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Adobe Edge Animate is a wonderful multimedia authoring tool for creating one-of-a-kind animations for any kind of project. It uses HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3, to build powerful applications and other animated, interactive content that can be used to enhance the look and usability of a website, or just for fun as a side project. Anything created using Edge Animate can be easily customized to fit your needs, and the result will be stunning!

Additionally, you can easily create flip cards, quizzes, counters, badges, pricing tools, and widgets that will playback on any device, including desktops computers, laptops, tablets and all types of smartphones. Edge Animate templates come packed with lots of great features that will help you tailor different content to your needs, like interchangeable color schemes, font size and style, icons, and images. Also, these templates are fully responsive and they can be edited using Notepad, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Edge Animate CC.

In this article, we’re featuring 40 awesome Edge Animate templates to help you with your web design projects. These include a great variety of animated content, so you can be sure to find something that will work for you. Let us know which ones you find the most useful!

HTML5 Animated Banner Templates | «AURORA»

HTML5 Edge Animate Templates

With Edge Animate you can build animations that will play when a website is opened, or cool effects like product boxes that flip when you hover the cursor over them, or animated banners that present information in a clear fashion, for advertisement purposes. Check out this example! This is a really nice and colorful animated banner template. It comes in various sizes. This example is very easy to customize.

Animated Christmas Card

Animated Christmas Card

This animated Christmas card might come in really handy it will definitely help you make a winter holiday Adobe Edge Animation.

Edge Geometry Game

Game Edge Animate Templates

You can use this Edge Geometry template to create unlimited tests by preparing your question images.

Happy New Year 2017 Tag Style

Happy New Year 2017 Tag Style

If you liked the previous example check out this Happy New Year Tag style, download it and customize it! This example is colorful and expresses the joy each of us feels at the beginning of every new year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Card

 Edge Animate TemplatesCard

And if you’re looking for more winter holidays Adobe Edge animations check out this one as well!

Happy New Year 2017 Greeting Card

Happy New Year 2017 Greeting Card

This is a really nice happy new year Adobe Edge Animation which will definitely put a smile on people’s faces.

Horse Running Animation

Horse Animation Edge Animate Templates

This is a horse running animation that’s really well organized and documented. You can use it all sorts of creative projects and it is very easy to modify it.

Musical Animated Greeting Card – Merry Christmas

Musical Edge Animate Templates

This is an animated Christmas greeting card which you can use and customize in any way you see fit.

Christmas banners set + Greeting card 500px*500px

Christmas Edge Animate Templates

If you’re looking for a really nice set of Christmas banners and greeting cards have a look at this example. It looks great and you can easily customize it.

Amazing Dialer – Responsive Interactive Slider

Amazing Edge Animate Template

Animated content is great for any type of website, whether it’s a blog, a portfolio, or an e-commerce site. By making use of animations, you can create sliders that you can add to your websites in order to showcase a great variety of content or games that will test different skills. This is a responsive and interactive animated slider which you can integrate into all sorts of web projects.

Hosting Banner with Hover Effect

Hosting Edge Animate Template

This is a hosting banner with a hover effect. The banner looks great and colorful and it can come in handy for future projects.

Animated Banner | Adobe Edge Animate

 Animated Banner Edge Animate Template
Luckily, creating fun animations doesn’t necessarily have to require any effort on your part. There’s no need to create everything from scratch on Edge Animate if you don’t want to. This will save a lot of time, as you won’t need to get accustomed to the software, prepare a design, and then create it one element at a time, and the result will be equally beautiful.  This animated banner template comes in 3 versions. It has its inspiration in flat design.

30 SVG icons

 Edge Animate Templateicons

This is a set of 30 most popular SVG icons with smooth animations and retina ready design.

Tangram Game

Tangram Game Edge Animate Template

Remember the Tangram game? This is a really nice Adobe Edge animation inspired from that game.

Animated Image Menu

Animated Image Menu

This set contains 2 different animated image menus for you to use and customize as you see fit.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Edge Animate Template

This animation looks good and it is very easy to customize it. It is perfect for the winter holidays.

Falling Particles(Snow, Balloons and etc.)

Falling Particles Edge Animate Template

This is a really nice and elegant animation. Falling Particles can come in really handy and you can apply it to any element of your page or banner.

HTML5 Banner «Geometric line» 15 sizes, 4 colours

HTML5 Banner Edge Animate Template

This is a really nice and animated HTML5 banner which uses abstract geometric lines. They’re available in 15 sizes and 4 color variations.

Product Widget

Product Widget

If you were looking for an animated product widget then you’ve come to the right place.

Hover Effects – Animated Cards

Hover Effects Animated Cards

If you were looking for some really nice hover effects to integrate into your web design projects check out this set. This example contains 5 standard effects and 5 reverse effects.

Flipping Product Box

Fliping Product Box Edge Animate Template

You can use the flipping box animation in your projects. All you have to do is change the content and overwrite 3 images.  This set contains 3 animations, the PSD files, and instructions.

Travel Banner Set – 15 Sizes

Travel Edge Animate Template

This set contains a really nice and edge animated banners. In this set, you’ll find 15 standard web banners.

HTML5 Animated banner templates | «Character»


If you’re up for more HTML5 animated banner templates then you might want to have a look at this example. It has its inspiration in flat design and it definitely looks great.

Avatar Widgets


You can never have enough avatar widgets and this example contains animated ones!

HTML5 Animated Banner Templates | «Space banner»


If you’re looking to expand your HTML5 animated banners collection then you should really check out the Space banner set.

HTML5 Animated Banner Templates | Edge Animate

HTML5 Edge Animate Template

And if you liked the previous example have a look at this one as well. These animated banners have a clean design which uses an abstract green background, white typography and flat icons.

Side Slider – Advanced Animated

Side Slider Edge Animate Template

Check out the animated Side Slider as well! It is definitely stunning and appears from the left. If you click on it it’ll show more details.

Animated Web Intro

 Edge Animate Template Web Intro

You can use this animation to impress your website’s visitors or in advertising campaigns. This template contains the project files, the HTML, and the OAM file.

16 Animated Scroll Icons Package

 Edge Animate Template Icons Package

You can also add this set of animated scroll icons to your amazing collection. They definitely diverse and they would look great in your projects.

Edge Border – Creative Portfolio / Agency Template

 Edge Animate Template

This is an edge border, a unique template built on Edge Animate that you can use to create a cool portfolio.

Advanced Animated Skill Bars – Edge Animate

Advanced Edge Animate Template

This example contains a collection of multipurpose animated skill and stats bars. This set contains a total of 16 Edge Animate files which you can use and integrate into all sorts of projects.

Animated Counters V 2.0 – Edge Animate Collection

Animated Counters Edge Animate Template

You might also want to have a look at the Animated Counters! This a collection of 16 multipurpose animated counters.

Edge Pricings

Edge Pricings Edge Animate Template

Check out these animated pricing tables and download them immediately. They’re really easy to edit and use!

Secret coupon

Secret coupon Edge Animate Template

The Secret Coupon animation looks great. It uses flat design and it will definitely look great in your project.

Second Timer

Second Timer Edge Animate Template

This is an animated timer that you can use and integrate into many creative projects. You have the source file included which means you can easily edit and change the description!

Edge Animate Badges HTML5

 Edge Animate Template Badges HTML5

This set contains animated Edge badges. You can easily add your own images. It is an HTML5 animation which means it will work on any device.

Animate Fish

Animate Fish Edge Animate Template

This animated fish will brighten your day and your website. Check it out!

17 Animated Flip Cards Package

 Edge Animate Template Cards Package

Have a look at these animated flip cards and find out in how many ways you can integrate this hover effect in your web design projects.

Animated Line Chart Column Infographics

Animated Chart Infographics

These animated line chart column infographics will look great in your project. You can use them to make an interactive website!

Animated Pie Charts – Edge Animate Collection

Animated Pie Charts Edge Animate Template

This is a really nice collection of multipurpose Edge animations of pie charts. They were professionally designed and they’ll look great in your projects.

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