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Learning to Work More Efficiently: The Concept of Value for Money

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Web designers doing freelance work, are always interested in ways to increase their productivity by learning to work more efficiently. As a freelancer, you’d naturally like to find clients who pay well for challenging assignments. Those clients are out there; and they have something in common. They understand the concept of value for money.

Understanding what this concept entails is a first step in making the transition from freelancer to entrepreneur; someone who has discovered how to take on additional responsibilities, and sell himself as a business. An entrepreneur is, in the eyes of his clients, a resource that can be counted on to provide value for money.

If you’re a Be Theme pre-built website user, you’ve already discovered that with the right tools, you can save time, and provide value by delivering superior results on time.


                        Passion can take you only so far. Become your own business.

Understanding the value for money principle is essential. The approach to take, is to look at your work processes, and identify the value of each vs. your expenditures in time, energy, and creativity. Having done so, you can begin to show clients why the value you provide is greater than the money they spend.

How Valuable are Your Tools?

Is your WordPress theme of choice helping you provide value for money for your clients? Does your theme require extra time to install, select options, and customize your layouts, or is it quick, smooth, and straightforward to use?

Which of my WordPress themes features are the most valuable in helping me with my work, and overall, is it giving me an effective way to spend my resources?


This pre-built website, destined to a younger audience, is unbelievably easy to customize.

Be Theme provides outstanding value for money. It is by far one of the most popular themes on the market. It’s 220+ pre-built WordPress websites are easy to install and customize, no coding is required, and the level of support is tremendous.


With minimal effort, you can transform this Ebook pre-built website into a sharp presentation website.

Be Theme will save you money in many ways. Here are two:

  • Design time: Professional designs are embedded in each of Be’s pre-built websites. Just pick one that will suit your client’s needs, and customize it. You’ll have a page or a website ready for review or publishing in no time.
  • Eliminate wireframes and mockups: Show your clients editable layouts instead; saving everyone time.


This pre-built website is ready to be customized for a minimalist herbal shop.

With hundreds of topics to choose from, plus pre-built websites for blogs, portfolios, and one page websites, all you need to do is select a category, and incorporate your client’s brand and content.

What others say.

Best multi-site theme I’ve ever seen. You can create a whole network within one WordPress theme; multi-layouts and page styles make this theme perfect for websites with more than one theme eg: media/ professional/ person all-in-one.” – Nezzmedia

One of the most robust and amazing themes I’ve ever worked with. I could use this for almost any client, with the endless possibilities!” – ncfan2030

A Check: Are Your Finished Projects Offering Value for Money?

To answer this question, you need to have excellent communications with your clients; and, you must understand their work needs.

  • Are they uniformly satisfied with your work?
  • Do they give you high marks for offering innovative solutions?
  • Do they regard your work as good, very good, or top-of-the-line?


The formula for delivering superior products: skill, experience, and good communications.

  • Are your clients referring you to others, or requesting additional work? If so, this can be a huge sign that you are doing well.
  • Does your work reflect a thorough and complete understanding of your client’s specs?

Positive answers indicate you are on the right path, but don’t forget to look into those areas where you could do better.


            Maybe you need to work harder at a few things. Or better yet, work smarter.

When you do see a need for improvement, set a specific objective for making it happen. Research areas in which you may be weak, learn to listen (to your clients), and whatever you do, keep the value for money principle in mind.

Are You Taking an Active Role in Creating Value for Yourself?

You obviously benefit when you can produce more value for yourself. Your clients do as well, as do those around you.

Time and money are your investments, and if you look closely at those investments, as they are applied to the work you do; at the end of the month you should get some good indications as to where your investments are paying dividends, and where they are not.

It’s nothing more than a matter of paying attention. Paying attention is something entrepreneurs are good at, because doing so got them where they are. Pay attention to what you are doing; how you are doing it; keep value for money in mind; and, you are well on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.


                                    It’s not just enjoying life, but how you enjoy it.

Your multiple skills and talents can serve you well. They are resources that can provide value for money. Take time to understand them better.

Take-away Ideas

When you start using value for money as a test criteria to see how what you do affects others, you should begin to view your relationships with your clients in a new light.

The tools you use are important too.

Be Theme, with its 220+ pre-built websites, is a prime example of a tool that gives you an abundance of value for money.


                        Value for money? Just ask Be Theme’s 48,000 designers.

Give your skills, talents, and the tools at your disposal, it’s time to set a goal of becoming a human resource that others will seek out when they are looking for real value for their money. With Be Theme, your goal should not be hard to meet.

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