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24 Creative And Effective Book Cover Designs

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“Never judge a book by its cover” is the way the saying goes. But the cover is the image in front of the content that attracts readers in the first place.

We have compiled a list of 24 book cover designs that will grab your attention instantly. Some of them are extremely simple, and some are a little more complex. But it just goes to show, it doesn’t take a heavy design to attract a reader, it just takes a good thoughtful idea.

Color also plays a big role in making a book cover eye catching. A black and white book cover can stand out more than one with every possible color in it, because of the way the colors are used.

If you have any more cover designs you wish to share with us, please feel free to drop in a comment.

The Craftsman Book Cover Designs

This book cover was created for The Craftsman book, written by Richard Sennett. It is surely a crafty design!

The brief history of the dead by Kevin Brockmeier Book Cover Designs

This spooky cover was designed for the book “The brief history of the dead” by Kevin Brockmeier.

Good Book by David Plotz Book Cover Designs

This is an interesting book cover for “Good Book” by David Plotz. Good Book is about the bizarre, disturbing, yet marvelous and inspiring things the author learned when reading the Bible.

Can they do that by Lewis Maltby Book Cover Designs

This is a very fun and creative book cover created for “Can they do that” by Lewis Maltby.

Suiza constructiva Book Cover Designs

I personally love minimalist and modern book cover designs. This is one such example created for the book “Suiza constructiva”.

365 Alphabets cross stich all through the year.

This is a beautiful design for a children book – 365 Alphabets cross stitch all through the year.

Munchen Official Olympics Results book

This is a cool, abstract book cover design created for the Munchen Official Olympics Results book.

A General Theory of Love Book Cover Designs

This is a minimalist, photography background book cover design, created for “A General Theory of Love”.

cool print/vector illustrations

 This book cover is a great source of inspiration for cool print/vector illustrations.

 bright yellow colored book

 It’s all about typography with this bright yellow colored book cover design.

  book cover design

This is a bit unusual, but it’s pretty creative as a book cover design.

typography as its main elementCover Designs

This is another great example of a book cover design that uses typography as its main element.

Devil in the DetailsCover Designs

The “Devil in the Details” book by Jennifer Traig has an awesome design concept. Also, it’s colorful and will attract the readers’ attention.

how to use vectors in creating a book cover design

This is a cool example of how to use vectors in creating a book cover design. It may be a little too abstract though.

 The Language of GraphicsCover Designs

The Language of Graphics has a very creative book cover design which emphasizes the typography element.

Animal Farm book by George OrwellCover Designs

The famous Animal Farm book by George Orwell has a beautiful, vintage cover design with red accents.

super-creative book cover design

This is a super-creative book cover design with a book in the book kind of concept.

 angled text Cover Designs

This book cover design has an interesting photograph used in the design. Also, the angled text plays an important part.

contents page on the cover

This is a very unusual book design which displays its contents page on the cover.

  Then we came to an end - by Joshua FerrisCover Designs

Then we came to an end – by Joshua Ferris has a cool design concept with a design made out of stickers.

simple and clean book cover design

This is a simple and clean book cover design with an abstract colors element on the cover.

 futuristic book cover

This futuristic book cover has a very nice, colorful element which looks like a stylized atom.

The Ecco Book of Christmas StoriesCover Designs

 The Ecco Book of Christmas Stories is a compilation book with a very cool, minimalist cover design – a Christmas tree made out of the authors’ names.

green book cover

This unusual, all green book cover has a cool concept design, which can surely inspire you!

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12 thoughts on “24 Creative And Effective Book Cover Designs”

  1. Judging a book by its cover may not be a good thing to do.

    However, these designs truly make a promise that good things are waiting to be revealed as you flip through the pages.

  2. Dear all,

    Who would like to offer graphical suggestions for a book cover…?
    Title is: Mr. Norman’s Musical Go Overs.

    Thanks & regards,

    Norman from Malta

  3. These are interesting. They always say not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that most people still do, so the cover really should be interesting and draw some attention, at least for the book’s sake. These are great though, I especially liked the one about the dead. Great design!

  4. Brief history of the dead : Pure coolness, which I could do that.

    City Of Tiny Lights : Reminds me of the posters on the ceiling at my dentist.
    He replaced them every month he said. Those posters and his assistent made me wish I could go for a checkup each month.

    365 Alphabets Cross Stitch : Reminds me of when I was 10, during handicraft lesson we had to swap crafts with the girls. I believe my mum still has it hidden in a secret place.

    Lovely subject. Really enjoyed it.


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