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Navigation menus are the most important element in a website. Its purpose is to structure the content and let your visitors navigate your website with ease. A well-designed navigation menu is a must for having an user-friendly website!

We selected for you 20 of the best, most beautiful and unique navigation menu designs. These navigation menus come in fully editable PSD files which you can download for free! Which ones do you like?

Navigation Menu Free PSDs

App fold navigation free PSD

This is an app navigation menu conceived for folding just in the middle, made by a really talented Dribbble designer!

App fold navigation free PSD Pin

Elegant Dropdown Menu Free PSD

This is an expandable menu for websites with a dark color palette and simple effects.

Web menu free PSD Pin

Free PSD dropdown menu

This is another Dribbble freebie! This is a free PSD dropdown menu with a super-clean design and some small icons.

Free PSD dropdown menu Pin

Dropdown menu free PSD

Here’s a free dropdown navigation menu in PSD format! When hovering the dropdown, the other options should slide in/out from the top/bottom.

Dropdown menu free PSD Pin

Circular navigation menu free PSD

How about trying a different navigation method for your upcoming mobile application? Try this circular navigation menu free PSD.

Circular navigation menu free PSD Pin

Mini Dropdown menu PSD

This is a semitransparent mini dropdown menu. It’s a really simple but elegant navigation menu freebie.

Dropdown menu PSD Pin

Hexagon pop-up PSD menu

This is a quick hexagonal pop-up menu concept. Looks futuristic and it is definitely unique!

Hexagon pop-up PSD menu Pin

Communication dropdown buttons

This is a free PSD dropdown menu made up of communication buttons. Great for apps!

Communication dropdown buttons Pin

Vertical expandable menu PSD

This freebie is a dark vertical expandable menu with icons and cool elements.

Vertical expandable menu PSD Pin

Horizontal Navigation Menus PSD

This is a beautiful and modern freebie of horizontal navigation menus. It has two different style options and you can use any of them. Using these horizontal navigation menus you can add beauty to your UI design.

Horizontal Navigation Menus PSD Pin

Circular PSD Menu

This is a beautiful circular menu psd template. It has an elegant and modern navigation design that can be used on iPhone, iPad or any Android app. You can download this circular menu psd file and edit it as per your requirement.

Circular PSD Menu Pin

Responsive Website Navigation

A good website navigation will be understandable and easy to use on all devices, including mobiles, tablets, and personal computers. The freebie is a responsive website navigation.

Responsive Website Navigation Pin

Candy dropdown

This is a simple and beautiful dropdown navigation menu with a girly, feminine design. Comes with a fully editable PSD, free to download!

Candy dropdown Pin

Dark navigation bar PSD

This is a small, icon navigation menu with a dark color palette. PSD file is attached.

Dark navigation bar PSD Pin

Menu Icons Sets

Navigation menus are among the most important elements of a website design and they can never be skipped. Adding icons to your navigation menu will give your design an instant visual boost and will make it more graphical and creative. There are various ways of customizing your navigation menu design. Below, we’ll show you one of them – using icons for each menu link!

Default Icon

www.defaulticon.com Pin

This is an extraordinary collection of elegant, minimal icons with crystal clear clarity, designed in black only.  It can be used for UI design on the web,  portable devices, desktop applications, or other interfaces. The set is completely customizable and it is available in eps format. The package also includes a png format in the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128,256×256.

Colorful Stickers Icon Set

Colorful Stickers Icons Set Pin

This example can come in really handy if you’re in need for something that would give a nice and friendly look to your design. All vector icons from Colorful Stickers Set come in .AI format. The .pngs have the following sizes: 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256. Also ICO, ICNS files are provided in 128x128px size.

iOS 11 Icons You Need

iOS 11 Icon Pack Pin

Small as it may be, this set of 11 minimalist icons can be exactly what your project was missing. They can be easily customised before even downloading them.  Besides that, this website offers a large range of free icons that you can search by tags of categories. Feel free to have a look if you did not find the one you were looking for.

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

PixelPressIcons Pin

These icons were created developed specifically for iPhone developers but can be easily integrated into personal creative projects. This collection now includes 60×60 pixel versions of the icons. It will instantly boost your design and will also make it more graphical and creative.

gCons: Free All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers

100 Free All Pin

Designed by Sarfraz Shoukat especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers, gCons is a set of free 32×32px icons for designers and web developers (a total of 100 icons). The icons come in 12 different colors and are available in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Check them out and see if amongst these icons lays the one you were looking for.

NIXUS Icon Pack

NIXUS Icon Pack Pin

NIXUS icon pack is yet another good example of a free set that can be used in many different types of creative projects. This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects. This set contains 60 Premium Quality Icons. Each icon comes in transparent .png format in 64x64px, 48x48px, and 32x32px. It is a good quality set that can not usually be easy to find for free.  These icons come in really handy thanks to their compatibility in both corporate and creative businesses.

Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

Designer Icons Pin

How about a free to use the icon set professionally crafted by professional icon artist, Parthiban Mohanraj. This free icon set contains 12 Professionally Hand-Crafted icons for designers and creatives. Each Icon is 32x32px with a transparent background. See if this set will complete your design or if it will push your creative process further.

Multimedia Element Set

Multimedia Element Set +130 Pin

This set has got 50 Icons available in the following formats: icon (SVG & EPS), PNG, PSD, and Iconfont. They’re cute and can come in really helpful. Also, feel free to have a look on their website to find out more sets. They have a diverse gallery of icons in case you did not find the one you’ve been looking for in this particular set.

Flat Icons

Flat icons on Behance Pin

You might also find this set of flat icons interesting. They’re elegant and colorful and might serve you both as good inspiration and in your next project. They can add a touch of flat design to any website and they also come in a scalable format and in both colored and monochrome version.

Mimi Glyphs

Sallee Design Pin

Looking for something that will boost your graphical content?  These are hand crafted, Infinitely scalable Icons for User Interface Designers. They look great, have a clean, minimalist design and they simply can not miss from you icons library. Download them for free and use them in your own projects.

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