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20 Sketch Sheets and Templates for Designing Web and App Layouts

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Looking for some sketch sheets and templates for creating the perfect web and app layouts? Look no further! We selected some of the best templates and sketch sheets you can use.

This wonderful, hand-picked selection of sketch sheets and templates can be downloaded for free and used for your next website or application. Some of them come as apps/online tools you can use, while others, as downloadable and even printable resources. Take a closer look at all of them and see which one fits the criteria for what you are looking for.

These are real time-savers when it comes to drawing layouts, prototyping and creating professional products. You can choose from many styles and customize them in a few easy steps.

Hope you’ll find them useful for your projects!


Sneakpeekit comes in handy in countless situations. It includes many mobile mockups that you can use to build responsive websites. See if this is an answer to your needs.

Sneakpeekit - Printable Sketch Sheets for Design Wireframing

Dashboard User Interface Sketch Resource

This is a simple and clean dashboard user interface design that you can easily use to achieve amazing results.

Dashboard User Interface Sketch Resource

Responsive Sketchsheets by ZURB

This is a great source that offers responsive pre-design templates. These will automatically adapt their layout to any screen size and include neat features.

Responsive Sketchsheets

Responsive Design Sketch Book

Here you will find gorgeous templates with fully responsive behavior. Also, the design has a multi-grid front page that includes special pages for sketch boarding.

Responsive Design Sketchbook App Sketchbook

Responsive Web Design Sketchsheets by Jeremy Palford

Here is an excellent pack of 100% responsive pre-designed layouts that are compatible with a variety of device sizes, Also, you can download and use them for free.

Responsive Web Design Sketch Sheets

Responsive Web Design Sketchsheets by James Brocklehurst

This great set contains an amazing set of sheets, a simple thumbnailed version and a pack of wireframe templates with grids.

Responsive Web Design Sketch Sheets

Responsive Sketch Pad

You can use this template to quickly generate cross-platform app concepts. Also, these come in handy to visualizing the prototypes on various devices and see how they behave.

UI Stencils Responsive Sketch Pad

Wireframe Frontpage Template

Here is a great wireframe front page template of a very usual landing page.  This includes everything that you need to create professional designs.

Wireframe Front page Google Drawings Skechsheets and Templates

Mobile Phone Drill-Down Wireframe Template

This is a lovely wireframe template that has a layout which is very similar to the iPhone design. It uses alike drill-down menu and other features.

Mobile phone drill-down Skechsheets and Templates Google Drawings

Mobile iPhone Stencil

This is an amazing wireframe which includes lots of neat features. You can use stencils that are similar scrollbars, checkboxes and, notes.

Mobile Phone Skechsheets Templates Google Drawings

Flow Chart Templates

This is another useful tool that helps you build professional digital products with creative layouts. These flow chart templates can be used for various situations and will look beautifully, regardless of the purpose.

Flow Chart Templates

Infographics Toolbox

Download and use this infographic toolbox that lets you to beautifully showcase your personalized information. You can use it for custom graphics, charts, maps, etc.

Infographics Toolbox Google Drawings

Business Plan Template

This is an excellent business plan template that contains lots of amazing details. It is professional and it can be perfect for any creative studio.

Business Plan Template

Wireframe Product Details template

You can use this amazing source for any of your e-commerce websites or create an original wireframe for a brand new product. Either way, have a closer look and see what it offers.

Wireframe Product details Google Drawings

Android Phones Stencils

You can use these designs for multiple situations such as a background for messages, or for mobile phone mockups. Have a closer look and see if these are useful to your designs.

Android Phones Stencils

Palm Pre Stencil 

You can use this source to quickly build your desired mockup and use it to showcase your current or upcoming projects. Here you will find UI widget stencils that were created for Palm Pre device.

Palm Pre Stencil Google Drawings

Flowchart Stencil

This template is a real time-saver that allows you to quickly create flowcharts. You have all the custom elements right next to the canvas and are very intuitive to use.

Flowchart Stencils Template

Website Project Planning Template

This is a very useful project planning template that keeps your information well-organized and always available. You can quickly see at all times your project’s activity.

Website project planning template Google Sheets Skechsheets Templates

Ready to print device sketch sheets for mobile devices and web projects

Here you have pre-designed wireframes that you can use in your own projects. Have a closer look and see if these meet your requirements.

Printable device sketch sheet templates for UI Skechsheets Templates

Free printable grids for wireframing and UX

This is an awesome free printable grid system that will help you sketch ideas and start on your new design project!

Free printable grids for wireframing and UX

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