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Top 20 IT Website Templates And Designs

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The first when starting to design a website is always gathering inspiration from other websites. A designer must know the current trends, especially in web design where new trends are emerging very fast. In the past few years we’ve seen trends like grunge, hand drawn, large fonts, illustration designs etc.

In this article we’ve gathered 20 IT related websites to inspire you in creating beautiful and original designs. Hope you’ll get inspired and don’t forget to mention your favourite designs in the comments below.


StartP - React Next IT Startups and Digital Services Template

This is a WordPress theme that is based on the Bootstrap 4 professional website template. It is built with React, ES6+ and framework Next.js and Express.js.

IT Solutions
 IT Solutions Website Template

It Solutions is a simple website template for IT services providers but because it is very versatile it can be used for many other types of businesses.


HostCloud - Premium WordPress Theme

Template based on Gantry Framework, with integrated plugins like: Gantry Template framework, Contact Form 7, One Click Close Comments, Really Simple Captcha, GD Star Rating, Nivo Slider. This theme also has a 960 Grid System, 65 base widget positions in the Gantry core and 38 possible layout combinations for main body and sidebars.

 Hi Tech

Hi Tech Website Template

Hi Tech is a clean template perfect for featuring a tech team support business. It is very user friendly and all needed information is right on the first page of the website.

Anomica is an ideal WordPress theme for any kind of Information Technology Solutions as well as service-based companies’ website.

Electronic Store

Electronic Store Website Template

This template is perfect for online shops and not only for electronics but also it can be used for other types of products.

Alaska is a clean, modern and web WordPress Theme suitable for web hosting company website. This theme also can be used for corporate, business and company sites.

Computer Shop
Computer Shop Website Template

Simple and clean, this template was designed to sell electronics online but it can be used as an online shop to sell many other types of products.

App Mojo – Software & Digital

App Mojo - Software & Digital

Great theme for running your windows, iOs, android, desktop and any other app as well as creating a landing page for the same with wooCommerce integration.

Game Website
Game Website Template

This is a dark themed template perfect for gaming reviews.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Website Template

Digital marketing, as the name states, is a theme designed for marketing agencies but it also can be used for other types of businesses.

 Just Deal
Just Deal Website Template

Just a Deal is a simple deals website design with a clean layout and a large slider on the homepage. It can also be used as an online shop.


Netix - Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Netix has a theme customizer with instant side-to-side preview, it’s fully responsive on any device and browser and even has integrated Mailchimp subscription form.

Online Games
Online Games Website Template

This is another online gaming review website and if you need more inspiration in this area you should definitely check out our WordPress Gaming Themes.

Designer iPhone Cases

Designer iPhone Cases Website Template

Simple and attractive! The black background is a perfect choice as it emphasizes the product’s design.


Rackhost Hosting WordPress Theme

Rackhost is a simple and clean WordPress theme for modern hosting and server businesses and comes with four different color sets. The theme package also includes all templates seen in the theme preview as text files.

Design Agency

Design Agency Website Template

This is a nice website design for a design agency with some really cool circular graphics.


Appsperia is a clean responsive Landing Page Template for Mobile App. In addition to the great built in features, Appsperia also includes Iphone 6, Iphone 7 and Android mockups.

App World

App World Website Template

App World is the perfect theme for app showcasing. It has really nice graphics and a good color palette.


This is a fully responsive theme, with 200+ elements, multiple sidebars, +20 website templates as a quick start.!

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