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24 Beautiful Free Website Templates for Restaurants

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If you’re the owner of a restaurant or catering business in need of free templates for your restaurant or business, then you’re in the right place! Or maybe you just a designer looking for some inspiration for your next food-related website project?

In any case, this list of 21 beautiful free website templates for restaurants will be extremely useful for you.

We selected the best free website templates for restaurants. They all have important eCommerce features, great graphics, interesting textures and user-friendly layouts. See for yourself! Check out the list below.

City Bakery

City Bakery Template Free Website Templates for Restaurants

If you’re looking to create a website for a bakery, then this City Baker template will be a perfect choice for you and your business. It contains beautiful imagery, coupled with an easy to navigate design that makes it an ideal template for bakeries. Check it out and find out if this is the one you’ve been searching for.


Steakhouse Restaurant Template

So you’re looking to create a Steakhouse website? Look no further because you might have just found it! This template is strong, bold, and beautiful and makes a perfect choice for steak restaurants.

(you can also check out this Steakhouse template for a more modern approach)

Chef Kitchen

Chef Kitchen Restaurant Template

Do you have a kitchen business that needs a website, or perhaps you are a chef and you want to create your own chef website? This website template has all you need to do that and more.

Tapas Restaurant

Tapas Restaurant Website Template WIX

Who doesn’t like tapas? This website template is a perfect choice if you’re looking to start a website for a tapas restaurant.

Pub and Bar

Pub and Bar Template

Whether you have a bar or a pub, you want to make sure the website template you choose fits with your pub or bar’s personality. This website template has a “homey” and “local” feel to it, making an excellent choice for a bar or pub website.

Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant Template

You won’t find many Vietnamese restaurant templates around because this is a very niche business. But the template above is all you need to create your own Vietnamese restaurant website. It features a beautiful background image and a user-friendly design.


Delicatessen Website Template

Wondering how to create a Delicatessen website using a template? Check out the template above and save yourself weeks or even months of time. The Delicatessen template gives you an excellent start.

All American Diner

All American Diner Website Template

An all-American Diner deserves an all-American template, like the one you see above. Featuring classic design elements and beautiful background imagery, this template is an ideal one for a diner.

Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant Website Template

Thai Restaurant templates are also not easy to find, which is why we did all the hard work for you. The template above features tasty Thai dishes as background, making your visitors salivate. Feel confident choosing the Thai Restaurant template above.

My Cafe

My Cafe Website Template

If you’ve got a Cafe and you’re looking to redesign or create a website for it, then “My Cafe” Template will be an awesome choice for you. Featuring your social media profiles and your open hours, your visitors will have no hard time finding your cafe.

Restaurant Site

Restaurant Site Website Template WIX

With this restaurant website template, you will definitely grab people’s attention. It has a vertical menu bar and uses an impressive full-screen image.

French Cuisine

French Cuisine Website Template

If you’ve got a French restaurant and you’re looking to create a website for you, choose the French Cuisine template above. It features classic French dishes as image background, a very “French” font and an overall chic design.


Pizzeria Website Template

When you create a Pizza website using a template you need to make sure it has all the things you need to make your visitors order. That’s why the Pizzeria template includes an unbelievably tasty and cheesy slice of pizza as a featured image, as well as easy to see links to your menu and specials. This is a perfect template for Pizza websites.

Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant Website Template

This template is a really good choice for anyone looking to create an Indian Restaurant website. It features a beautiful drawing of an Indian woman, as well as traditional Indian spices in the background. The whole design has a traditional Indian feel to it – perfect for any Indian Restaurant.

Fish & Chips Restaurant

Fish Restaurant Website Template

This template has a retro web design layout which shares its inspiration in the traditional fish and chips shop. This example is perfect for pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant Website Template

If you’re working on a seafood restaurant’s website then this template might be just the one for you! It has a subtle and elegant design in which you can add your menu and images or your culinary masterpieces.

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Middle Eastern Restaurant Template

This website’s design layout will give you a taste of the middle east traditional cuisine. It is perfect for a restaurant that serves that kind of food.

Boho Cafe

Boho Cafe Website Template

This example uses the same pattern all the way down to the footer on top of this content is placed elegantly. Boho cafe is a perfect theme for a coffee shop.

Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Restaurant Free Website Templates for Restaurants

Who doesn’t love Sushi? This Sushi website template features an incredibly high definition of a Sushi roll, chopsticks, traditional Japanese plates and more. If you’re in the market for a Sushi Restaurant website template, this is it.

Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery Free Website Templates for Restaurants

This template makes you feel like you’re at home and you’re about to eat a delicious dish. This template is perfect for a meal delivery restaurant.

The Diner

The Diner Website Template

This template is perfect for food-related businesses. It has a simple and friendly interface design. It uses a simple background with a repetitive square pattern.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Website Template

If you’ve got a local coffee shop or you are thinking about opening one, the Coffee Shop Website Template has everything you need. It features beautiful images of coffee and morning snacks and has a very “coffee-oriented” design – such as brown and white colors.


Brewery Website Template

This website has a unique design that perfectly suits a brewery. You can easily showcase your products and tell people your business’ story.

Cupcake Shop

Cupcake Shop Free Website Templates for Restaurants

This example has a joyful design which uses a pink background. You can play with colors and images to present content in a unique way.

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  1. I am trying to customize and use the “Meal Delivery” template under Restaurant and Food category on WIX website. I don’t know who owns the copyright to this particular template. I would like to pay a one time fee for this template and be able to download it. I do not want to use it or customize it on WIX. I want to modify it to be used as a WordPress template. Does anybody know how I can buy this template?


    • Hi Babu,

      I am afraid you can not use Wix templates without the Wix system. But you can try to re-create its features and do a new design if that’s what you prefer, though this will be a lot more expensive. If you think about it, Wix Premium plans are so affordable that even if you pay for 5 years it is still a lot cheaper than paying a designer + developer to create a WP site.


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