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Visme Review – Create Online Presentations, Inforgraphics, Animations & Banners

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Today we are a reviewing Visme, an amazing new online tool that can help you create online infographics, presentations and much more. So what exactly is Visme?

You know when you have that great idea, that great thought that you want to put this idea on paper, but you just don’t know where to start? You also may not want to simply put your idea into words, as you want to show your idea, not tell it. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Maybe you are a blogger and you want to engage your visitors with an infographic or interactive presentation instead of just plain text. Or maybe you are a small business owner who needs to create a powerful presentation to tell to your customers or business partners. Or maybe you are an educator and you want to engage your students better. If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, Visme is for you. Visme is an innovative online tool that allows you to create interactive online presentations, infographics, animations and banners using HTML 5.

Let’s look at some of Visme’s features to see how Visme can help you.

For those of you who prefer to watch videos over reading, you can see the 90-second video below that gives you a great overview of Visme and its features:

Visme Video

Overview of Visme Features:

Now let’s look at some of the features that Visme offers:

Easy to use

Don’t know how to code or design? No problem! Visme is a tool that requires absolutely no coding or design experience or knowledge.

Tons of templates, objects, images and icons

Visme has many templates to choose from in a total of 20 categories that allow you to create that perfect presentation / infographic / animation or banner. You can see a small sample below:

Visme_Shapes-and-Icons1 Visme_Shapes-and-Icons-Buttons

Fully customizable

Visme allows you to customize any object, giving you total control over your presentation / infographic / animation or banner.

Export your creation everywhere

Visme allows you to share what you’ve created online, download it to be used offline or even embed it on your website.

Powerful animation engine

Vime’s animation engine allows you to animate virtually any object such as arrow, social icons and much more. Simply click on the object and choose “Animate” in order to animate it.

Visme_Object-List Visme-Animate-Object

More than 100 professional fonts

Tired of using boring fonts? Visme has a total of over 100 amazing fonts that can be applied to virtually all text objects.



Powerful, unlimited slides for presentations

Visme allows you to create unlimited slides in your presentations, right from your browser. Visme allows you to duplicate, add, edit or delete your slides and control all slide transitions, giving you full control and power over your presentations.


This brings us to the end of our Visme review.  In summary, Visme is a really amazing tool that has helped and will help thousands of people create the perfect online infographics, presentations, banners and animations. So what are you waiting for?

Check out Visme

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