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That time of the year is right around the corner when elaborate costumes and spooky signage grace the streets. Not only is Halloween the holiday that brings out the spooky in everyone, but what makes it iconic is the vivid and graphic symbolism. Flying witches, pumpkins, spiders, and brooms usually denote Halloween’s arrival; however, it is always more interesting to incorporate new and exciting graphics in your designs during Halloween to make them more unique and fresh.

It is always an added benefit to keep your website/blog updated with the holidays, events, and occasions relevant to your product or service. Alongside this, your brand’s offline presence should also match these events to have a relatable appeal to the audience. If you are in a hurry to design a brochure for the Halloween sale, or maybe put up a weekly banner for the Halloween week but have no time to create it, we want to say – we hear you!

Here is a curated collection of some fantastic free Halloween vectors that could lift your online or offline game. You can download these gorgeous graphics and create your Halloween designs instantly.

1. Halloween Vector Free #1224342:

Halloween Vector Free #1224342

The most iconic symbols that portray Halloween have got to be the pumpkins. A melange of 9 pumpkins with different facial expressions, this graphic can be used as it is or broken down into singular pumpkin images and used separately. It gives out the perfect Halloween vibe, and combining it with some more graphics could turn out to be a great Halloween story. Free to download and recommended for personal use, this Halloween vector is simple, linear, and at the same time, fun!

2. Halloween Vector Free #1224354:

Halloween Vector Free #1224354

While most of you are looking for tiny vectors, here is one that could thoroughly entice you into going big! All the Halloween elements combined into one graphic are a maximalist approach and a great mixture of it all. You could use this graphic for personal use and create greeting cards or invites for the Halloween party! Just make sure to choose a spooky font that compliments the mood of this free Halloween vector.

3. Halloween banner funny stylized icons classical design:

Halloween banner funny stylized icons classical design

This set of funny Halloween icons is a fun way to lighten up the spooky mood. If you own a kids wear brand or have any connection to child-oriented products and services, this free Halloween vector could be an attractive choice. You could easily make your webpage look ten times more approachable and trendy. The fantastic color combination brings out the essence of Halloween, but at the same time, it is far more fun than any other grave Halloween decorations! This graphic is free for both commercial and personal use.

4. Halloween design elements bats icons silhouette design Free vector:

Halloween design elements bats icons silhouette design Free vector

Require several bats to create animation effects? We got it covered for you! Here is a free Halloween vector with numerous versions of bats that could create smooth animation effects using Adobe After Effects or any other animation software. What’s more – you also get to choose from numerous styles of bats and use the one that suits your graphic and message the best!

5. Halloween poster wizard skull tombs icons silhouette style:

Halloween poster wizard skull tombs icons silhouette style

Here’s an easy way out for those who are late to send out the invites this year! This free Halloween vector says it all right on the cover. Establishing a spooky, almost luring site, this vector looks excellent as a print on greeting cards, as invites, or even put up on the website as an opening screen! It is free for both commercial and personal use. It has an almost vintage vibe about it that makes you go back to the era when posters would be hand-painted. Not only does it portray the very essence of Halloween – with the witch and a graveyard – but it also, very smartly, embodies the pumpkin faces.

6. Halloween banner scary characters icons cartoon design Free vector:

Halloween banner scary characters icons cartoon design Free vector

Another super exciting take on free Halloween vectors; this poster is everything that could get you excited for the festival! Right from the cartoon interpretations of famous characters like Dracula, a walking mummy, and Frankenstein, this vector is free and fun. It comes with an Adobe Illustrator file that can be used to make amends in the graphic and then used the way that would suit you. It is an enticing poster for kids and young teens, given its fun illustrative style.

7. Set of Happy Halloween Vectors:

Set of Happy Halloween Vectors

Typography is an absolute key when it comes to captivating visuals. Nothing could go wrong with a beautifully placed font that shouts the cause more than anything. This free Halloween vector gives you the choice of selecting a Happy Halloween text message from a gorgeous set of 6. Not only that, but it also brings along the excitement about the festival. You can easily crop and palace this vector on your website or use it for printing out gorgeous greeting cards. Nothing could ever go wrong with beautiful typography!

8. Halloween Vector Set:

Halloween Vector Set

For all those who love 3D illustrations, this free Halloween vector is all you need. An excellent composition of some gorgeously illustrated Halloween graphics, this vector is used in any way you want. It is free to download, and all you have to do is log in to the website to avail of free downloads. The striking feature of this particular graphic is – hands-down – the beautiful color scheme. A melange of autumn colors, with the perfect elements from the Halloween festival, you can use this vector for both personal and commercial use.

9. Halloween Vector Set 83370:

Halloween Vector Set 83370

This set of beautifully illustrated Halloween vectors is a perfect fit for those who believe in composing their posters by creating a collage of vectors. Given the stunning color scheme, the most striking quality of this set is that it accounts for both fun and spooky effects. It is free for both commercial as well as personal use and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator. You can either download the .eps file or the .jpeg version depending on your need and want.

10. Cute Halloween day concept illustration:

Cute Halloween day concept illustration

A little different than your usual Halloween vectors, this one has a narrative in the background. With the ghosts peeping into the doorways, it is far more enticing and captivating than any other graphic. The color scheme fits the occasion perfectly well, and it’s a fantastic free Halloween vector graphic to introduce into your website or on physical brochures. Slightly more lenient towards a fantasy end, this graphic would catch your viewers’ attention and give you the expected result for your product or service!

11. Jack O’Lantern frame on purple background vector:

Jack O_Lantern frame on purple background vector

This minimal design is flexible to any and every way you’d want to use it. Given its direct nature at the center, a fair amount of text or a simple typographic text in the center could immediately elevate your design’s look. The purple brings out the spooky feelings and evokes the fantasy, while the contrasting orange pumpkins make for a significant Halloween element. This free Halloween vector is also available for commercial and personal use, and you may incorporate it by amending the arrangement of features.

12. Free Halloween Vector Set:

Free Halloween Vector Set

If you’re going for a slightly vintage, spooky vibe, this set of free Halloween vectors is the perfect match for you. Borrowing Halloween elements far more haunting and unusual than mere spiders and apparitions, this set has grunge, almost comical feel about it. You could isolate each vector and use it independently as a stand-alone, or you could combine a few of them to create a composition. The monochromatic line drawings have an individual eerie feel to them that only makes it much more suitable for the occasion of Halloween.

13. Scary Zombie Face Vector Graphics:

Scary Zombie Face Vector Graphics

While looking for costumes and masks for Halloween can get tiresome and challenging, you could always create your looks. Here is a gorgeous free Halloween vector that can easily complement a few drops of cherry juice for blood. This vector can be printed on thick cardboard sheets and worn as a mask for kids. Not only is the gruesome look of the zombie scary, but something about the beautiful illustration makes it much more authentic. If you wish to use this vector graphic on your website or any other design, you can easily do so, given the two different angles that the illustration very well portrays.

14. Free Zombie Cat Vector Graphics:

Free Zombie Cat Vector Graphics

For all those cat-lovers out there who love to put up cat-theme parties at every possible occasion, this free Halloween vector is definitely for you. With a slightly more comic-oriented style, this graphic has every bit of Halloween element in it – a cat zombie ready to rip your skull, dark purple skies, and a deserted town. This vector is free for personal and commercial use and is available to download via the given link. Not only does it prove to be a fantastic graphic for a Halloween party, but given its mysterious nature, one could use it for any costume or theme party and make the most out of it!

15. Flat design background for Halloween Free Vector:

Flat design background for halloween Free Vector

Nothing could go wrong with a minimal design that has a subtle relevance to the event or occasion. With a free Halloween vector as this one, you could put the graphic in the background of your website banner, with some cool typography or the key message on top of it. When it comes to printing or offline use, you could always create Halloween’s ambiance using simple and easy graphics like this. What’s more – this free vector could complement any color scheme, given the prominent orange and black Halloween combination!

16. Ghosts on the cemetery, old graveyard at night Free Vector:

Ghosts on cemetery, old graveyard at dark night Free Vector

A slightly different take than your usual Halloween vector graphics, this one is way more eerie and cynical looking. A blue moonlit night over a cemetery with ghostly apparitions lurking amidst definitely could scare the life off of anyone. To make it more believable, you could always add slightly creepy audio to your website’s background and make it much more Halloween-y. The monochromatic color scheme that focuses on every shade of deadly blue compliments the illustration in a way that you would love it, but at the same time dread being at the place. What more do you need for Halloween!

17. Grunge Halloween border Free Vector:

Grunge halloween border Free Vector

This is another achromatic free Halloween vector that could make an impact. Given it’s a black and white design style, you could pair this with absolutely any color scheme on your website/brochure/invite or even as a background for a party. Somehow, the image gives off a negative photo film’s vibe that only makes it spookier and Halloween worthy. If you wish to scare off your audience, what could be more effective than a black and white poster for Halloween!

18. Witch Vector:

Witch Vector

This vector is everything that a feminine brand would require on Halloween. It is chic and sophisticated, a little comical – which means it could be used for kidswear as well, and it makes a statement with the color scheme. You could download this free Halloween vector and use it for both commercial and personal reasons. It could look great on a party invite or as an animation on your website. A lot more can be done with the graphic, given it’s PNG nature, and you could involve a lot of other elements from different vectors to combine and create a more massive collage.

So these are a few free Halloween vectors that you could use for both online and offline purposes. What’s more, you could always download a set of these vectors and combine them as per your designs’ requirement and create beautiful collages for Halloween. Not only would that make your design unique and authentic, but also give you an edge over others. Here’s an extra tip – combine useful vectors with great music, and you would ace the game for sure!

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