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20 Best Web App Templates for Native Web Apps

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Surprise your users with one of these outstanding pre-designed web app templates that you can customize right away. These beautifully designed layouts have lots of styles and include many powerful features that will assure your native web app will function properly.

These can be perfect for beginners as well as experienced app designers. These professional-looking web app templates will display perfectly on any screen size, no matter the screen resolution. They will help you easily create native web apps!

Choose between light or dark themes and combine their features to obtain your desired web app website. You have maximum flexibility and you can quickly customize each theme until the design meets your requirements.

Need an app mockup for showcasing on the front page of your web app website? Check out these realistic, 3D app screen mockups! 

IonFullApp | Full Ionic Template + Cordova Plugins

IonFullApp is a stunning starter app template that uses  Ionic Framework and Cordoba plugins. This allows you to create hybrid mobile apps. Download this theme and customize it to create your next mobile application.

IonFullApp Full Ionic Template Cordova Plugins

Ionic Material Design

Ionic Material Design was developed by Ionic Framework.  This mobile native app includes multiple functions such as app storage, social connect, share content to social networks, advertising, push notification, and more.

Ionic Material Design web app templates

Sensation – PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Sensation is actually composed by 2 Apps: the default Sensation App and the new WordPress Authentication App. This includes multiple functions such as registration, authentication, password reset, and others.

Sensation PhoneGap Cordova Full Hybrid App

Karenderia Mobile App

Karenderia Mobile App is the customer ordering version of the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System. This mobile application connects to KRMS and all you need to do is to install the modules and then to exit the settings. Simple, right?

Karenderia Mobile App-web app templates

Ionic Mobile App Builder

This Ionic Mobile App (IMA) Builder is very useful web tool which allows you to successfully create templates. You can do this without having to write any code lines.

Ionic Mobile App Builder web app templates

Karenderia Order Taking App

Karenderia is, as the name states, an order taking application that can be used in a few easy steps. Take a look and see how can this application be of any use to you.

Karenderia Order Taking App-web app templates

Mobile Store Locator

This is a great mobile store locator that integrates API to gather and to present the information. This template displays detailed info about various stores, details about them and how to find their location on Google Map.

Mobile Store Locator web app templates

Online Taxi Booking App -Call My Cab Mobile App

Here is another amazing app template which has a neat usability. You can use it to book online cabs, to plan journeys, etc. This is a performance app template which includes neat features.

Online Taxi Booking App web app templates

Karenderia Driver Mobile App

Karenderia driver mobile app was created specifically for Karenderia restaurant. This allows it to be used by the restaurant owner to ease the daily pickup/delivery process.

Karenderia Driver Mobile App web app templates

Ioull Hybrid App

This is another wonderful web app template which has WooCommerce integrated for better functionalities. Discover what it has to offer and use it in your future projects.

Ionic WooCommerce API web app templates

Here is a beautiful angular JS & Cordova application template that you can use to build your future designs. Check out its full features and see how it can help you in the future.

Ionizer Ionic Template

 AJAX Mobile Contact Form

You can use this stunning Ajax mobile contact form to quickly send emails without having to reload the page. This app template is very easy to customize to meet your every need.

AJAX Mobile Contact Form

IonSocialApp – Ionic Social Template

IonSocialApp includes all that you might require in order to create a professional Ionic Framework application. This is a flexible web app with a fully customizable design.

IonSocialApp Ionic Social-Template

MobSocial – Ionic Cordova Phonegap Hybrid App Template and WordPress

MobSocial is an amazing app template that you can use to build various Android or iPhone applications. You can do this quickly, without having to know much about writing the code itself.

MobSocial Ionic Cordova Phonegap Hybrid App Template

BAZAAR – Ionic Multi App Template (with optional WooCommerce integration)

Bazaar is a great source which includes 35  well-designed screens with multipurpose uses. These items include many neat features and amazing functionalities.

BAZAAR Ionic Multi App Template
Controlr – Smart House Hybrid Application Template

Controlr is an excellent app template which was created using Angular JS framework. This gives the theme a great amount of flexibility.

Serge Shepelevich web app templates
Ionstore – Ionic Premium WooCommerce Full Android and iOS App

Ionstore is a premium WooCommerce app template which can be used to create both Android and iOS applications. This design includes many useful features such as multi-language support, a lovely home slider, scroll to top, and more.

Ionstore Ionic Premium WooCommerce Full Android App
Material Design UI Ionic Template App

This UI template application includes over 300 Ionic UI screens. You can use this beautifully designed item to significantly ease your work.

Material Design UI Ionic Template App

Drawer | Sidebar Navigation for Mobiles & Tablets

Drawer is an excellent sidebar navigation jQuery template which lets you create your personalized templates from scratch. This item includes a simple code, lots of icons, scrollable sidebar, etc.

web app templates

X App – Hand-crafted multiple ionic apps with Laravel backend

X App is an outstanding multipurpose application template which includes many neat features and amazing functionalities.

X App Hand crafted multiple ionic apps Laravel

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