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15 Awesome WordPress Themes to Use This Year

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The first step would be to use WordPress if you aren’t doing so already. You can always start coding from scratch. But this popular CMS platform makes web design oh-so-much easier.

Choose a WordPress theme that matches your needs. It will make the website design task easier yet. You won’t be compromising on quality either. Quite the opposite is likely to be the case. This is thanks to the layouts, design options, page-building tools, and special features. They often enable you to accomplish things you could only dream of before.

There are so many WordPress themes on the market. Thus, finding the perfect match for your needs can be extremely time-consuming. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We have come up with the following selection of 15 of the very best WordPress themes on the market.

Starting off with:

  1. Be Theme

We didn’t place Be Theme at the top of the list because of its size (it’s the biggest WordPress theme on the market today), but because of what it can do for you in your quest to build a better website.

Be Theme’s 40 core features provide you with a powerful tool that enable you to build anything and build it to as near perfection as possible. Your ability to create a stunning website is a given. Other key website attributes like responsiveness, SEO friendliness, overall performance, and the tools to create a quality UX are there as well.

The most useful of these core features may be the Be Theme pre-built website, of which there currently are over 400. These customizable pre-built websites cover more than 30 different business and industry sectors and website types – so it’s not at all difficult to find the right match to get a project underway.

Once you get started on a Be Theme-driven project it’s hard to stop, so don’t be surprised if a project takes as little as 4 hours to complete.

  1. Bridge

Whether or not a WordPress theme is “best” can be arguable, but this best seller is without a doubt the most popular WordPress creative theme on the market; at least that’s what its (happy) customer base of more than 100,000 would appear to confirm.

The Bridge theme is loaded with web-design options, it’s totally customizable, and its library of 376 (and counting) pre-made websites allow a project to get off to a lightning-fast start no matter the website’s type or purpose.

With these pre-made websites and Bridge’s assortment of design modules you’ll find it easy to create anything from online shops to blogs, magazines to listings, and you name it. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a reason to use code since the chances of your ever needing code are as close to zero as you can get.

Bridge’s other top features include Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, and the Timetable Responsive Scheduling plugins.

  1. Brook

Brook, the ThemeForest best-selling multipurpose creative theme will meet the need to build no matter what type of website you’re planing out. Though the massive number of homepages it provides have a lot to do with its popularity and favorability; however, as any seasoned web designer will tell you, it’s the theme’s performance that counts.

Brook’s team of authors have been careful enough to keep their code squeaky clean to ensure Brook will always perform smoothly and seamlessly. This, at the same time, contributes to its blazing fast loading speed as well.

With respect to features, you’ll definitely gain advantage from the extensive collection of homepage layouts, which are updated frequently for quality improvement and kept in sync with the latest design trends.

Additionally, it would be remiss not to mention its premium plugins namely WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, infinite & one page scrolling, parallax effects, Retina HD sliders, mega menus, breadcrumbs … which are more than a few goodies.

  1. TheGem

The Behance network of designers certainly achieved their goal when they set out to create a modern, responsive multipurpose WordPress theme that many have come to regard as the most beautiful theme on the market.

First time users often find the flexibility and diversity TheGem offers overwhelming, and that’s true for seasoned web designers as well as for beginners. TheGem is an excellent choice for almost any business niche, non-profits, bloggers, online shop owners and creatives.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

You can go through the list of features Uncode provides, but if you’re really interested in understanding what this creative multiuse WordPress theme is all about, we suggest you browse its web designer showcase to see what Uncode users have created.

It’s a great source of inspiration should you ever experience “creator’s block’ as it will quickly get you back on track. You’ll love this theme’s layout management options and Uncode is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

  1. Kalium

Kalium is definitely the best theme for creatives, when a WordPress theme can justifiably claim to be extremely easy to use, as is the case with Kalium, you should be able to showcase your work as you’ve always wanted to the first time you use it.

Kalium offers an impressive selection of theme options, layout designs, and drag and drop content elements to work with. Full content design demos, premium fonts and bundled plugins are also present as is the theme’s mark of excellent support – its periodic updates.

  1. Avada WordPress Theme

This highly trusted WordPress theme has been a #1 best-selling theme over the past 5 years. This is no surprise given the complete package of website-building tools it provides, its responsive framework, and its impressive range of design options.

Avada allows you to create virtually any design style you can think of, without restrictions, and without coding. You can also expect first-class support.

  1. Real Homes

More than 17,500 purchases indicate that a niche theme like Real Homes has more than a few things going for it, as does its 4.66/5-star rating. The reason for this popularity has to be due in part to Real Home’s easily customizable advanced search capabilities along with its flexible property listing features.

A frontend property submission capability and major payment gateway options play a key role as well.

  1. Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Grenada is an innovative and elegant creative WordPress theme, attributes you won’t find in very many themes designed with the same purpose in mind. Key Grenada features include its crazy-fast Ajax page load, its selection of creative portfolio sliders, ingenious menu options, and video background support.

Grenada is also responsive and Gutenberg compatible. In short, this theme has all the features required to create innovative and elegant websites.

  1. Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

Most multipurpose WordPress themes can’t provide the features necessary to satisfy what realtors require in their websites. Houzez was created with the real estate sector in mind.

This feature-rich, drag and drop specialty theme provides flexible listings and advanced property search capabilities, a unique property management system, payment gateways and more.

  1. KnowAll

If your business is not in a position to provide quick responses to customer questions or problems 24/7 or whenever you’re away, KnowAll has a solution. With KnowAll, questions customers are most likely to ask are answered automatically, and if a customer doesn’t quite know what to ask for, KnowAll can make a suggestion.

The number of problem tickets will markedly decline, and the number of satisfied customers will correspondingly increase.

  1. MOVEDO – We DO MOVE Your World

The effect of movement in websites can be almost magical when properly applied – which is what MOVEDO does best. With the help of this top-rated WordPress theme, you can give your websites a little extra spark and pizzazz by incorporating its cutting-edge designs, ultra-dynamic parallax effects, unique animations, and other moving elements, both real and illusionary.

Time to MOVE on?

  1. Schema

One element web designers struggle with and sometimes ignore completely is optimizing their sites for search engines. They’ll create beautiful websites; the problem is, search engines don’t find them beautiful at all. Schema fixes all that.

Schema guides search engines through your site and tells them what is what. It has clean code, fast page load times, and lets you know where fixes are in order. A handy theme to have.

  1. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo’s focus is on three key areas: blog design, corporate design, and eCommerce functionality. This flexible and customizable theme gives you more than 150 pre-built design elements, a wide assortment of one-click demo pages and home pages, and free of cost bundled plugins that include the WPBakery page builder and slider revolution.

Pofo also gives you blazing-fast performance and it’s SEO optimized.

  1. ForumPress

ForumPress enables you to create and manage a successful online forum with WordPress. Having a friendly forum, one that encourages community and collaboration can tremendously benefit a business, and a theme like ForumPress that is powered by the bbPress forum plugin gives website owners and designers all the functionality they need.

You can setup a forum in seconds and tweak it to suit your community and to match your brand.


Selecting a WordPress theme that will suit your needs should never be a problem. Unfortunately, it often can become a problem because of the huge number of themes to choose from.

Our selection of 15 top themes should make it easy to find one or more that offers a perfect fit. It may take a little time to find just the right one, but you can’t make a bad choice no matter which one you choose.

Julian Dorobantu
Julian is a talented writer and digital media professional with BawMedia. We are proud to have Julian as one of our contributing writers to help our readers get the most value in web and graphic design resources.