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Company Brochures: 20 Awesome Designs with Templates

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This article contains 20 top notch company brochures that will definitely create an amazing first impression to your future clients.

These company brochures templates have pre-designed layouts that will save you a lot of time, not having to design it from scratch. These include multiple pages, with different styles and can be easily customized with your own company’s details.

So, what should you do in order to make sure your brochure is successful?

Well, firstly you need to know exactly what is the content that you want to display.  Keep the content short and clear. Use the essential parts and emphasize your company’s best qualities. Use a few fonts that work together well rather that having lots of different fonts for headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, etc. Limit your font number to two,  in case your client doesn’t already have the fonts chosen from the corporate identity design.

Keeping these brochure designing tips in mind, let’s have a look at these stunning company brochures!


BANYU is a beautifully designed company brochure that includes 16 pages in an A4 international format. The cover design uses triangular shapes with lots of lovely colors and images.

BANYU Professional Corporate Brochure Templates

Modern Brochure Template A4 12 Pages

This stunning brochure template is available in a 12-page design with an A4 layout. It also includes automatic page numbering, various infographic elements, logo design, and it is print ready.

Modern Brochure Template

Architect Brochure

This is a premium 24-pages A5 brochure design that has an outstanding design. You can quickly customize its layout and add your personalized content.

Architect Brochure Company Brochures

Company Brochure

Here you have a beautiful brochure design that has the following features: A4 or US letter sizes, 3 mm Bleed, 15mm Margin, 18 unique pages and more!

Company Brochure

Corporate Business Brochure A4

This is a wonderful 16-pages A4 brochure design that has a stunning A4 design. You can quickly add your personalized content and print it out.

Corporate Business Brochure

Company Profile

This is an outstanding design of a corporate brochure with an A4 layout that is print ready. All you need to do is to replace the content with your own information and you’re done.

Company Profile Company Brochures

Company Profile & Brand Book Template

This premium 38 pages company brochure template is available in an A4 layout in a 300 dpi, CMYK print ready format. This pre-designed template also includes customizable background images, 6 vector logos, various graphs and charts, and other useful elements.

Company Profile Brand Book Template

Company Brochure

This is another marvelous brochure that uses a clean design. You can change the colors in a single click, thanks to the color palette and easily insert your own information.

Company Brochure

Created In Adobe InDesign

This beautiful company profile design was created using Adobe InDesign and it is available for download in an A4, 16 pages format that is print ready.

Company Profile design

Business Plan – 26 Pages Business Brochure

Here you have a 26-pages  business plan template with a fully customizable design. You can edit each feature until you are satisfied with the result.

Business Plan Brochure

Corporate Brochure

This corporate brochure can be downloaded in a 24-page layout with an A4 format, at a 300 dpi CMYK, with organized layers, that is print ready.

Corporate Brochure

Company Profile

Here you have a professional design of a 22-page brochure with a customizable design. This template uses free fonts, editable features, and a lovely print ready design.

Company Profile Company Brochures

Web Proposal

You can download this stunning brochure in a 22 unique pages layout in an A4 size. Take a look at the demo and decide if this is the right brochure for your company.

Company Profile Company Brochures

Stylish Layout

This is a multipurpose brochure template with an outstanding design. It includes 20 A4 pages. a stylish layout with print ready features. Company Profile Brochure-


This is a 24-page template which includes a help file, in case you run into any difficulties. The design includes multiple vectors illustrations that look amazing.

Company Brochures

Intrsct Brochure

Here you have an impressive brochure design that in available in 2 sizes: A4 and US letter. This design has well-organized layers which only make the customization process easier.

Intrsct Brochure Company Brochures

Strategic Brochure

This is a beautifully designed 28-page brochure that you can use for your company brochure. This premium item is ready to print and it is available in InDesign CS3 or higher.

Strategic Brochure

Company Profile Template

Here is a multipurpose brochure design which includes lots of customizable features in a 24 pages design. This layout can be downloaded in an A4 size, with auto page numbering, at a 300 dpi, and a print ready format with 3mm bleed.

Company Profile Template

Company Brochure

This is an outstanding company brochure that includes multiple customizable features. Take a look and see if you can use this brochure design for your company.

Company Brochure

Clean Professional Brochure (12 pages)

This is a 12-page company brochure with a professional design. It is available in an A4 format, with neat features, and it is of course print ready.

Clean Professional Brochure

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