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12 Outstanding Products Designers Will Love

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice that has just entered the world of graphic design or are a pro at graphic designing. Every individual loves high-end products, and when we are talking about graphic designing, there are uber-cool tools available for the same purpose. These tools ease out the process of graphic designing and also make the graphic designer look equipped with the latest technological gadgets.

Today in this blog, we are going to look at such equipment that is trendy and are dreams come true for any graphic designer. This blog is going to cover the hardware, software and the gadgets that every graphic designer would want to own. These products offer ease of use. Let us take a look at those.

1. Apple Mac Book Pro:

Apple Mac Book Pro

A graphic designer generally is working with Mac Books from Apple Inc. The two primary factors because graphic designers love Apple products are the brand value and its operating system. Apple MacBook Pro comes is a 9th Generation Intel I7 Quad Core Processing system along with 16 GB of RAM which makes it an invincible machine. However, Apple machines and products function on Mac OS, and if you are a Windows OS user, you need some time to get accustomed to working with Mac OS.

With its high-resolution graphics and state of the art technology, you would see that this system is the most favorite system to work. It comes with a brilliant Retina Display with True Tone technology that offers beautiful graphics. For the security-obsessed designers, it also comes with touch ID to prevent someone else logging in the system. It offers 4 GB of video memory along with Radeon Pro 555x Graphics which are ideal for graphic designers to use and work. It also features Intel UHD Graphics 630 card that improves the overall working experience. Along with 4 thunderbolt USB C-type ports and 802.11AC Wi-Fi, the most favorite feature of this system is that it has battery life that lasts up to 10 hours.

2. Apple iMac Desktop Computer with Retina Display:

Apple iMac Desktop Computer With Retina Display

When it comes to graphic designers, without batting an eyelid, they always choose Apple products. As the company maintains the quality of the product throughout the years, it is easy to notice that their supporters have stayed with them. Apple iMac is similar to its other counterparts in the same category of computer systems that features a futuristic look. Intel is the provider   of The CPU of this system and contains their 6 core 8th Generation Intel       Core   i5 Processor. Generally, this system runs on 3 GHz, but it can go up to 3.5  GHz if need be. With a RAM capacity of 8 GB, it is capable enough to work with high-resolution graphics.

The GPU in this system comes with 2 GB of video memory and has a dedicated AMD GPU, which is Radeon Pro 500, which makes it lightning fast. It  comes with a fusion drive that offers 1TB of storage space that is enough to store      all your graphic design projects. The monitor shines brilliantly 21.5-inch monitor with Retina Display. Images look crisper because it can give out up to 1 billion colors and brightness of up to 500 nits. The backside of the monitor offers 2 USB-C ports, 4 USB ports, an SDXC card slot which make all the peripherals accessible.

3. Monitor-Benq PD3200U:

Benq Monitor PD3200U

PD3200 is a full-screen monitor that works with 4K images in 3D graphics and makes it very easy to work at, compared to other versions of monitors. The display comes with the size of 32 inches display and PS screen has the contrast ratio of 1000:1 and supports sRGB space correctly. PD3200 has a resolution of 3840×2160, 100% support for Rec 709, including darkroom, dedicated animation and CAD/CAM modes. It comes with Keyboard, Video Mouse (KVM) switch which allows you to connect another computer system with PD3200U monitor and lets you work with two systems using the same KVM switch. With smaller workspace and multiple computers, this is a win-win product.

It is possible to rotate the monitor by a 90-degree angle so that it makes it easier for you to work with your portrait projects. It allows you to swivel it around and tilt the monitor as per your flexibility. The screen comes with two HDMI ports, a Display port 1.2, mini Display port and SD card slot. It also features two USB 3.0 ports that make it easy for you to connect peripheral monitors.

4. Monitor Calibrator – X-Rite i1Display Pro:

Monitor Calibrator

You don’t need to waste your time to make perfect videos and images with the kind of display which would not represent your projects correctly. X-Rite i1Display Pro has the topmost level of color accuracy on-screen for displays which is ideal for photographers, filmmakers, designers and imaging professionals. The two user modes, namely Basic and Advanced, give the color perfectionists the right combination of color precision, speed and options that would suit any workflow.

5. Digital Sketch Pen- Inkling:

Digital Sketch Pen Inkling

You can draw and make sketches with this pen on your typical sketchbook  which simulates the likeness of the sketch on the monitor. If you have to capture creative ideas or roughly sketching things before giving them a final look, then this pen is ideal for the graphic designers. It has a ballpoint tip that simulates the function of a regular ballpoint pen. The sketches you make with this pen are ideal for use in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

You can store thousands of sketches and rough drawings on the Inkling receiver  device before you decide to transfer it to your Mac or another computer system through USB. It has the facility to acquire your sketches in JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG or PDF file formats. The layers button put on the receiver lets you layer the digital sketches that you draw on the paper. The pen and the receiver  are chargeable and come with travel-friendly cases that you can carry anywhere. The Inkling Sketch Manager is software that aids you in adding, editing or deleting the layers over the sketch after you transfer the sketch to the computer.

6. Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint:

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

With Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint, it is easy to convert a wall or unattractive surface to a white colored canvas. It is the fantastic quality product that is perfect for writing and erasing clearly without the ink, leaving a sticky residue behind that generally happens with other whiteboards. The Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint is perfect for use at homes.

Easy to mix, it comes with cans that say THIS and THAT. You have to mix THIS with THAT to create a single roller application that covers an area of 40 square feet. As it is odorless, it is clearly environment friendly and safe for use. Easier to clean, write and work with, it features a thick layer of the paint that does not let the marker ink seep through the pores in the wall. As it dries up quickly and seasons over the period, the writing and sketching experience continues to improve over time.

7. Smart Notebook -Evernote Moleskine:

To sketch or make notes during conferences or classes, this is a perfect notebook that you should use. It is the right device for syncing your analog and digital work. It has pages that have margins created to capture and keep your work in place. There is an availability of Smart Sticker icons that you can look up and it keeps your things organized.

It is loved by people across the globe, including travelers, designers and journalists for its ease of use. As it has a sleek and compact design and a durable cover, it is easy to carry it around. It is ideal for people who regularly need notepads for sketching, writing and journaling.

8. Pantone Swatch Book:

Pantone Swatchbook

If you are a color perfectionist and are very specific about the color selection, then this swatch book is ideal for you. Ideal for use for graphic designers, it gives you a clear evaluation of Pantone spot colors against their nearest CMYK process color that produces a match on a coated and an uncoated sheet of paper. This Swatch book also gives RGB and HEX value of the selected color so that it can reproduce in the computer screen in the best way possible.

This swatch book comes with coated and uncoated guide set that lets you see the effect of printing the selected color on each guide sheet. This device helps you control the requirements of digital reproduction of colors. It also includes 112 new Pantone colors.

9. Earphones -Bose SoundSport Free:

Bose SoundSport Free

The best earphones that come with the convenience of allowing its user to absorb into the listening experience. The most fantastic feature of this device is, it is wireless and fits perfectly into the ears of every user. Bose SoundSport Free establishes a secure and reliable connection with mobile phones and computer systems through Bluetooth connection. They are perfect to work with the people ranging from working at home to running high-intensity workouts at the gyms.

With just two hours of charging time, it comes with a power-packed audio performance for enhanced music listening experience. What’s more, it is sweat and weather resistant that makes it even more sought after device. For people who have butterfingers, it is easy to find the earphones with “Find my buds” feature through Bose’s Connect App. Along with the speakers, these earphones are equipped with microphones to make or take calls.

10. Printer – Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Format:

Epson Expression Photo HD Printer

These Epson printers are high-resolution photography printers that have a design for accurate graphic designing results. It has six individual ink tanks to print ultra HD, realistic and vibrant images. XP-15000 can print the paper that is huge as 13×19 inches and has the capability of printing on almost all the standard papers. This model is perfect for high-yielding ink cartridges that would give up to 800 prints of pages per color. With professional ultra HD printing quality, you can achieve borderless printing with large sized papers.

11. Ergonomic Mouse – Logitech MX Master 2s:

Logitech-mx-Master 2s

Logitech has reached a wide area of the market for peripheral devices. It has designed a cordless mouse, MX Master 2s, which is made to fit a human hand comfortably and is compatible for extensive use. It does not cause strain to the user’s hand because of its design. This mouse works with all the surfaces, including glass surface as it has 4000 Dpi Darkfield sensor. The mouse is said to wake up instantly as you resume your work after a supposed lunch break.

It features three green LED lights that are battery life indicator of the mouse. With a full charge, it can work up to 70 days until the next charge. Moreover, it has a micro-USB charging point in the front that allows you to work while your mouse is recharging. The buttons on the mouse let you toggle between the windows on the screen without using a keyboard. The scroll wheel allows you to scroll through documents and web pages with a flick of the wheel. The speed at which you scroll the wheel decides the speed at which the pages scroll up/down.

12.Ergonomic Desk – FlexiSpot Standing Desk:

FlexiSpot Standing Desk

This standing desk workstation provides the flexibility to change the sitting and standing positions throughout the day. This desk comes with a comfortable work surface, an ample keyboard space and tablet integration. It comes with an adjustable height feature that allows a person of every height to use it in his or her comfort. It is a space-saving desk because it folds vertically within its footprint.

The desk offers much space that is enough to accommodate a laptop, a desktop and paperwork comfortably. The full-sized tray offers a lower level fitting that accommodates a mouse and a keyboard and is easily removable when the keyboard and mouse are not required. You can easily adjust the desk with single-handed at zero force or pressure, unlike other desks.

The devices, as mentioned earlier, are some of the most coveted and most sought after devices that help a graphic designer ease his work out. Most graphic designers always look forward to using such latest technology tools as they are always in trend. Gifting such devices to a graphic designer friend, who is also a tech-savvy person, can be a great idea.

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