2? in diameter.  There’s a bleed outside each tag. Feel free to use these anytime you need a perfectly customized gift tag for a special occasion. Or you can just customize them and use as labels for your products. The possibilities are endless.

Free Birthday Gift Tags Pin

Fresh Fish Omega 3 Version 

You may download the zipped vector graphic file (contains: .ai, .eps, .svg) in attachment. Use it however you like. We think this freebie is suitable for lots of various projects and it’s also super easy to custmize to fit your needs.

Fresh Fish »Omega 3« Version …Pin

Free 3D Scene for 3ds Max & V-Ray

This is one of the 3D Scenes that comes with a 3D Bundle – a bundle of Vray 3ds Max high-quality scenes with all source files included. This 3D Scene with all source files needed for rendering is offered for free. They have a very realistic look and can be used in various personal or commercial projects completely free of charge.

Free 3D Scene for 3ds Max & V-Ray Pin

Canvas Xcode Prototype

This offers animate in Xcode without code. It’s super-useful for app developers. It also comes with a few tutorials for you so you can easily understand the right idea. This freebie is perfect for designers and it may come in handy when you want to develop your projects.

Canvas Xcode Prototype Pin

Retro Fashion Hipster Look Vector

You are free to use this image for personal or commercial purposes, to share or to modify it. Great for hipster designs. We think it can be a perfect fit for posters, web designs, gift cards and any other design project you may have. Can be used together or individually.

VIN 002 Pin

Freebie PSD – Graphic designer tools

This is a PSD file with 16 graphic designer tools. Feel free to download and share. Very useful for graphic designers! This freebie can be used as a whole when creating a cool background to use for your design projects or even as a wallpaper or you can take individual items and use them for other purposes.

Freebie PSD Graphic designer tools Pin

The designer liked this logo from iPhone 5s announcement very much so he figured out how they did it. Pretty simple. Download AI attachment above to check these vectors out. This is a very easy to achieve design if you have a bit of patience. The tutorial is very easy to follow and you can use your new knowledge for other icons or designs.

How To Create Touch ID LogoPin

iPhone 5 Presentation Template with Mug

After effects file is attached. All you have to do is drop in your .mov or screenshot. This is very useful for app or website presentations and you can usee it free of charge for your projects and ideas. It can also work great if you want to showcase an app idea for your clients in a very professional way.

iPhone 5 Presentation Template with Mug Pin

Blackboard Icon Sketch

Blackboard Icon Sketch is a free various design resource made by Dribbble user Isabel Aracama. Looks great and editable files are provided. This freebie is very easy to use and customize so it will fit your needs and desires.

Blackboard Icon Pin

iOS 7 Blur Photoshop Action

This is a quick Photoshop action to reproduce the blur effect on the iOS7 control center. Download the .png and the action – then run it. This action is super easy to download, open and even customize to see how if it will work best for you too.

iOS 7 Blur Photoshop Action Pin

Instagram Concept PSD

Right after the new launch of Instagram on the web, the designer quickly did a version that he thought was a better fit strictly for himself and how he uses Instagram. Downloadable PSD files are available. This template is based on a grid layout which can automatically determine the number of columns by the size of your browser or screen.

Instagram Concept PSD Pin

Finger Gestures

This is a really cool finger gesture pack with 9 finger gestures, all in a fully editable, customizable, PSD file. Feel free to download and use in your projects too. We recommend this freebie for app presentations so you can make it easy for your users to understand different finger gestures.

Finger Gestures Pin

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