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Free PSD and vector icons are great freebies for graphic and web designers alike. High resolution, fully detailed icons may be a bit difficult and time-consuming to make, but some really talented designers decided to create and share them for free!

We selected 20 PSD and vector icons with outstanding designs! These cool icons are also perfect for app designers! These fresh looking icons are just waiting for you to download and use in your designs. Enjoy!

Colored Pencils In Glass

That was just the designer’s first experience in cinema4d + photoshop. The result is this big HD icon in transparent png(and icns and ico for docks). Use it whatever you like if you feel it will be useful. Commercial use allowed.

Colored Pencils In Glass Pin

Icons Freebie [Clock, Stocks, Camera]

The designer made these icons just for fun. See how they looks on iPhone and grab psd if you want.

Icons Freebie [Clock, Stocks, Camera] Pin

Orange Icon – Free PSD

Start with juicy orange free-psd icon and check attachment for making of. This is such a cool, high quality icon you have to download!

Orange Icon – Free PSDPin

iOS 7 App Icon Template

I came across many iOS7 templates but I couldn’t find one that was for Illustrator. This designer decided to make his own inspired by this great .psd template

iOS 7 App Icon Template Pin

Coffee Cup Icons

This coffee cups icons set looks great! I think the cups don’t stand out quite enough from the background. Changing to a dark background or a blue/green one might help, or darkening the shades on the cups. You can do that yourself!

Coffee Cup Icons Pin

Sublime Text 2 Icon

This is a Sublime Text Icon. Feel free to use if you want! It has a really cool, fiery design I like. Download for free!

Sublime Text 2 Icon Pin

Mail Icon

This is a really nice mail icon with a subtle glow and 3D effect. I love the striped touch on the bottom. Feel free to use if you want!

Mail Icon Pin

iOS 7 Icons

The icons on ios 7 aren’t very pretty, so the designer made these instead to replace the old ones. He attached the PSD for us and it is free to download. Please look @2X view for 100% quality.

iOS 7 Icons Pin

Beautiful Messages iOS Icon

The designer is continuing his series with the Messages.app iOS icon. He’s sharing it once again as a freebie. Free to use for whatever you want, except re-selling.

Beautiful Messages iOS IconPin

G Plus Freebie

Check out the Google Plus freebie icon from the Coloricon set. Feel free to download it and like it!

G Plus Freebie Pin

Square Icons

The designer made a few more square icons with minimalist designs. You can download these + the twitter icon.

Square Icons Pin

Push Buttons

The designer intends to get these push buttons animated with CSS3 and a little magic. Smaller version already in development for a 3D animated social bar (push button = bar flips to reveal action). Icons lovingly provided by IcoMoon. Download and enjoy!

Push ButtonsPin

Mobile Phone Icons

The designer has been working on this over the weekend. Attached is a FREE PSD. Enjoy. Let he know if he should add any more phones.

Mobile Phone Icons Pin

Meotar iOS icon

This freebie is a PSD of Meotar app icon. Aesthetically this looks nice, but for an icon it may have way too much detail and shadows.

Meotar iOS iconPin

iOS Pagecurl Icon Freebie

During some down time the designer put together this iOS pagecurl design. It’s free for you to download, use, modify, etc.

iOS Pagecurl Icon Freebie Pin

Camera (Free PSD)

Yes! Another camera icon! The goal was to make nice colours and lighting. Maybe you want to play with it so the PSD is privded for free and available for download.

Camera (Free PSD) Pin

Beautiful Twitter iOS Icon [+PSD]

Now here’s the designer’s take on the Twitter for iOS icon. He’s sharing it as a freebie, so go download the PSD. Free to use for whatever you want, except selling it. Check out the @2x version for more awesomeness.

Beautiful Twitter iOS Icon [+PSD]Pin

Adobe Master Collections Icons

The designer decided to refresh his dock to keep it clean and simple. Adobe Master Collection Dock Icon refresh with a blend of colors throughout.

Adobe Master Collections Icons Pin

Sublime Text 2 Replacement Icon

The designer didn’t like the Sublime Text 2 icon so he made a new one. Feel free to download it and use it too! 

Sublime Text 2 Replacement Icon Pin


One Layer Style Camera PSD

This is an amazing one layer style camera icon made in PSD. Pure genius! Check it out!

One Layer Style Camera PSDPin

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