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Top 25 Advertising and Marketing Website Templates

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Advertising and marketing websites are usually creative, beautiful and unique. Clients always expect businesses in this fields of work to be creative and often a website is the first thing a potential client looks at. The conclusion is, if you have an advertising/marketing agency or just want to have a successful business, an impressive website is a must!

Below is a collection of 25+ advertising/marketing website templates. Which one is the most creative in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.

Creative Events

creative events website template

Creative Events HTML website template has a clean and user-friendly design and it is ideal for advertisement agencies or it can also be used as a portfolio for designers.


journalism template Marketing Website Templates

Journalism is a great theme with fullscreen photo background which can be used as a personal presentation website. This theme is highly customizable and looks good as a portfolio template too.

Small brand

small brand marketing website templates

Small Brand is a simple website which has as a main element a presentation video, centered on the website’s homepage.  It features a youtube video player right in the middle of the website. It is great for any kind of company.


SmartGroup - Clean Marketing WordPress Theme

SmartGroup is a clean and modern WordPress theme for marketing, corporate, business and company websites. It is responsive and looks good on all mobile devices. It has unlimited color options and backgrounds. The template is also translation-ready!

Product Design

industrial Marketing Website Templates

Product Design, as the name of the template states, is a perfect website for showcasing designer-made products. Its design is simple yet attractive and has a beautiful, fullscreen slider on the main page.

Online invitationsEvent Invite Website Template _ WIX

Online Invitations is a vibrant website with bold colors, well-chosen fonts, and large typography. It is great for event planning agencies as it is very modern and eye-catching.

Model Agency

Model Agency Website Template _ WIX

Model Agency template has a modern design with a dark feel. The pink accents are very well chosen and make the website warmer and friendlier. It is ideal for modeling agencies.

Apps Craft – App Landing Page WordPress Theme

XpeedStudio demo Themes Marketing Website Templates

Apps Craft is a responsive WordPress theme specially designed for marketing. This example has a modern and functional design. It contains more than 7 creative design layouts.

Success Consulting

Success Consulting Website Template _ WIX

Success Consulting is a great presentation website that can be used for any type of business. The color palette is simple and professional. It has a dark color palette with orange as an accent color. It uses simple styles and gradients for the navigation menu.

The Consultant

The Consultant - OLD Website Template _ WIX

The Consultant is a simple and clean, services presentation website with a cool, relaxed feel. The information is very well structured and so it is very user-friendly and easily attracts any potential clients.

Events Production

Events Production Website Template _ WIX

Events Production is a fullscreen website with a very straightforward design. This template is most suitable for advertising/event planning agencies. It is great also if used as an online portfolio for a creative designer. It has a dark theme and a great portfolio template.

Ember – Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Ember - Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Ember is a responsive and fully-featured WordPress theme. It was designed to look great on any kind of website. It has a clean code and the theme options panel lets you customise it.

Designer Graphic

Graphic Design Website Template _ WIX

Designer Graphic template can be used as a portfolio by designers. It is great for showcasing artwork because of its design simplicity which emphasizes the designer’s creations.e

Sydneo – Creative Marketing WordPress Theme

Sydneo - Creative Marketing WordPress Theme

This theme has a clean and professional design which is suited for any kind of marketing agency. It includes 19 different layouts.

Brand Management

Brand Management Website Template _ WIX

Brand Management is another example of a good design that uses black/bold color combination. This duo is always a great choice as it is very eye-catching. It can be used for various types of businesses.

WOLFSEO – Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

WOLFSEO - Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

This template is perfect for a company or a business that is trying to promote their marketing product. It can also use as a corporate or portfolio website.

Broad Design

Broad Design Website Template _ WIX

Broad Design has a very nice, simple slider on the homepage. The website design is warm and inspires professionalism. It can be used for any type of business you want.

Fawzi – WordPress Theme for Marketing

VictorThemes - Professional Premium WordPress Themes

This theme is very well designed and has an organized SEO.  Its practical and flexible layout lets you create the website of your dreams.

Flyer Template

Flyer Template Website Template _ WIX

This template can be used for single-page websites dedicated to various events. It is fun, warm and friendly and it is definitely a good choice to advertise a social event!

Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon 1-Pager Website Template _ WIX Marketing Website Templates

This is an awesome 3D coming soon page with lovely colors and textures. The ripped paper effect is really a nice touch. It also has three social media icons. This can be used for various types of websites.

Posters Online

Posters Online Website Template _ WIX

This is a very girly website template that can be used for showcasing artwork, handmade products or creative prints. It is colored in pastel pink and has a cool, angled stripes background.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Website Template _ WIX

This is a simple and feminine website template that can be used as an online curriculum vitae. It has a vibrant color palette and uses circles graphics. It looks nice and unique.

Media Marketing

Media Marketing. Website Template _ WIX

This is a media marketing website with pink as the main color. It inspires strength and boldness and it is a great choice for marketing businesses. It has a darkly themed design with vibrant, neon pink as an accent color.

Olli – Single Product Landing Page Theme

HarbourThemes Marketing Website Templates

This is a responsive WordPress landing page theme. It has a mobile-friendly design and it is the perfect theme to promote a product.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Website Template _ WIX

Fullscreen background photo website with transparent design, Marketing strategy template is perfect for advertisement/marketing agencies. It has a dark themed design and can be used for multiple purposes.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management Website Template _ WIX

Red is usually an accent color but in the Strategic Management template design, it has become the primary color of the website, Pretty courageous right?!

Engine Hub Marketing WordPress Theme

Engine Hub Marketing WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

This theme looks really nice and it is perfect for a digital marketing agency.  Use it with confidence to promote your marketing products.

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