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Finding free vectors is always in demand among graphic designers because let’s face it, most of us are on a budget. In general, getting a hold of high-resolution vectors that are free, is not always an easy task. However, if you’re looking for old school, or old-world images, vectors, and illustrations, we have you covered in this list of 20 high-resolution free retro and vintage vectors.

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Retro and vintage images evoke the emotion of nostalgia and can inspire a mass of people quickly because they can connect with them emotionally. In addition, they are timeless and grab attention in no time at all. Furthermore, these designs are perfect for graphic designers who want to produce visionary and appealing designs that make their graphic design projects stand out.

Simply put, these retro and vintage vector images are fun and far from boring!

What’s The Difference Between Retro & Vintage?

The terms vintage and retro are often used interchangeably and have some overlay; however, the words possess different meanings.

  • Retro refers to the design style trends of a previous era. Generally, it is 20 to 30 years before the present time.
  • In contrast, vintage design refers to an item, style, art, or trend of good quality craftsmanship characteristic of a specific period or from an artist and is between 40 and 100 years old.

Editors Note

As mentioned, finding excellent quality and free retro and vintage vectors can be a challenge. The combination of free and high-resolution don’t always go together.

Therefore, it’s important to note that with a trial subscription you can download 10 of these images, absolutely free, from each of the following stock image platforms below, which would be a total of 20 free vector images:

To us, it’s a no-brainer to get this type of high-resolution quality that will cost nothing if you take Adobe Stock and Shutterstock for a test drive so to speak. Now it’s time to start viewing the list we put together for our readers of 20 free retro and vintage vectors…

1. Vintage Design with Fully Editable & Scalable Features

For our first image, here’s an elegant design example of a vintage text effect from Adobe Stock. This design is fully editable, where you can change words, fonts, and sizes very quickly and with ease. The background has a beautiful red gradient (a little bit of orange), and the fonts are in beige, which stands out significantly. This one is a piece of cake for anyone who wants to use a vintage-themed design without any pictures and highlight their text effect. You can download this image from the given link and use it right away.

20 Free Retro and Vintage Vectors: Vintage Design with Fully Editable & Scalable Features

2. Beautiful Vector Layered Vintage Labels

Above is a beautiful set of 8 free vectors layered vintage labels from Adobe stock. This image is an excellent combination of retro and vintage for designers. Vectors are highly scalable, and you can use them without losing the quality of the original image. These intricately designed labels are available in unique blue and red colors, and you can even recolor them easily. You can create fantastic sticker printing or use part of the designs for your next project and create a masterpiece by using these labels. Each label uses a distinctive pattern, making them unique. These designs can be used in many types of your projects, from websites and vintage logos to custom apparel designs.

20 Free Retro and Vintage Vectors: Beautiful Vector Layered Vintage Labels

3. Free California Retro & Vintage Vector With A 70’s And 80’s Flair

Here we present another simple yet effective Adobe stock image with vector text effects and retro, vintage inspiration. This image is very subtle, with bold colors and stylish fonts. Another advantage is that the design is fully editable and scalable, and hence you can tweak this design as per your choice without compromising its quality. You can make your contemporary design with this vintage image’s look and feel, which never goes out of style. The blue gradient in the background contrasts with the font color, giving the text excellent depth. 

20 Free Retro and Vintage Vectors: Free California Retro & Vintage Vector With A 70's And 80's Flair

4. Vintage Typographic Design Elements

Typographic elements are always in high demand as designers look for creative ways to display their text. This element collection from Shutterstock is highly resourceful. It contains over 20 vintage-styled typographic elements. This includes labels, borders, separators, and even fancy patterns. You can use the elements or consider a mix-and-match approach. Either way, this design asset is good to have in your collection.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Vintage Typographic Design Elements

5. Retro Vintage Text Effect & Sun Themed Image

Do you want to create a long-lasting impact on the viewer without putting in much effort? Then, this one could be a perfect choice for you from Adobe Stock. Retro designs are popular with people already familiar with the style and those experiencing these designs for the first time. This one can make your designs more recognizable and remembered for a long time. A stunning design of red color strokes with a write-up in the circle is a smart choice to give the right retro feel. Here again, you get full liberty of modifying words, fonts, and sizes in the image.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Retro Vintage Text Effect & Sun Themed Image

6. Multicolored Vintage Posters With a Space Theme

Explore your creative side with this colorful vintage poster set based on the space theme. This design is vintage yet consciously modern. It is compelling and unusual with the use of space-themed objects such as rockets, planets, and the images of astronauts standing over the moon. Further, you can create an impact as if you are taking the viewer to travel in a different world. The good part is that you can use this image in bits and pieces, yet it will look impressive. Because they are in vector format, you can easily pick the poster you like and scale it up to the size you want to print in.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Multicolored Vintage Posters with Space Theme

7. Set of Vintage Labels With Motor Company Theme

This set of motor-company-themed labels from Adobe Stock is perfect for any designer who wants to add a vintage look to their project. They are fully responsive and can be used for multiple purposes. In addition, you can effortlessly execute your ideas while using one or more labels from the collection, as they all represent separate identities. All labels are multicolored with different font and logo effects. One can pull off a nostalgic feeling amongst the viewers while using the animal prints and bikers with these designs. 

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Set of Vintage Labels with Motor Company Theme

8. Set Of Seamless Patterns In Vintage Paisley Style

Here is one more masterpiece from Adobe Stock which has both retro and vintage theme inspirations. In addition, this design has excellent color options of vibrant green, blue, yellow, red, pink, and more. Moreover, the paisley designs resembling floral work are another beautiful part of these patterns. Paisley pattern has been popular amongst designers for ages because of their versatility. These seamless retro patterns are visually appealing and perfect for graphic designers to use in their projects. While they make good background images, they can also print gift wrappers or wallpapers.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Set Of Seamless Patterns In Vintage Paisley Style

9. Mega Set of 10 Vector Layered Vintage Labels

If you want to give your audience a good visual retro experience, then Shutterstock has one outstanding design asset. This mega set of vector-layered vintage labels is available in a combination of golden, blue, and black. Because you get access to the open file, you can easily change the text in the middle. Additionally, vector graphics give these labels an appealing look. You can use these patterns and create a noticeable design using vivid colors for your packaging projects.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Mega Set of 10 Vector Layered Vintage Labels

10. Restaurant Menu Design with Chalk Drawing

This Shutterstock image gives a vintage influence and is suitable for designers looking for food-relevant ideas. The design asset has a beer restaurant menu drawn with vintage white chalk. Additionally, it has illustrations of beer, coffee, french fries, seafood, and more food-related elements. Graphic artists can use the simplicity of this design that can never go outdated. It is an ideal example of food options depicted with their images, and you can use them in multiple projects. Because the layout is already done and looks good, all you have to do is flow your menu items, and you will have a retro-style menu ready for print in no time.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Restaurant Menu Design with Chalk Drawing

11. Vintage Transportation Signs Collection Of Car Services

This Shutterstock collection is eye-catching, especially for vintage car lovers. It contains a vector poster illustration that includes classic cars, garages, car washes, car sales, gas stations, car services, auto parts, and premium gas services in multiple colors. In addition, this old-school design comes with powerful features. You can effortlessly scale it up or down in no time. Additionally, it utilizes trends and characteristics of the past and thus is a perfect way of incorporating retro and vintage effects into your next design project.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Vintage Transportation Signs Collection Of Car Services

12. Retro Coffee Shop Of Metal Signs, Vector Collection

Coffee designs are loved by many, and one such is available to use on Shutterstock. This design is a coffee shop retro metal signs collection with vintage coffee label templates. It gives a warm and familiar feeling to the viewers. Further, it evokes a retro mood with the old rustic coffee mug images. This template comprises various posters showing coffee banners in different color combinations. You can customize any of the templates featured in this design and create your very own vintage art.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Retro Coffee Shop Of Metal Signs, Vector Collection

13. Elegantly Framed Luxurious Design With Antique Typography

This design from Adobe Stock has an elegant frame, luxurious old design, and antique typography border. Additionally, it has a decorative border and isolated vector symbols set. You can also move, resize, and change the color of vector graphics. It is an example of mixing eras and stylistic connections to construct a modern result. These features make this simple design user-friendly for your following projects whenever you need vintage-style borders or separators.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Elegantly Framed Luxurious Design With Antique Typography

14. Vintage-Inspired Symbols And Icons Of The 1950s

This Adobe Stock image incorporates elements motivated by a 1950s-style retro and vintage theme. Each one comes with distinct colors, fonts, and yellow-brown borders. It is loaded with remembrances, but it still feels neat and proficient for graphic artists. The first style depicts a space theme with moon and star objects. The second is with an old tv set of 50s style and antenna designs. Further, the third is about a collection of different symbols. Graphic designers can use even a part of an entire set to create modern designs that emulate these older designs.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Vintage-Inspired Symbols And Icons Of The 1950's

15. Vintage Set Of Brewing Company Hop Cone Labels Illustration

If you are looking for a good template for a brewing company logo, this Adobe Stock image will be a good choice. This set consists of retro labels of brewing companies with a vector illustration. They are not loud but still engaging. In addition, they are marked by a monochromatic color scheme that uses characteristic fonts and vector effects. It remains a go-to choice for simple design lovers.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Vintage Set Of Brewing Company Hop Cone Labels Illustration

16. Vintage Race Car Print Poster With “Old School” Text

Nothing can go wrong with this Shutterstock poster with the vintage race car. It can transport the viewer back to earlier times and make them feel happy. This poster consists of an old-school racing car in vibrant blue and red with a yellow background. Additionally, it is a refreshing contrast against the modern design. So you can go a bit quirky and use this in your next project and evoke the right emotions of nostalgia in the users.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Vintage Race Car Print Poster With "Old School" Text

17. Old School Endurance Moto Race Poster

If the above image was of a car, then this image is of a motorbike. This old-school race poster from Shutterstock gives a nostalgic feeling to the viewers from top to bottom. This poster is ideal for designers who want to incorporate a retro and vintage theme into their projects with bold orange and contrast grey combinations. If your core audience is a vintage fan, then usage of this will be a sure shot of success. The fonts used and the use of bright colors make this poster eye-catchy.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Old School Endurance Moto Race Poster

18. Hand-Drawn Set Of Vintage Toys On Old Paper

Who can not fall in love with a design that involves toys in them? This Shutterstock image is a hand-drawn set of vintage toys with vector background effects on old vintage paper. It shows teddy bears, a rocking horse, a soldier, a toy train, a drum with drumsticks, a trumpet, and a top in various colors. You can use either one or an entire set and make a delightful design and make your audience feel childlike and have a fabulous view. 

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Hand-drawn Set Of Vintage Toys On Old Paper

19. Free Vintage Car Services Retro Vector Posters

These Shutterstock posters will help add that little extra emotion to your creations. They show rapid city taxi service posters, vintage car fest, car shopping, and car service facilities. This set of posters is a classic retro collection of automobile-related designs. It can help all graphic designers looking for posters containing various options. This design has bold fonts and colorful images, giving it a perfect retro vibe.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: Free Vintage Car Services Retro Vector Posters

20. 1970’s And 1980s Retro Vibes Style Free Vector

Do you want your design to reflect retro vibes? Then, this Shutterstock cover has it all. It comes with the 70s and 80s glitch style with a VHS cover effect. The old and rusty background with multicolored lines stands out cluttered with dulled designs in the modern world. Further, its ragged yet bold look is excellent for any project needing a retro touch. Moreover, VHS and glitch effects make it more old-fashioned compared to other designs. You can quickly modify the editable file to fit your design.

20 Free Retro & Vintage Vectors: 1970's And 1980's Retro Vibes Style Free Vector


Retro and vintage images never go out of fashion. We are witnessing a strong trend where designers are using these styles to evoke customer responses through nostalgia. Due to this popular trend, it’s good to have access to a trusted source for free vector and image resources. So, bookmarking this page would be a wise choice. 

As a final reminder, you can have all 20 of these free retro and vintage vectors after signing up for a trial subscription with Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. Yes, you keep the free images even if you discontinue your subscription – Enjoy!

Tip: The Adobe Stock subscription is already included with the Adobe Express and Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions.

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