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20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge

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An outline font, as the name suggests, has alphabets or numbers that only have the outlines of the character and no fill inside the outlines. Such fonts are generally used for creating attractive headlines and titles. Many logos and stationery design also make use of Outline Fonts.

Outline Fonts can be very helpful for creating flyers, posters, or even a greeting card design. Here are 20 best outline fonts to give your design an edge. Most of these outlines fonts are free to use, while a few are premium/paid ones.

1. Plabook:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- PlayBook Font

As the name suggests, this font is targeted at designing a banner, poster or any material that is used for fun, playful purposes. Playbook is an excellent font for children’s book cover, posters or any kid-related design. There are three variants available with this font: Playbook Outline, Playbook Fill and Playbook Regular. Though not very extensive in several choices and variants, the font is a playful and aesthetic one to cater to all your design needs for children easily.  It is a very natural font in the sense that using it feels like someone has sketched this typography with a marker pen, which gives it an authentic and attractive feel.

2. Library 3 AM:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Library 3 AM

Library 3 AM is a free outline font that has an aesthetic and creative design. It comes with two styles: Regular and Soft. There is support for multi-language that makes it stand out from most of its competitors. This font follows a one-line structure. It is considered as a Neon font family and is a free font for both personal and commercial use. Since it’s a neon font, the best application for this font could be for headlines or banners used for night clubs and casinos or even bowling alleys.

3. Potra:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge - Potra

Potra is one of those fonts that have a very futuristic feel. The characters have rounded lines, and it contains all cap letters, numbers and symbols. There are many instances where this font can be used, such as badges, labels, logotypes, banners and headlines and also print. The font is aesthetically appealing and free to use for both personal and commercial use. It would surely make your design stand out of the crowd.

4. Exodar:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Exodar

Exodar is another futuristic typeface that has elegance in each character. It has a very modern look which makes it sci-fi, futuristic, catchy, stylish and readable. It is also easy to use.  Exodar is a futuristic font. However, it can be used for any commercial activities such as logo, poster design, headline, and album cover. It can also be used for the album, flyer, t-shirts, business cards, social media, magazine, advertising, product designs or anything which needs a hint of futuristic look.

5. Altero:


Altero is an outline font which has a modern approach. It offers a minimalistic and clean design. Altero has a bold design and is available in two styles: Regular and Outlined. It has 505 glyphs, all-cap letters, symbols and numbers. It also has support for 91 languages. Using this font is an excellent idea for headlines, ads, posters and banners.  It is a font that is free to use for both personal and commercial use.

6. Neon Neon:


This font is a great outline font especially if you’re looking for setting an 80s mood. This outline font uses line art in a creative and unique manner. None of the characters is closed completely; there is always an origin point and an exit point. This makes the font look rather stylish and fresh from the rest of the available fonts in the market.  This font can be used for packaging, advertising, poster designs and much more. It would best work for a target audience who are into 80s music or have influences of the 80s generation.

7. Metria Free Display Font:


Metria Font has a unique approach to design and style. It uses angles and shapes that instantly remind one of geometry.  Each character has certain unique characteristic and the font is very fresh to the eyes. It is also highly versatile as it takes the rigid shapes of geometry and adds a fun touch to them with organic curves.  This font is ideal for architectural content and also could work best for mathematic textbooks or quiz header.

8. Fakedes:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Fakedes

Fakedes is a serif font which has a modern edge. Each letter has a certain characteristic that repeats throughout the font. It looks unique and fresh. Fakedes comes with two font styles: Regular and Bold.  It has a curved round shape. The design of the characters is well balanced and easily readable. Fakedes is a font that would look great for casual boardings, headers and also kid’s party’s invitations. Since it has a signature wave pattern in its design, it could also work with any content related to surfing or other water activities.

9. Paralines:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Paralines

It is an outline font that draws inspiration from both: future and retro design. The structure of the font adheres to the modern practices while at the same time has elements of retro design as well. This font could work great for posters of remakes of vintage films, products that have a modern approach to a nostalgia-driven product, and also as header to any relevant content material.

10. Forsaken Font:


Forsaken font has a very handcraft design. It drives a certain feeling of nostalgia to the users. The font is ideal for prints, apparels and also logos. The font pack includes an outline and filled versions. Using both of these styles you could create some aesthetically pleasing and attractive content. The tail and other elements of each character look like a painting stroke hence this font is also ideal for headers of painting exhibitions or art gallery or even art magazine.

11. Darc:


Darc is a great outline font which is inspired by French writing. It has a retro feel to it and it comes with 5 different options; Façade, Shadow, Roman, Inline and Outline. It is usable for creating signage, café boarding also vintage themed cinemas. Since there are 6 variants of fonts to play around with, this font could single-handedly manage to create a great content layout for any particular project. The font was named as a wordplay on the phrase ‘The arc’. The characters are distinguished from other fonts by their unique arch that adds a modern touch to the otherwise retro outline font.

12. Tokyo:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Tokyo

Tokyo is a great bold san serif font. It comes with both solid and outline variants. The font is designed in a way that the outline font can easily outlay the solid font if you want to use it that way. You can do this using Photoshop. It is an ideal font for invitations, weddings, headers, saves the dates and more.  It is a playful font that can add a lot of character to your content.

13. Decurion:

Decurion- Bold- Impactful

Decurion has a classic vintage design. It is a slab display font that has many styles and variations like the outline, inline, rough and more. This font can be used for website headers, social media, or even posters.  It comes with 6 different styles. It includes uppercase letters, numbers and also some punctuation.

14. Pittsbrook:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Pittsbrook

Pittsbrook is a classic typeface which is inspired by letters that were used in old advertisements/packaging. The shape of the font is rigid, sharp and blocky. There are no curves used with this font. It is a particular font that works amazing if you have a specific vintage design project. The various places it could be used at are any e-sport logo, packaging, headline, liquor label, space-fillers, typographic quotes or even logotypes. The font comes with two styles, regular and slanted.

15. Greta:

Greta- Fun-Design-Lowecase

Greta is a unique outline font as it includes only lowercase characters. There are bold, outlined and filled variants. It has inspiration from the 70s and gives a very retro look. This font is ideal for social media marketing, branding, quotes, text with fill background and much more. It is not the easiest to read font however it has a certain design characteristic that makes it stand out from the other fonts. The weight distribution of each character is different which makes it look more humanized and hand-lettered as a font.

16. Yerington:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Yerington

Yerington font looks very close to any calligraphy font. It has an elegant and modern approach to lettering. It comes with two variants: plain and outline. There are lowercase, uppercase characters. It also supports multi-language characters. It is a great font for logo design, graphic design, posters and tattoos as well. You can also use it for magic show headers or posters.

17. Buryland:

Buryland-Cursive-Free Flow-Adventure

Buryland is a hand-tailored font, which has drawn inspiration from retro and modern lettering style. It uses san serif as a base for character design. It comes with three variants; Regular, Outline and Stamped. It also has support for multiple languages which makes it accessible and usable across a greater audience pool. The font has a cursive font which makes it look elegant and beautiful. It works great for designing posters with adventure or travel themes, for bike or cycling expeditions and much more. This font can also be used for designing logos, with other fonts to create a nice contrast.

18. Sigma Display:

Sigma-Typography-Fonts to use

Sigma Display comes with lowercase, uppercase and important characters like numbers, punctuations, glyphs and currency as well. It comes with four variants that are Regular, Italic versions for both outline and regular versions. Sigma is a tall font which would look great onboarding and posters. It can also be used for branding a product or making their logo. This font would suit the aesthetic requirement of a beer product, or a casino as well.

19. Georgea Sans Serif Font:


Georgea Sans Serif font has an all-caps sanserif font. It consists of regular, grunge and also outline variants. There are six TTF and OTF fonts file. This helps you mix and match various design styles to create a perfect layout of content or use a single font for creating an outstanding design. It is ideal for logo designing, stamps, t-shirt design, posters, and cards and branding. Apart from other characters it also has support for shapes.

20. Crystal Font Family:

20 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge- Crystal

Crystal is a trendy font that has support for the two-layering setting. You can easily give the text a 3d gradient by layering outline font on top of the regular font.  It has a great gradient feel and sharp edges. The font resembles a crystal with its sharp and defined edges. It would look great on premium brands and posters and headers.  The font can also be great for logos.

These were 20 best outline fonts to give your design an edge.  Some of these are premium whereas some of these are free. If you’re new to designing and using fonts, try out the free one’s firs to get accustomed to how to use such fonts. Once you have a clear understanding and a better grip, you could try some of the premium ones too. However, the quality of the font doesn’t depend on the fact that its premium or free. Many free fonts have fantastic scope for typography as well. It is a subjective and personal choice that depends on what purpose do you want a particular style to accomplish. Use a complementary font to your business purpose for getting the best out of that font.

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