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Here are 20 app user interface designs that follow the latest design trends! You will find different types of app designs in this list, from various niches. Financial, music, drawing, photo, weather, shopping apps and more, each one of these app user interface designs has something unique that will definitely inspire you.

We decided to analyze their user interfaces in detail. If you want to learn more about what color palettes you should use, how to create a cards layout for mobile apps, how to choose and pair fonts in an app design, how to design a clean but effective layout and how to integrate animations into them, these examples below will teach you.

YONO.MP3 mobile app — Music App

YONO.MP3 mobile app is a music app that allows users to listen to music and check the radio as well. The user interface design is clean, simple and has a beautiful choice of color with well-thought contrasts and gradients.

1 YONO App User Interface Designs

Watering Tracker App — Life app

Check out the design for this watering tracker lifestyle app. It has some cool interactions and reminds users when to water their plants using a sleek, user-friendly interface.

2 Watering App User Interface Designs

Listen — Music App

Listen is a music app prototype with a clear and clean interface that contains all the needed UI elements for a music app, such as music types options, channels, scenes, and more. You can even select the mood you’re having and the app will play suitable songs for you!

3 Listen music

Roomframes app — Managing app

Roomframes app is an iOS app for recording and remembering the places people have visited during their travels. This is more like a travel managing app for traveling enthusiasts. It has a light, clean interface that lets you add dates, photos, descriptions and more.

4 Roomframes App User Interface Designs

iOS App Slide Car — Life app

iOS App Slide Card is an iOS mobile app for classifying, searching and selling cars. It can also be used as a car lovers community. It has a clean, pure design with all the needed info about cars, such as prices, descriptions, photo, and more.

5 IOS App User Interface Designs

Karoline — Shopping app

Karoline is a mobile shopping app targeted at female users. It helps women buy clothing using a pink, feminine and easy to use interface.

6 Karoline Shopping App User Interface Designs

Wallet — Financial app

Wallet is a financial app design. This app’s purpose is to allow users to manage their money. It has a high-contrast design with distinctive icons, beautiful geometric elements and impressive animations.

7 Wallet App User Interface Designs

Natural Home

This app’s design is all about minimalism. It has a simple yet effective design, with clear and functional elements that work beautifully together.

8 Natural Home App User Interface Designs

City Intro Animation

This app’s design is all about dynamism. It has some incredible animations and effects that serve the purpose of attracting users. It combines the simple interface design with videos and other interactive elements. The onboarding part is truly inspiring.

9 City Intro Animation App User Interface Design

Events Discover App

This is another colorful app user interface design. It offers a dynamic, fun user experience and creates a strong visual impact.

10 Events Discover App User Interface Design


Marline is another app with an elegant interface design. The visual effects are simple and intuitive and the color palette is soothing. Typography is also very well chosen. It’s a great design for a daily weather application.

11 Marline App User Interface Design

Fitness App Chatbot

Here is a cool design for a Chatbot app. It performs all the tasks a chatbot does, all via a crisp user interface. This app will assist you in making lifestyle decisions based on your stats and will keep you motivated just like a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals.

12 Fitness App Chatbot App User Interface Design

Weather App Interactions

Here is a weather app design that makes use of the cards mode. It has a very functional design inspired by the Google’s Material Design principles. Take a look and get inspired!

13 Weather App Interactions App User Interface Design

Bullet Journal

This bullet journal app harnesses the power of micro-interactions and implements them in a funny way. It contains a lot of fun animations, sleek icons, and more. 14 Bullet Journal App User Interface Design

QiangChang Music App

This app’s design is inspired by the minimalist aspect of paper design. it has a clean and clear interface, with a simple card-based layout and an overall simplified design.

15 QiangChang Music App

Monthly Data Reports

This app’s design follows the flat design trend’s principles and makes use of flat elements to create a beautiful user interface. In case you didn’t notice, this is the design for a data reports app. It is clean, simple, colorful and gives you a pleasant feeling when using it.

16 Monthly Data Reports App User Interface Design

Snapseed by Google

Snapseed is a popular app you can download on Google Play but it is also an inspiration for mobile app designers. This photo editing app created by Google has a smart design, very intuitive and easy to use.

17 Snapseed by Google App User Interface Design

Awesome Note 2 by BRID

Awesome Note 2 is a great app design that combines scheduling and notes to perfection. It includes many features, such as images, voice recording, and even drawings. This is a granular app design with folders you can use to organize your notes and to-do lists. It’s also an interface with a lot of images and cards, so the user can keep everything organized.

18 Awesome Note 2 by BRID App User Interface Design

Squeeze by Squeeze

This is the design for a personal finance app which helps users track their spending habits. You can filter the expenses by category, save money, and be financially responsible. This mobile app offers an interesting user experience with beautiful graphs and statistics.

19 Squeeze App User Interface Design

Color by Disney

This is a cool coloring book app recently released by Disney. It contains many templates to choose from, all accessible via an easy to understand, intuitive interface. The users are able to create and share their artworks with just a couple of gestures.

20 Color by Disney App User Interface Design

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