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Editor X is one of the most promising online website builders available at the moment. While there have been many other builders in this domain, Editor X has been able to carve a niche for itself through its stunning templates, design features, and, more importantly, ease of use. As a result, it is a very good option for amateurs and professional website designers to build amazing websites in less time.

Editor X is Trusted by Industry Leaders

Coming from the WIX family, Editor X has a strategic advantage as it can leverage decades of experience and an overall development ecosystem. However, it has differentiated itself from Wix as a premium builder focusing more on the website’s visual feel. This is why you will find some very well-designed and aesthetically appealing templates on Editor X.

In terms of features, it offers all the standard features and more to cater well to the users. In this article, we deep-dive into the cost of Editor X and also present 12 good reasons why you should consider Editor X.

How much does Editor X cost?

Before we start throwing up the cost numbers, let us set the context of how Editor X has placed its various plans. First, it has divided its plans into two categories: website and Business and eCommerce. The website plans are directed more toward small informative websites, blogs, portfolios, or other personal projects.

At the same time, Business and eCommerce plans are created for users looking to set up online businesses or large-scale websites.

Editor X Website Plans

Under the website plans, Editor X offers three plans with incremental costs and features. Custom domain, SSL certificate, and customer care are something that remains consistent across all the plans. But what changes are the storage space, video hours, and other advanced features:

1: Essential | Cost – $22 per month

  • Storage: 10GB 
  • Video Hours: 1 hour

2: Extra | Cost – $35 per month

  • Storage: 20GB 
  • Video Hours: 2 hours
  • Visitor Analytics app
  • Professional logo
  • Social media logo files

3: Ultra | Cost – $49 per month

  • Storage: 35GB 
  • Video Hours: 5 hours
  • Visitor Analytics app
  • Professional logo
  • Social media logo files
Editor X Website Plans

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Editor X Business & eCommerce Plans

The good part about this platform is that it understands what the users would want and need to boost their online business. Hence it has loaded its plans with all these features. Online payment features, custom domain, creation of customer accounts, ticketing, and dedicated customer care are common features for all plans. What varies with plans is storage space, video hours, and other advanced features.

1: Launch | Cost – $29 per month

  • Storage: 20GB 
  • Video Hours: 5 hours  

2: Boost | Cost – $69 per month

  • Storage: 35GB 
  • Video Hours: 10 hours
  • Dropshipping by Modalyst: Unlimited products
  • Product reviews by KudoBuzz: 3,000 reviews

3: Scale | Cost – $69 per month

  • Storage: 50GB 
  • Video Hours: Unlimited
  • Dropshipping by Modalyst: Upto 250 products
  • Product reviews by KudoBuzz: 1,000 reviews
Editor X Business & eCommerce Plans

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12 Reasons to consider Editor X

While cost always plays an important role in choosing the right website builder platform, there are also many other factors that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the major aspects that can help you understand why Editor X is really the best in this domain:

1. Amazing Templates

One of the biggest selling points of Editor X has been its stunning templates. Naturally, people use website builders for their templates, as building a website from scratch is not ideal, especially on an online builder. And the right template can help you create the website fast and make your website stand out from the competition.

Editor X takes its templates very seriously and has a dedicated design team that keeps coming up with these amazing templates. Mind you, the templates are not huge in volume, but they are really good in terms of quality. So no matter your business type or purpose, you will have template options. In addition, these templates have the right set of features you would need, be it online bookings, product listings, forms, or fancy animations.

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2. Easy to Understand and Use

Editor X User-interface

Any online tool has a learning curve; the smaller it is, the better for onboarding new users. Editor X has tried to keep its processes simple and intuitive to ensure that users, especially newcomers, can handle the many features available. And at the same time, they can quickly get a grasp of the builder and start designing on their own.

Once you select the template you want to use, Editor X will guide you throughout the process, taking one design step at a time. The tools are presented in a manner that is easy to understand. In addition, tooltips are provided for each tool which can guide you when you are unsure. With all these, you can start working on your website like a professional designer in no time.

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3. Advanced Design Features

Editor X - Design Features

The number and depth of design feature an online website builder offers are crucial judging factors. As a user, you should have a good amount of control over the visual aspects of the website. This becomes all the more important when you are a designer and want to have things your way.

With the array of design features that Editor X has, both the extreme type of users can be served. Most of the basic design features are covered intuitively. Additionally, Editor X also offers special design features like formatting copy-paste, text scaling, docking, designing through a CSS grid, and more. Not to forget the huge design library of thousands of vectors, icons, illustrations, and other design elements for you to choose from.

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4. Easy to Set Up eCommerce

Easy to setup eCommerce

If you are looking for a website builder to create an eCommerce business, then Editor X is the best start for you. First, it offers some amazing online shop templates that are easy to set up and look stunning. Your online shop must stand out in today’s competitive world to get you more business.

Second, it provides you with all the right features you need for your website. Be it product listing, shipping, testimonials, social media integration, and inventory management. Apart from these fundamental tools, Editor X goes one step ahead to provide advanced eCommerce options like online booking, recurring subscriptions, calendars, memberships, and more.

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5. Content Management Customization

Editor X - Content Management

An important part of the website is the backend and how you manage your backend. This becomes all the more important if you are operating an online shop. You will have to deal with your product inventory, user accounts, and many other databases. Hence always go for an online website builder that provides a robust content management service.

Editor X excels in handling your data, no matter its volume and complexity. It also allows you to customize the way you handle your data. For example, you can integrate third-party APIs seamlessly and import or export data or pages. Editor X also can let you set up automated tasks like sending out notifications and emails or triggering backend processes like inventory management.

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6. Access to Code

Edit Code in Editor X

Editor X has been designed to target new users and professional website, developers. Gone are the days when developers would start from scratch to build a website. They also prefer to choose the right template and start with it. This saves a lot of time and effort and delivers quality results.

However, one problem that website developers face with online website design platforms is the inability to control the code. As a developer, they would want to access it and edit it to customize the website further. Worry not; Editor X brings a solution to the problem. It allows you to make changes to the code, import NPM packages, and even convert your website into a complex website.

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7. Competitive Pricing

EditorX Billing Cycles

While we have discussed in detail the pricing plans that Editor X offers, we want to discuss how it compares with other platforms in the market. Custom domain, storage space, SSL, and other basic requirements are well covered for all plans it offers. This is important to mention as a few other platforms do not include them and would have hidden costs.

Regarding market comparison, Editor X is the more value-for-money builder as it offers many features at a very low cost. It also offers collaboration in all its plans, allowing you to work as a team. This feature comes at a premium cost on other platforms. Editor X also offers a 14-day trial period which you can use for testing.

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8. Learning from Academy X

Academy X

We talked about how Editor X tries to keep the learning curve simple by having an easy-to-use interface. On top of that, it tries to educate the users through its Academy X.

This initiative offers users a better understanding of the entire process of website building and design. It also explains in detail about features and tools of Editor X and how to use them in the best possible way.

Academy X is a big advantage as you can find solutions to all the problems you might encounter while working on your Editor X website. It has detailed articles, video tutorials, expert lectures, and many other web design tips and resources. Besides discussing website design and development, it also covers general topics like design trends and technical topics that help you learn more.

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9. WIX Marketplace Access

Wix App market

Besides its amazing templates, Editor X offers access to the Wix marketplace. As we have mentioned earlier, Editor X comes from the house of Wix. Hence you can expect a highly reliable and quality product given Wix’s decades of experience in this sector. This provides a lot of trust factors and validations for Editor X.

The Wix marketplace contains over 200 services and integrations. You will find a good plugin or widget from the marketplace for any task, big or small. So whether you are looking for online booking, automated mailers or search engine optimization, image compression, or even a basic contact form, you will get a lot of help from the marketplace – a feature competitors do not offer.

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10. Superb Customer Service

Editor X Support

One of the most striking observations that emerge when you study the online reviews of Editor X is that it offers very good customer service. At a time when automated replies and chatbots are being pushed in the name of customer service, Editor X still strives to provide a personalized touch to customer support.

Editor X offers various ways to approach troubleshooting or resolving issues. For example, tickets are raised and escalated to provide a resolution within 24 hours. Editor X’s other big advantage is its in-built help section. So, while working, you can quickly check the existing help database to learn and troubleshoot quickly.

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Website Design Trends

Using website templates is always good, but it comes with one problem making your website look common. Editor X ensures that this does not happen with your website. It always stays on top of all the design trends and often even creates its trends. This will ensure that your website will look unique, stylish, and not outdated.

Animated sliders, heading transitions, media showcases, and the amazing design features that Editor X offers are very big. The good part is that all these are nicely integrated into the templates saving you time and effort. Another important aspect of Editor X is how it allows breakpoint designing, ensuring that your website looks flawless on all devices.

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12. One-stop for Digital Marketing Solutions

Editor X Digital Marketing

If you are looking to establish an online business, then a simple website designing tool won’t suffice. Instead, you will need a platform to help you with all your digital marketing needs, be it website designing, SEO, mail outreach, and more. Editor X has positioned itself as a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.

First, it takes care of the domain, hosting, and website designing, which is one less thing to worry about. Then it offers customized solutions like marketing integrations, video maker, social sharing, instant Google indexing, and personalized SEO plan. All these features can help you take your online business to another level.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we have given a detailed analysis of the various pricing plans offered by Editor X. There is a good variety of options. Hence, it can cater to newcomers and professional designers. We have also enlisted the top 12 reasons why Editor X is way better than the other online website design tools. Its stunning templates, easy-to-use interface, access to Wix marketplace, Academy X, and online business solutions are reasons you should immediately get started with Editor X.

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