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16 Unique Designs for Mobile Profile User Interfaces

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A user profile is a screen that offers a configuration to your user settings. If you sign up for Facebook, you find settings where you can change your profile picture or put a caption beneath it. You can log in to your account and use the settings to put up a picture of you or see your friend list to check the number of friends you have. Web designers and graphic designers put a lot of effort into making this screen as enjoyable as possible. There are so many ways to design an interface, and the designers continuously work at it to change the design regularly.

This blog focuses on the various mobile applications that have a user profile interface that allows users to tweak the settings of their profiles. Following is the list of multiple applications that offer stunning interface design.

1. Paw Print:

Paw Print


Paw Print is a health care tracker for your pets. You can maintain its medical records, food timings and instructions, diet plans, and more. It also allows you to have pictures of your pet and share them with your friends and family too. The application’s profile interface lets you add your pet’s photo as a profile picture. You can add other details like its breed, its name, date of birth as well as the date of adoption. With its orange interface, the design of the user interface is pretty popping to the eyes yet fascinating. The designers can take a look at the interface and draw inspiration from it.

2. Air Travel App:

Air Travel App

Air Travel App, as the name suggests, is the application that lets you see your scheduled flights and other travel details. It also enables you to see the trips that you can select while traveling. Moreover, it offers you an understanding of the distance between your current location and the chosen place of travel. This app’s interface is designed with red and white background with a very easy to understand controls and settings. You can also create your profile by adding your details along with your display picture.

3. Nearby App Rebound:

Nearby App Rebound

This app lets you find new friends near your existing location. You get various options to invite and connect with new friends and remove the existing ones. With the names of the suggested friends, you also can see how far they are from your location. The interface of this app is fascinating and easy to use. Moreover, it also lets you run a search for your friends on the app. You can switch to different screens according to your requirements, from the buttons that are provided below.

4. Handsome:


Handsome is an app that lets you connect with your friends through its interface. The essential feature of this app is, you get a coin for each hour you spend with your friends. You can add friends to the list and catch up with them. It shows the amount of time since you last got in touch with your friends. These coins can be redeemed at local stores while shopping to receive discounts. The interface of the app is made up of green and white colors. To add a friend, you can tap the red plus button on the bottom right corner that pops out of the screen. With the chat log at the top, you can also spot the map that shows the location of your selected friends.

5. Automotive Menu App:

Automotive menu

This application talks about automotive operations and transactions. You can see a driver’s profile with his or her driving license, insurance details, and payment methods. The interface is made entirely of white color, where it is easy to spot the required configurations. You can click the buttons and tabs to find the information you require. The app’s exciting thing is its add button, which is in a diamond shape instead of the usual circle. It is the first thing to catch a user’s eye.

6. Talent Portal App:

Talent Portal App

Talent Portal app is for the people who want to hire models from their selected locations or according to their availability. You can book a model and look at their details like their availability dates and the distance from your current location. On the other page, you can find the details of the model like biography, work genres, and body statistics. The interface of this application is pretty simple, with a purple and white backdrop. They have used different colors to highlight different information that you can quickly lookup.

7. Trunow:


Trunow is an application designed to let you see the deals in your area on things like fuel rates and food at restaurants nearby. The app is designed in only two colors: purple and white. You can see the scanned receipts on your profile page and your display image, badges, history, and statistics. It lets you browse the places that offer deals and the distance between your current location and the suggested destination. The app has a very easy to use interface with minimal complexity.

8. AppConnecting:


AppConnecting is an application that lets you connect with your team leader, your managerial team, and your coworkers. They can send you a request for a conference or meeting. You just have to accept or reject the request as per your decisions. The members can send you the date and time of the meeting or the conference thus arranged. You can browse the calendar, the comments and chats, and profile from the bar at the bottom of the application. The application is designed with sky blue and white colors that talk about professionalism. With a straightforward interface, you can create an alert to connect with the team members and arrange the meetups and conferences.

9. Transport App:

Transport app

Transport App is the application that lets you see the transportation details if you are looking for the details. It shows your profile along with the distance, time taken to travel, and the suggested speed. A fascinating feature is it shows how much Carbon dioxide you have emitted while being on this trip. For the route, you can choose to see the reports regarding accidents, traffic, and metro trips that you can avoid. The interface is designed in bottle green and white colors with varying shades of grey. You can end the journey by tapping the black stop button at the bottom of the application. This app is similar to Google apps and Maps from the Apple stores.

10. Acrylic Spotify:

Acrylic Spotify

Acrylic Spotify is a music app that lets you browse through the songs in the database with the large screen dedicated to the album and the artist details. You can spot the user profile on the left of the screen where you can sift through radio, your daily song mix, and more. If you select the song, it starts playing it. The interface is simple, with a playlist toggle and the settings for the user profile. On the artist detail screen, you can find an overview of the album, related artists, about the artist, and the upcoming concerts of the artist. The application also manages your customized playlists. It has a dark-themed interface and the controls in white or lighter shades that are easy to spot on the screen.

11. AVSC Project:

AVSC Project

The user profile in this application shows you the portfolio of the selected person. It shows their designation, work status, work location, number of successful contracts, and meetings. The application shows the traffic on the profile, alerts like mail and reviews, and other reports. With a plain white backdrop and blue highlights in the app, the interface is pretty easy to use and configure. It offers a clean and impeccable arrangement of controls and elements of the application.

12. Terhie:


This is an online course browsing application that lets you discover the courses in the specified vicinity. The app shows you the distance from your current location to the location where they offer classes. It shows the availability of various courses, its prices, and ratings of the course. The main screen of the application is in black, showing the map and the user profile screen in white. With a clean appearance, it is easy to use the app with specified parameters of use and other configurations.

13. Archery Tracker:

Archery Tracker

Archery Tracker is an application to track your archery training details that allows you to compare your progress with other archers. The archer’s user profile page shows the name, location, and display picture of the archer. It displays the number of shots in the selected month, average score of that month, accuracy levels, and average scores. You can also browse through the videos of the archer and upload more videos if you want. The other screen lets you see the spots that you have targeted, along with scores, the heartbeat of the archer, and other details. With a white screen for the user profile, they have designed the practice screen in black to see the archery details. The interface is easy to work with and has a simple design and simplified screens to find information.

14. LDS Dating App:

LDS Dating app

LDS Dating App, as the name suggests, is a dating application that lets you create your profile and lets others view your profile details and statistics. All the statistical data is available month wise. It shows the name of the user, his or her location, number of posts and followers, the number of dates he or she has had, and the weekday with the most activity. The application interface is pretty fascinating and fresh in its aesthetics. With a colorful interface, the app interface is easy to use and has required controls handy. It also shows the graph of the activity of the user of the application.

15. My Social Profile:

My Social Profile

My Social Profile is an application that lets you see the status of your social profile. The interface is similar to the social media platforms that you use on a regular basis. Along with the number of your followers, you can see the number of posts and people you follow. The app lets you set your profile picture and enable you to upload images and videos according to your preferences. With the simplicity of use, the application is in varied shades of violet that offers it a dark themed look. It is easy to spot settings of the app with the interface.

16. Music Interface:

Music Interface

The application offers settings and preferences in the form of tiles. With an interactive design, the music is arranged according to different titles in the form of tiles. On the top right corner of the app, you can spot the user profile that shows the display image and the total number of the songs in the created playlists. The interface is available in the dark as well as light theme. A user can set the lighting preferences from the settings. The dark and light theme plus a user-friendly interface offers a lot of ease and seamless operations in the player application. It is a truly inspirational design for graphic designers to take notice of.


As a graphic designer, you must create interfaces that are not complicated yet offer visually stunning designs. The user should feel attracted to the screen. A cluttered screen often is rejected by the users that prefer clean and immaculate designs. Moreover, you should keep innovating the designs and come up with new themes and designs with each upgrade. Your app can receive a very positive response when it comes to interface design. If your first design was messy, you still stand a chance to sell the app if you provide good design in the upgrades that follow. The dirty designs allow you to learn and refine your designs over time. This blog focuses on some perfect designs for apps from different domains. The graphic designers have put a lot of effort into designing such clean and beautiful interfaces. With the ease of use, you can also see how many different color combinations are available for each design.

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