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Even though minimalist websites are a popular trend right now, adding some subtle patterns as backgrounds is not a bad idea at all! Using textures and patterns can really make your web design unique. If you don’t want to over-do it and use realistic textures and patterns, these free seamless Photoshop patterns with gray, light tones, might be exactly what you need.

These free seamless Photoshop patterns are perfect for web designers as they can be used to create pixel-perfect website backgrounds of any size. They come as PAT files and also PNGs in some cases. Some of them even have transparent backgrounds, so they can be overlaid with ease.

If the plain, old, white background bores you, add one of these free seamless Photoshop patterns to your next website design. Choose your favorite ones from the list below and download them to your freebies collection.

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Cubes White Photoshop Pattern

Download this light 3D cube pattern and use it for your next geometrical-themed website design.

Cubes White Photoshop Pattern free seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

Connected White Pattern 

This seamless Photoshop pattern is made of white circles connecting on a light gray background.

Connected White Pattern for tech websites Pin

Subtle Zebra 3D Seamless Pattern

Did you notice this? It’s a subtle zebra, in 3D. This pattern creates a nice effect!

Subtle Zebra 3D Seamless Pattern Pin

Grid Noise White Pattern

This pattern is made of crossing lines on a light background adding a subtle noise effect to the gray background.

Grid Noise White Pattern Pin

White Paper Pattern

Check out this nicely crafted paper pattern, available in PNG. Perfect for those handmade-themed websites.

White Paper Patternfree seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

Arches Pattern

This pattern was inspired by the Japanese/Asian styles. It’s smooth and very eye-catching.

Archesfree seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

Stacked Circles

This seamless Photoshop pattern is made of simple circles. That’s all it takes to create this pattern. It is also transparent which is a plus.

Stacked Circlesfree seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

Little Fibers Pattern

Here are some tiny little fibers making a soft pattern. You can make it lighter or darker, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/graphcoders-lil-fiber/ Pin

Triangle Gplay Pattern

Here’s a playful triangle pattern with different shades of gray. Would look wonderful on a website with angled web elements and graphics.

Triangle free seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

Corrugation Pattern

This is a nice wrinkly pattern with curved lines. it’s so simple and suits websites with more rounded web elements and graphics.

Corrugation free seamless Photoshop patterns Pin

White Linen Pattern

Here’s another gray seamless pattern with a super simple design with horizontal lines.

White Linen seamless pattern Pin

Skin Side Up Pattern

This is a white fabric looking texture with some nice, random wave features.

Skin Side Up seamless Pattern Pin

Pyramid White Pattern

Check out this ‘Super Mario Bros’ type of squares pattern – nice! Would look great on a games website!

Pyramid White seamless Pattern Pin

Retina Dust White Pattern

There are many types of websites you can use this retina dust pattern on. This dusty background is simple and beautiful!

Retina Dust White Pattern Pin

Subtle Dots

This pattern design is simple and subtle as it gets, but sometimes minimalism is the best choice.

Subtle Dots Pattern Pin

Subtle Light Tile Pattern Vol4

This is a set of light-textured patterns ideal for creating subtle web backgrounds.

Subtle Light Tile PatternsPin

Classic 45 Degree

Use this classic 45-degree pattern on a classy, elegant, light-themed website design.

Classic 45 degree Pattern Pin

3D Rectangles

This pattern is made of 3D squares with diagonals overlaid as a texture.

3D Rectangles Pattern Pin

Lined Paper

Here’s another simple and beautiful pattern with lines and noisy, paper texture.

Lined Paper Pattern Pin

Tiny Grid

This is a sharp, white and grey grid, perfect for a website background.

Tiny Grid Pattern Pin

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