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Squarespace is a great platform that offers lots of web building options. It’s a great option if you’re looking to get beautiful websites up and running regardless of your working field. Whether we’re talking about a big company or just a random idea that you’ve got, creating a platform with Squarespace is easy and fail-proof. This

We gathered here some of the top Squarespace templates we could find that are perfect for eCommerce websites, blogs, restaurants, weddings, shops, brands or any other individual or company that wants to build a strong online presence with less effort and wasted time. Some of these themes are also perfect for creating fast and eye-catching portfolios for photographers, illustrators, web or graphic design or any other creative person that wants something different from the classic website designs. These templates have clean, minimalistic designs that offer great functionality and lots of customizing options. We’re sure you’re gonna find here something that’s perfect for your idea or projects.

Start browsing and let us know which ones are your favorite!


Rally is a modern and minimalist Squarespace template built especially for Fashion & Beauty websites that gives you the option to upload lots of images and text in a very clean and well-organized way. Its long, scrolling homepage engages visitors by letting you tell your stories in various blog post collections with full-bleed banner images.

Rally Top Squarespace Templates Pin


Supply is also a great option for a Fashion or Beauty blog that’s both beautiful and useful. This template makes it easier for you to present your store or portfolio in a way that is catchy and easy to use for your clients and visitors and it lets them experience your products and services in a unique way.

Supply Top Squarespace Templates Pin


Galapagos is one of our favorite Squarespace templates because of its minimalistic and clean design. This template makes it possible for you to create automated grid layouts and hover-activated image swapping for your fashion, online store or beauty website. Galapagos also has a Quick View mode for your products that make it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

Galapagos Top Squarespace Templates Pin


Juke is one of the coolest Squarespace templates for music-themed websites. It has a very minimal layout with big, stunning images and few lines of text. This theme comes packed with powerful eCommerce integration, so you can easily sell your albums and merch to fans around the world. You can also use the Soundcloud block to connect your account and the BandsInTown block to communicate your tour dates and sell tickets.

The Autotunes Top Squarespace Template Pin


Horizon is another cool option for music or event websites. This Squarespace template was specially designed to be a one-page website experience for bands or singers. It lets you add fullscreen images to your background and create a stunning online presence.

Event Horizon Top Squarespace Template Pin


If you’re planning to create a special website for your wedding day instead of just sending the classic invites, then Naomi might be the right choice for you. This template lets you insert engagement photos and it creates a one-page scrolling website with stunning interactive elements that will impress your guests and create an unforgettable memory.

Naomi + Aaron Top Squarespace Template Pin


Sonny is another great option for anyone that wants to create a website for their wedding or engagement in a very fast and simple way. Sonny lets you tell your special story in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way that uses parallax scrolling and full-screen imagery that will create an eye-candy experience.

Sonny Top Squarespace Template Pin


Let your imagination fly away with Carson, a very modern Squarespace theme. Its stunning, full-screen image displays and minimal header will make a great impression on your visitors. The adaptive gallery layout makes this theme perfect for a photography portfolio.

Carson Top Squarespace Template Pin


Jasper is a great option if you’re planning to showcase your work and engage potential clients. This is a perfect portfolio template for creating visually striking webpages and summaries of your projects. Its dynamic grid-style homepage makes it suitable for anyone that’s searching for a minimalistic template. Page animations, scaling fonts, page headers – this template has them all.

Jasper Jin Top Squarespace Template Pin


Greenwich is a Squarespace template that lets you create awesome websites with long scrolling pages that are perfect for showcasing photography or images of your work, services or business. This template makes it possible for your potential clients to engage with your content. The minimalist navigation makes it perfect for interior designers, decorators, and other creatives.

Greenwich Interior Design Top Squarespace Template Pin


Bryant was designed with real estate in mind. We’re recommending this template if you’re planning on creating a website that aims to sell or rent something. Bryant comes packed with bold thumbnail galleries and customizable lists will help you create an unforgettable, modern experience for your visitors.

Bryant Hill Top Squarespace Template Pin


Clay is a cool Squarespace template with a blog layout that’s perfect for modern brands that are aiming to create a strong and visually pleasing online presence. This template has a very clean and minimal design and great features that make it perfect to be used for an online store. Its big, stunning photography will surely make a great impact on your visitors. It’s a perfect template to showcase your featured products on the homepage of your website.

Clay Top Squarespace Template Pin


Brine is another powerful template that works perfectly for brands and online shops. It features a beautiful parallax scrolling with big, bold images that will create an interactive experience for your potential clients. Brine is a very modern template with a clean design that’s also great for brands that need a blog with their online shop.

Brine Top Squarespace Template Pin


Jaunt is a powerful Squarespace template that creates a clean, eye-catching effect by combining bold images with lots of white spaces. This will enhance your products and texts. Jaunt’s magazine-style landing page and product layouts make this template perfect for any fashion or interior designer, online shop or even artists or artisans.

Jaunt Top Squarespace Template Pin


Tudor is a magazine-style blog template that supports multiple authors for your blog posts. This theme comes with the option of creating a collapsible side panel that allows for easy and clean navigation. The simple grid layout adapts to the size of your images and creates a dynamic effect. Tudor has a clean layout with minimal colors which make it perfect for any kind of blog or magazine.

Tudor Top Squarespace Template Pin


We recommend this special Squarespace template for cool businesses and bloggers, regardless of their niche. Native is so modern and versatile that you can easily twist it and make it your own. The Native blog layout adapts to the content you want to insert in it and it emphasizes your media and text.

Native Top Squarespace Template Pin


Momentum is a very beautiful Squarespace template that was built with photographers, illustrators and designers in mind. It was designed for anyone that wants to insert fullscreen, high-resolution images into their website design. We also recommend it for people that think that a slideshow interface will be perfect for their project or ideas.

Momentum Top Squarespace Template Pin


Lange is a stunning template made for photographers who want to make a bold impression and showcase their work in the best way possible. With a full-bleed landing page and case-study pages that combine stunning images and text, Lange makes sure that your visitors will think your portfolio website is unforgettable.

Lange Photo Squarespace Template Pin


Wells is a popular Squarespace template for artists, photographers and other creatives that are searching for a simple yet striking design. This template lets you arrange your images into an awesome grid gallery with dynamic sizing. It has a super clean and minimal design that makes it easy for people to catch the right idea and not be distracted by useless items or information.

Wells Top Squarespace Template Pin


Heights was designed to sell services and promote businesses online. Its stunning homepage and customizable online store make this theme perfect for any health and fitness website that requires a seamless, single-scroll homepage with easy-to-access information. Heights also comes with an immersive 3D scrolling effect and a wide range of text options and layouts.

Heights Squarespace Template Pin


Fulton is a Squarespace template that’s perfect for eCommerce websites. It was designed with craftsmen that are looking to create a stunning online presence in mind. Fulton uses large galleries and striking headlines and is perfect for creators and people that love a simple, yet gorgeous design.

The Fulton Cycle Squarespace Template Pin


Burke is a special Squarespace template that stands out from the crowd because of its gigantic, screen-filling images. Burke creates lots of ways to tell your style by using a modern and eye-catching design with a focus on images and content. We recommend using Burke for health and fitness websites that want to make a change.

Burke Squarespace Template Pin


Artesia is an awesome Squarespace choice if you want to create a website that will attract new customers to your business. Its impressive landing page features clickable banners that take visitors deeper into your website and makes them visit other pages and find out new information. Artesia has great text options and image animations such as fading and slide-up that will make your website unforgettable. The Special Project Pages let you alternate images with text so you can tell your story in the best way possible.

The Artesia Hotel Squarespace Template Pin


Aviator is a template that works perfectly for restaurants or any other kind of business that wants to establish an online presence. This template’s content overlay system makes it possible for you to showcase your business’s vital info in the most effective places. You can also easily customize the full-screen background image.

Aviator Squarespace Template Pin


We strongly recommend Hunter for travel and lifestyle websites, especially restaurants that want to attract new customers by using eye-catching images with their food. Hunter’s amazing landing page features a gallery layout that let you showcase the best items from your menu. This template also comes packed with a press section, reservation forms, and menu blocks so you’re making sure that your business’ website is exactly what people are looking for.

Hunter Squarespace Template Pin

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