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Dunked.com Review – Is It The Best Way to Create Online Portfolio?

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Today we will be reviewing Dunked.com, a website that allows you to create a free online portfolio without knowing any code. Let’s look at the benefits of using Dunked.com:

No Coding Necessary

Dunked.com is a completely code-free way to create your online portfolio. I know many of you are not programmers, so being able to create an online portfolio the way you want it without knowing coding is big plus.

Customizable Templates

Dunked.com offers a number of templates for you to choose from for your online portfolio. All of them are pixel perfect, easy to use and very customizable.


A big bonus is that the templates are all Retina display ready, ensuring that your portfolio will look great on high-resolution devices.


All of the templates you can use on your portfolio at Dunked.com are responsive, so you can be sure they will look great and render properly on any device.

Simple to Edit

You can change layout, typography and colors using a wide selection of preset options. This enables you to make drastic changes without using any coding.

Advanced CSS Editing

For those of you who are well versed in CSS, you can take full control of the look and feel of your portfolio by editing the CSS directly.

Drag And Drop

What makes an online portfolio builder truly great? Drag and drop functionality of course. At Dunked.com you and drag and drop elements so that your page looks exactly how you want it.

Here are a few screen shots from inside Dunked.com:

Sample Portfolios Created With Dunked.com:

Marc Burmich – Illustrator

Christopher Boutille – Web Designer

Josiah Jost – Logo Designer

Chris Francis – Designer

Hugo Gomes – Graphic Designer

Create an online portfolio with Dunked.com

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