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An important aspect related to the new year is people making new resolutions. This is a very healthy practice as the year’s change can help instill positivity and motivate people to make good changes in their lives. The only problem comes in sustaining this motivation throughout the year.

Your desktop or laptop wallpapers can serve to be a helpful place to draw motivation. Setting up a motivational wallpaper can help you stay inspired. We have compiled some amazing motivational wallpapers that you can download in high resolution.

Different people seek different types of inspiration, and we have kept the list versatile to cater to the various preferences, from sports to business, and even motivational wallpapers to help motivate you to reach your goals.

Editors Note:

Some of these images listed here are completely free to download (up to 10 free wallpapers) with a trial subscription. Others require payment. The images represented here are provided by:

1. “Imagine” Text On Sparkling Particle Background

This image is a good combination of typography and vector design. The word “Imagine” is written in white straight fonts over black background. A highly vibrant halo is created of different colors which support this idea.  

The good creativity deployed in this image can be an excellent choice and one of our favorite motivational wallpapers available on this list. The more you look at the image, the more you will be inspired to imagine and create a better future.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022:  "Imagine" Text Sparkling Particle Background

2. DepositPhotos – “Dream Big”

Everything starts with a dream. The more you can dream, the more you will envision and set a goal for yourself. This image prompts the viewer to dream big. The image is a photograph of the words “Dream Big.” written on a slate that is put on a wooden table. 

The slate is dark blue in color, and shades of blue can be seen in between the letters. The texture of the table is very prominent, which adds to the photograph’s creativity.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Dream Big

3. Shutterstock – “You Got This”

Self-doubt can be very dangerous, and it generally leads to a lot of discouragement and negativity. However, sometimes all you need is something that can reaffirm you and instill positivity. This is where this image can be useful. 

The photograph captures a display with the words “You got this” boldly and brightly. There is a laptop and other routine office desk elements. However, the focus of the image remains on positive and motivational words.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "You Got This"

4. Adobe Stock – Positive Motivational Wallpaper

This is a very classic image that contains a lot of positive affirmations. We are sure that most of these would be part of the new resolutions people would be taking this year. In addition, the text includes aspects such as staying physically and mentally fit, professional and social growth, and different affirmations that will help you grow.

The image is simple in design. The background used is of a black gradient along with a texture. The text is written in a combination of bold and thin fonts. The colors used for the text are very vibrant, making the image visually appealing. 

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Highly Motivational Wallpaper

5. Adobe Stock – “Never Stop Trying”

Sometimes a simple image can also help you motivate a lot. This photograph consists of typography that uses the word “Never Stop trying.” Unfortunately, the words are not typical motivational or positive words, which makes this image more exclusive.

The text is in the form of bright yellow neon lights. Someone has spent a good time creating this installation of text. The arrow at the bottom of the text further reinforces the idea of the image.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Never Stop Trying"

6. Adobe Stock – Shooting Towards Goals Neon Target

Here’s one of our favorites. This image says a lot even though there is no motivational statement on it. The neon target with an arrow in the center bullseye can reflect hitting your goals.

It’s an encouraging and motivational reminder that we have to shoot for something and not give up. Getting close to reaching our goals is still an accomplishment, even if it’s not perfectly on target.

This would make a great motivational wallpaper because it stands out with its neon colors against a dark navy blue background and will capture our attention fast to remind us to stay on the course.

25 Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Shooting Towards Goals Neon Target

7. Shutterstock – “Yes You Can”

This is a very beautiful photograph. The words “Yes You Can” are written on the sand of the beach. We can see the water receding back to reveal these words. Many times, all we need is a little affirmation and that is what this image can provide.

Setting it up as a desktop background or wallpaper will be a good step to validating your beliefs and pushing you harder to achieve what you think you cannot.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Yes You Can"

8. Shutterstock – “What You Do Everyday Matters..”

Many people get discouraged thinking that what they do is insignificant and their very own existence does not matter. Such people need a good dose of positivity in their life. This is where this wallpaper can be handy.

The image shows a person jumping on the beach. The sun is setting far away making the photograph very scenic. The line, “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.” The overall theme of the wallpaper is black making it suitable for wallpapers. 

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "What You Do Everyday Matters.."

9. Adobe Stock – “Don’t Be the Same, Be Better”

Many motivational wallpapers also serve as life advice. This beautiful wallpaper is simple in design. It uses a good landscape image showcasing a hill and road. The line “Don’t be the same, be better.” is inscribed over it. 

This can be a suitable wallpaper as it will not interfere with the desktop icons. Professional designers can even work around the image’s color to convert it into something they want.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Don't Be the Same, Be Better"

10. Shutterstock – “Live, Work, Create”

Life is all about living, working, and creating something good. This is the message this motivational wallpaper is trying to convey. From a design point of view, it is set up as lovely wall art. We can see a dark black wall, and upon this wall, the words “live, work, and create” are painted. 

As there is a lot of dead space around the words, this wallpaper is easy to use. It can also be used for other purposes apart from being used as a motivational wallpaper.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Live, Work, Create"

11. Adobe Stock – “Wake Up & Workout”

A lot of people need the right motivation to stay fit. This motivational wallpaper can be handy for people who want to be reminded to wake up early and start working out. The overall theme of the wallpaper is set upon fitness. From the design point of view, the wallpaper is very simple. It just uses a white background with the words written on it. 

Right in the center, the words “wake up and workout” are written. The overall theme is very bright and white, making this motivational wallpaper fill your life with positivity.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Wake Up & Workout"

12. Adobe Stock – Impossible Becomes “Possible”

This motivational wallpaper may come across as a very classic wallpaper. It breaks down the word “Impossible” into “Possible.” The visual representation of this message is shown through a person kicking the letters I and M down the cliff so that now only the word possible remains. It signifies how you need to remove hurdles to make things possible.

The entire design is set up through black silhouettes. In the background, we can see a sun setting which makes this wallpaper look very beautiful.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Impossible Becomes "Possible"

13. Adobe Stock – “BE BRAVE”

Sometimes, all we need in life is a strong affirmation to stay positive and keep working on our goals and be brave in the midst of difficult circumstances. Many people would like to have this affirmation as their desktop wallpaper to get them through the day.

In this image, we see scrabble letters used to create the two encouraging words “Be Brave”. The standout part of the image is its background. Colorful stripes are used to create a very good pattern upon which these scrabble letters are placed.

25 Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "BE BRAVE"

14. Shutterstock – “Self Care Isn’t Selfish”

A lot of people even today consider self-care as a selfish act. They feel that if they spend some time or resources on themselves, it is wrong. This is very untrue. This motivational wallpaper tries to convey this feeling.

We can see that on a notepad, the words “Self-care isn’t selfish” are written on it. The overall setup is of a table with a leaf and a coffee cup. There is a lot of dead space, allowing designers to use this image to add additional content or text. 

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Self Care Isn't Selfish"

15. Shutterstock – Image Of Bruce Lee Desktop Wallpaper

Many find Bruce Lee highly motivational, and given his achievements, there is no doubt about it. Using such legendary people as motivational wallpapers is a good way of being inspired. This wallpaper has the image of Bruce Lee as a cartoon or caricature image. Besides the image, there is a lot of dead space. You can use this space to add his quotes or other motivational statements. 

This image can be used for creating very meaningful and profound wallpapers. The good part is that it has a dark brownish-red background which can be easily extended if needed.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Image Of Bruce Lee Desktop Wallpaper

16. Adobe Stock – “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”

This motivational wallpaper is very simple and the phrase “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” are displayed in a neon light installation over a black brick wall. These motivational words are very powerful and they can be used for inspiring people to stand up even after failing. They need to stand up for what they believe in or stand up and start taking control of their lives.

From the design point of view, the neon lights make the words easily readable. In addition, the background is simple and has a good wall texture which makes the image overall visually appealing.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight"

17. Adobe Stock – “Make This Day Great”

This motivational desktop wallpaper has a very good positive thought in it. Here we see the phrase “Make this day great” written on a lit-up display. The display is put up on a wooden table and the background is kept blurry with hints of purple. 

notice the letters of the phrase are displayed with various colors, making the wallpaper look very vibrant. In addition, because of the motivational words, the wallpaper instills a lot of positivity in the viewer. 

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Make This Day Great"

18. Envato – Ladders Towards Clouds & Light Bulb Idea Image

Not all motivational wallpapers need to have words in them. Sometimes an image conveying an excellent inspirational idea can prove to be enough. This is the case with this motivational wallpaper. It consists of three ladders and one bulb at the top.

There are clouds around the bulb, against a good blue background, and appears all the elements are made out of paper cutouts. The whole idea conveyed in this wallpaper is that you will always make progress if you have the right idea and the right will to keep on climbing upwards.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022:  Ladders Towards Clouds & Light Bulb Idea Image

19. DepositPhotos – “Be Happy” Wallpaper Image

Sometimes, we need simple words that can light up our day. “Be happy” are just two words but is very profoundly influential. All our lives, actions, and thoughts are in some way or another directed to us to make us happy. If we are happy, we can create an environment of happiness and joy for other people.

The two words set up here are in a speech bubble on white background. The background color used for the main image is lime yellow. There are certain vector elements sprinkled across the design. The contrasting colors allow the words to stand out nicely.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Be Happy" Wallpaper Image

20. Shutterstock – “Everyday Is A Fresh Start”

The concept of new beginnings has always motivated people. This inspirational wallpaper tries to capture this idea in a nice visual way. In this image, we see a landscape view with clouds, mountains, and the setting sun.

The sentence, “Every day is a fresh start,” is written on top of it and the words are written in bold, capitalized letters

The idea of this wallpaper is that whatever your history may be, it doesn’t matter. What we start doing today is what matters.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Everyday Is A Fresh Start"

21. DepositPhotos – Woman Working Out

This motivational wallpaper is another example of how a simple image can instill the right amount of inspiration in us. The image is an outstanding photograph, where we can see a woman working on her fitness. The photograph captures the woman in the middle of performing an exercise. The background is of a gray wall. 

The overall impression of the image is of passion, energy, and motivation. This can be used as motivational wallpaper for people trying hard to get fit.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Woman Working Out

22. Adobe Stock – “Give Thanks”

Gratitude is a significant value but very seldomly used; we need to practice gratitude as much as possible. This motivational wallpaper is a strong combination of different elements which get together to convey the message. Dices with letters are used to create the “Give Thanks”.

The idea conveyed is straightforward. We should always thank people for whatever they do by using this image as our desktop wallpaper to be repeatedly reminded about expressing gratitude. 

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: "Give Thanks"

23. Adobe Stock – “Stop Stopping Yourself”

The success story of all great people has something in common: they do not stop themselves. Self-belief is very powerful. There will always be times when the going gets tough, and people start doubting you, but you should not give up. Instead, you should always believe in yourself, your goals, and your potential. It is only then you’ll be able to succeed in whatever you’re doing.

This motivational wallpaper captures the spirit in a nice visual manner. The image is on a mint green background with a handwritten inscription along with calligraphy stating the phrase, “Stop stopping yourself.” Because of the simplicity of the image. It can be easily applied like wallpaper. 

24. Shutterstock – Usain Bolt Wallpaper

Just like Bruce Lee, Usain Bolt is a highly motivational figure. This wallpaper uses the iconic image of Bolt during the London Olympics, where he won the medal. There is a lot of space on the right side for you to add his quotes.  

That way you can make the wallpaper convey different messages. The legendary image of Usain Bolt, the powerful quote, and the simple background make the wallpaper visually appealing.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Usain Bolt Wallpaper

25. Shutterstock – Stand Out, Be Different

Even though this image is crumpled paper signifying creative concepts, the image can be used as a motivational wallpaper that puts across an excellent thought. Even without the use of words, it is able to convey a lot of things.

Different paper balls are set up on a monochrome blue background. There is a white bulb that is emitting light on a yellow paper ball. 

The idea of the image is that you need to stand out and then the spotlight will be on you. This motivational wallpaper pushes you to work harder and put more effort into whatever you’re doing.

Free Motivational Wallpapers to have for 2022: Stand Out, Be Difference


Finding the right motivation depends from person to person. Some may want positive affirmations, and Some may want inspirational quotes or just simple photographs that can inspire them. This blog collates 25 beautiful and motivational wallpapers. All of them are free to use, but as mentioned, with Adobe Stock and Shutterstock you will get 10 free images with a trial subscription.

You can download high-resolution versions of them to ensure that they look perfect as your wallpaper. The key is that all these motivational thoughts and affirmations will help you achieve your goal. We hope that the new year brings in new aspirations and instills a new sense of energy in you toward achieving them.

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