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20 Stunning Free Social Media Images, Graphics & Vectors

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Social media is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Every day we come across hundreds of social media images. It has overwhelmed the attention of most living people today. In addition, social media helps to connect with potential customers to achieve a specific business goal.

As per the latest report from Statista, “Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.” That’s impressive considering the fact that there are over 7 billion people on the planet.

Social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more are getting extreme popularity and a source of inspiration for many. However, these platforms are mainly visual-based, designing, and social media images are integral to any post.

With appropriate images, you can make your post fascinating and engaging. Moreover, it is an effective mode of communication that can influence the viewers and increase the frontage of the brands. Therefore, creative designs with the help of social media templates are one of the best ways of promoting brands and with the help of these free social media images, you’ll be set to make a great impression.

Furthermore, graphic designers can experiment with many new ideas in the combination of social media and images. With the internet flooding with various options, we have come up with 20 stunning free social media images for download.

You can select your suitable image without wasting additional time, create stylish designs, and use it for businesses, campaigns, agencies, companies, or corporates. While some of the images are completely royalty-free downloads, others may require a trial subscription to receive 10 free images such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

1. Smart Phone On Wooden Table Social Media Icons

First on our list is a Shutterstock image with a white smartphone on a wooden table. The phone is emitting holographic images of social media-related icons. Further, it contains a city background that is blurred. This image is helpful for designers who want to show established public relations through social media networks. For example, the icons of music, messaging, meetings, globe, download, conversation chat are some tools characterizing business relationships.

Shutterstock Smart Phone On Wooden Table Social Media Icons

2. Square Web Banners Social Media Templates

A complete social media post template from Adobe stock featuring square post design of pots in beautiful layouts. These images are aesthetically pleasing and can be used in home decor options or the new furniture launch. These nine templates can accommodate many images and post content with specialized placeholders. Moreover, it has sizes for all popular social networks. The indoor plants have multiple design options and can be edited easily. Some designers can also use it to publicize the “go green” theme.

About Adobe Stock

Most of us have heard of Adobe and the giant graphic design software company also has a premium platform for graphics, images, vectors, and more which is called Adobe Stock. They are one of the best industry leaders, that provide outstanding software applications, with state-of-the-art technology, for the web and graphic designers.

They also have great promotions and discounts available that most don’t even hear about on products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and their impressive Creative Cloud. If you’ve always wanted an Adobe product, it might be worth looking into now.

Adobe Stock Square Web Banners For Social Media Layout Templates

3. Blue Modern Digital Marketing Facebook Cover

This blue modern Facebook cover by Canva specializes in “Our Services” and can be used in digital marketing and other related business applications. It is available in size 1640 × 924 px. This template is a smart choice for designers who want to show essential featured services of startups or established businesses. The Blue and white colors used in this image reflect professionalism, and the photo in the background promises the quality of services. Furthermore, this image is 100% fully customizable. You can edit, download, magically re-size it and unite in real-time. 

What Is Canva?

If you’re wondering what Canva is, it’s a free online-based graphic design application that beginners and professionals use. They provide a free option as well as a premium paid option to access millions of graphic design resources. You can easily create and schedule social media posts, create flyers, posters, banners, presentations, and much more.

Canva Blue Modern Our Services Digital Marketing Facebook Cover

4. Women Astronauts and Scientists

Are you struggling with the ideas of space or science-related design? We have arrived with a fantastic image by Vecteezy that includes a scientist woman and astronaut woman and comes in a free vector. Further, this is a rare image that comprises women instead of general ones. All four images depict different themes where you can see the woman doing science experiments and going to space being an astronaut. The purple background adds a special touch to this template. This design is flexible and easy for campaigns or projects requiring scientific research work or space themes.

Vecteezy Scientists Woman And Astronaut Woman Social Media Post

5. Social Media Vector Banner Background

This template from Deposit photos is a good social media image beaming with radiant color options. The triangular shapes give it a modern and elegant touch. Graphic designers and creative artists can use this design to promote new product launches. Moreover, they can incorporate business services as an attraction and design in this template. It is a continuous vector design with good typography and picture addition options.

Depositphotos Social Media Vector Banner Background Illustration

6. Social Media Network Concept Vector

Do you want to promote your brand by showing its networking capabilities? Then, here is a perfect solution to your requirement. This excellent network concept vector by Deposit photos shows the white background, connecting humans in a chain form. The designers can utilize this image to show the business network and global reach. It can also be used as a hero image for the contact us page on the website. 

Depositphotos Social Media Network Concept Vector

7. Trendy Abstract Square Art Template

This Shutterstock template is a trendy abstract square art design suitable for social media images, banner designs, advertising campaigns, etc. It is easy to modify the content with a vector fashion background without compromising the resolution factor. You can use this template for product promotions, collection launches, seasonal product brandings, and more. It has all you need to create an ultra-sleek clean design to post to any of your favorite social media platforms. This template is available in EPS format and 13.3 × 3.6 in 300 dpi size. 

Shutterstock Trendy Abstract Square Art Template

8. Colorful Geometric Gradient Shapes Vector

Vecteezy has provided another brilliant template having colorful geometric background. Moreover, it has gradient motion shapes composition, making it distinctive from usual images. Designers can easily customize this image by switching up fonts, colors, logos, photos and reflecting their brand image. However, this template is ideal for bloggers and influencers who do not specialize in designing. They can also make changes as per their choice and post them to various social media handles. This design’s vivid colors and simplicity can attract people’s attention and be widely used to highlight your agenda. 

Vecteezy Colorful Geometric Gradient Shapes Vector

9. Luxury Business Cover With Abstract Decoration

Designers can use this black and gold cover template from Deposit photos for personal and commercial purposes according to the requirement. It comes with a luxury business cover background with abstract decoration. Moreover, it has halftone gradients, geometric shapes, and 3D vector illustrations. This modern, minimal banner is available for download in high-resolution quality up to 5894×4168 and in EPS file format. It serves as a perfect choice for progressive thinkers of the fashion industry and jewelry, music, and art-related brands as it evokes an edgy vibe.

Depositphotos Luxury Business Cover With Abstract Decoration

10. Medical & Healthcare Social Media Template Vector

The medical and healthcare sectors have been trending on social media recently. Therefore, designers are often required to create designs related to medical equipment, specialty hospital services, etc. Shutterstock has provided a suitable template to serve the requirement of social media images of the healthcare sector. This design template is a free vector, and anyone can use this design easily. It is available in the EPS format and 16.7 × 6.7 inches in 300 dpi size. Template specializes in adding multiple contents with advanced placeholders.

Shutterstock Medical & Healthcare Social Media Template Vector

11. Social Media Marketing Template

Do you want to connect social posts to opportunities? Do you want to nurture leads and create brand awareness? Do you want to grow your audiences by implementing social listening? This Vecteezy template is an answer to all these questions. It contains emojis, web pages, search icons, and smartphone chatting. Moreover, it is a free vector perfect for digital marketing and promotions.  

Vecteezy Social Media Marketing Template

12. Food Social Media Template Free Vector

This Adobe Stock food post template is available in AI/EPS, JPEG, and an accessible vector format. Food images are an inspiration of many as its a part of daily routine. Food bloggers, Food brands, and Food-service entities can use this template easily as it is fully customizable and easy to use. Designers can even use this as a particular offering part of a restaurant menu. In addition, it has decent and attractive color options and engaging design layouts that make it a suitable choice for most social media platforms. 

Adobe Stock Food Social Media Template Free Vector

13. Colorful Hand Drawn Abstract Doodle Set

For designers who love to add natural elements to their creations, this set of templates is a perfect choice for them.  This abstract doodle poster set from Shutterstock has hand-drawn curved shapes in trendy colors with vector contemporary square banners. It contains modern simple geometric elements, leaves, and flowers and is available in 9.3 × 4.9 inches in 300 dpi size. This can even be used in travel blog posts or to influence people with natural products. 

Shutterstock Colorful Hand Drawn Abstract Doodle Set

14. Simple Social Media Highlight Cover Instagram Story

Those struggling with creating beautiful Instagram covers need no longer need to search as this Canva cover is a perfect choice. It is a simple social media image that can be used as a highlight cover for an Instagram story in 1080 × 1920 px size. Each element is also fully customizable. In addition, designers can add animations and transitions. Thus, it makes an excellent go-to option that reflects creativity in simplicity.

Canva Simple Social Media Highlight Cover Instagram Story

15. Colorful Green Floral Bingo Instagram Post

Be ready to communicate your products and services with this gorgeous-looking Canva template. This beautiful template comes in 1080 × 1080 px and can be used effectively for advertising. You can reach more customers than before with these pleasant color combinations, and designers can even use them for invitation cards or engagement, marriage ceremonies. Presently the content is for a groom bingo competition, but you can always edit to add your content.

Canva Colorful Green Floral Bingo Instagram Post

16. Fashion Social Media Post Template

This template from Depositphotos can be used as a multipurpose social media image and is available for download in high-resolution quality up to 10000 x 4167 and in EPS file format. It has ultra-modern designs for use on various social media platforms. Bloggers and designers can use this to publish a single post or an entire campaign. The overall design is very minimal with ample use of white space.

Depositphotos Fashion Social Media Post Template

17. Modern Business Facebook Post

This is a modern business Facebook post design idea from Canva and is available in 940 × 788 px size. This template provides flexibility when it comes to topic customization. It is specially designed for brands needing a Facebook page that stands apart in a crowd. The good part of the design is that it provides a good space for integrating photographs that can connect well with users. Designers can use them for branding, product promotions, making creatives, and highlighting particular services.

Canva Modern Business Facebook Post

18. Set of Six Square Banner Templates

Adobe Stock has provided this excellent quality social media images and web ads promotion template with a set of six minimal square banners. It is also a vector illustration with a photo collage. This premium design template is built for seamless editing and complete ease of use. Designers can use this stylish template to sell fashion, apparel, device, or home design markets. All they need to do is download the template, flow their content and make requisite changes to add their branding style.

Adobe Stock Set of Six Square Banner Templates

19. Magnet Illustration Social Media Attraction Vector

Vecteezy has provided this outstanding image with a man collecting likes with a magnet on social media. Using this exclusive social banner, designers can bring a professional visual experience to clients’ social media profiles. This illustration can go very well on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages. You can use the illustration as it is or even mix it with another design. This can work very well for digital marketing agencies. 

Vecteezy Magnet Illustration Social Media Attraction Vector

20. Social Media Banner For Fashion or Promotion

Here, we present last but not the least amongst our collections from Adobe Stock. This social media image can be used as a post banner for fashion posts, sale promotions, and for many other uses. The outline can be used in a square frame puzzle format. Soft and feminine colors make this poster suitable for beauty and lifestyle industries, such as fashion bloggers and brands, stylists, beauticians, and more.

Adobe Stock Social Media Banner For Fashion or Promotion


We have shared 20 social media images here that will save you a ton of time and effort searching the internet. In addition, we have compiled a list covering almost all stages of the social marketing journey. An alluring social media template is a sure-shot way to get attention and gives a visually appealing look to your content.

These social media images cover every stage of the social journey from food, marketing, fashion, promotions, business, shopping, blogs, magazines, and many more. You can customize them, fill your requirements most simply, and put them on various social media handles. So go ahead and use them for your content creation, publish posts on social media and keep getting more followers. 

Recap of all the sites above that are providing these assets:

  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Canva
  • Vecteezy
  • DepositPhotos

Additional free social media images, graphics, and vectors can be found at:

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