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Are you building a portfolio or company website? Check out these beautiful examples of team pages design.

These websites will give you great ideas about how you can organize the ‘About’ pages in a professional manner. These team pages design examples will also show you how you can create functional and creative layouts.

Some of these designs include individual images of each member, some even a short video, along with a little information about their position in the company, skills, short descriptions etc.  The number of the employees that are displayed may differ from 2-3 to 20, or even larger numbers.

Get inspired by these beautiful designs and create your own ‘Meet The Team’ page.


This is a stunning example of how you can successfully showcase your amazing team members and at the same time show a glimpse of their personality.

Cappen Digital Agency Team Pages Design


This is another wonderful example of how you can display useful information about your company members. This creates a first bond between your company and visitors.

Heco Team Pages Design

Hugo & Marie

When creating a new team member page layout it’s important to keep in mind to also have an outstanding design that will impress your users.

Artists – Hugo & Marie


Large videos are also an amazing manner to showcase your valuable team members, along with a short description of their occupied position within the company.

Welikesmall • Team


Here is another beautiful video that demonstrates once more that this could be the perfect manner to use for your about up web page.

Agency Team Pages Design

Brave People

Here is an excellent display of your team members web page that has a simple but very effective design. It uses big high-quality images and short description for each team member.

Culture Team Page


This is a very creative manner that shows how you can present to the world your talented team members. Take a look at the full display and see if you like the idea.

FCINQ Team Pages Design


This is another amazing manner of showcasing your team members. Although it doesn’t display an actual image of the individuals, it illustrates a beautiful artwork that synthesizes his/her personality and skills.

Studio Team Pages Design

Architecture & Design WP Theme

Here is a minimalistic design with a powerful black & white layout. This layout uses images and range bars which show the skills of each team member.

Interior Design WordPress Theme

Red Collar

Here is a stunning example that demonstrates a lot of creativity. This plain layout comes to life when hovered over, highlighting each team member.

About Team Pages Design

Rezo Zero

Bright colors, animations, color overlays, large high-quality images, are just a few of the characteristics of this beautiful team members page layout.

Culture Team Pages Design


This is a detailed about us layout which includes multiple creative elements, beautiful illustrations, high-quality images, a neat gallery slider, etc.

Team Pages Design

Amazee Labs

Here is a simple but very effective layout that you can use on your website. This design gives the perfect amount of information to make your team members known to the large public.

Making Your Web Work Team Pages Design

Exponent PR

Here is another wonderful ‘About Us’ page design that demonstrates another beautiful technique to showcase your team members.

Exponent PR __ About

Electric Pulp

This design uses high-quality realistic images of each team member. These are all organized in a grid layout which makes things easier to follow.

About - Electric Pulp

Herrlich Media

This design uses wonderful bright colors as a background with black & white individual images of each team member. Alongside the picture, you will also find basic information about that team member.

Herrlich Media Team Pages Design


This is another excellent ‘About Us’ website layout that uses images and a small description about each team member. Take a look at this website and see if you like it.

Meet Our Team

AllOver Media

This layout contains a stunning image of all the team members in a single image as well as individual photos of each team member and a small description.

Outdoor Expert Team Pages Design


This is another outstanding example that showcases team members. Follow this link to see the full ‘About Us’ page designs and see how it looks like.

Etsy Our Team

Engage Interactive

Here you have another stunning example of how your ‘About Us’ page design could look like. This simple but very effective design gets the job done in a professional manner.

Engage Meet the team

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