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11 Top HTML Themes for Charity Events

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When it comes to the online presence of a non-profit organization and its charity events, you have to make sure that the site is visually appealing and, at the same time able to clearly convey the story or the cause. This blog compiles some of the best HTML themes for charity events. 

Even though WordPress has taken over as the most used platform for website development, creating a website in HTML still has its own charm, even for non-profits. You may have to do some extra work writing the code, but that also gives you a lot of flexibility in design and features.

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To mitigate the problem of writing the website code from scratch, developers have come up with really good HTML themes. You can download these themes and directly start using them. Of course, if you are short on time or do not want to invest too much time, then you can just change the content and images. But if you wish to add your own design style, it is also easy to modify the HTML codes. 

11 HTML Themes for Charity Events

1. Born To Give

Born To Give

The Born To Give HTML theme is created using Bootstrap. When you purchase and download the theme, you will get three different homepage styles equipped with three header styles. The good part is that it provides a full-width events calendar. This can come in very handy for the charity event website that you are creating. In addition, you can customize the theme by changing the colors or the fonts. The theme, by default, uses Google fonts.

All the forms come operational, and hence you can always set up an RSVP form on the website so that people can notify you whether they are coming or not. Another good feature is the readymade donation form. You can quickly set this up with a payment gateway and collect funds. Finally, the theme is optimized for SEO, which can help you get a better page ranking.  

2. Fundraising HTML Template – Charity

Fundraising HTML Template - Charity

This HTML theme is an elegant and clean website design, and it is made beautiful using Ionicons Icons and Owl Carousels. Google fonts are used throughout the website, and hence they will open nicely in any browser. The theme is compatible with the previous version of Bootstrap. When you download the theme, you will get the HTML files, CSS files, and JS files. The layout is highly responsive the website works smoothly on all devices. 

The overall look and feel of the theme are of a corporate website, and hence it can be used for charity events related to this sector. The theme developers also provide a good set of documents along with the theme, making it easy for users to customize the theme. You can also add your own code or plugins and make the website more functional and valuable.  

3. Halpes – Non-Profit Charity HTML Template

Halpes - Non Profit Charity HTML Template

If you are looking for a trendy charity event HTML theme, then this template would work well for you. The template comes loaded with three different home versions and eleven inner pages. This makes it easy for developers looking to start with a small website but build on it later. The template also includes Owl Carousel Slider, and this can help you elevate the visual feel of your website as you can add fancy website hero images. It works best in advanced Bootstrap 4 Framework and has a W3C-validated code. 

The theme is completely responsive and works seamlessly across all browsers. The developers have made an extra effort in terms of making the theme SEO optimized. They are also providing good documentation for the theme. The code is well commented on, and this helps you understand the impact of each code and thereby customize the website quickly and easily.  

4. Helpo | Fundraising & Charity HTML Template

Helpo - Fundraising & Charity HTML Template

As the name suggests, this HTML theme is a good option for creating charity websites with a call to action of help. It is presently one of the most popular themes for non-profits, fundraising, and charity events. The reason for this is that this is a multipurpose theme and can be used for purposes beyond charity events. You will get visually appealing home pages in six options when you purchase and download the theme. In addition, the developers have created the entire theme in two color options, and you can select which one works best for you. 

The theme also has over 50 inner pages and over 100 design elements. This massive number of options makes it easy for people to use this theme for various purposes. It also comes with a built-in eCommerce functionality. One good reason for buying this theme is that all the graphics you see in the demo are provided along with the theme.  

5. Troika – Multipurpose HTML Theme

Troika - Multipurpose HTML Theme

Troika HTML themes will fall into the minimalist category of themes. It comes with three options: Churches, Charities and Political. The website’s design focuses more on the content part, which helps in communicating your message quickly and more effectively. There are three different varieties in page headers, and they can also be further customized. The standout feature of this theme is the incredible gallery option it provides. 

It provides nine post formats for blogs, and you can customize the sidebar for each of these blog styles. In addition, it comes with advanced user login panel options and is well-documented for all pages and features. Like most high-quality themes, Troika is also responsive and provides a good user experience on all devices and browsers. It also comes enabled with eCommerce functionality if you plan to sell or auction things to raise funds. Given its versatile nature and clean and straightforward design, this HTML theme is suitable for all developers.

6. Azino – Nonprofit Charity HTML Template

Azino - Nonprofit Charity HTML Template

Not all charity event websites need to be corporate style or dull colors. Azino instead promises to be a modern, colorful, and vibrant HTML theme used for charity, fundraising, religious occasions, NGOs, and other applications. The theme comes with two different home versions and 11 inner pages. Owl Carousel Slider and a variety of CSS3 Animations are also included. This provides you with a lot of design options to customize the website. 

A good aspect of this HTML template is that it is fully customizable and easy to modify. Be it the headers or the colors in the section, or the fonts, you can continually flow your branding style and make this template resonate with it. In terms of SEO optimization, the template comes preloaded. You need to ensure you do not tamper with the Header and meta tags. 

7. Heal – One Page Charity HTML Template

Heal - One Page Charity HTML Template

The list above contains several multipurpose themes, but this template is a clean and neat-looking one-pager for charity events. The parallax sliders used at the top make the theme more attractive. The code of the theme is well-oriented with HTML5 and CSS3. All the web page components are well-responsive, and the website works fluidly on all devices.

Even though it is a simple one-pager website, it comes with options for the blog section, gallery section, news, updates, and a lot more. You will always have the option of converting this one-pager template into a fully functional multi-page website. It also provides a readymade donate page and the About and contact us page. The default color scheme looks incredible, but you can always customize it to reflect your brand. You can also make use of its cool features like the video parallax, pricing tables, maps, and others to make your website stand out. 

8. Nobility – Charity HTML Template

Nobility - Charity HTML Template

The nobility theme is a lightweight, quick-to-use HTML theme suitable for applications like charity events, NGOs, fundraisers, volunteer organizations, and cause-related websites. It comes with two options for home pages and 17 inner pages. It is compatible with Bootstrap version 4 and works with the previous versions of Bootstrap. In addition, the website works smoothly on all browsers.

The standout feature for the Nobility HTML template is its responsive dropdown navigation design. This lets you communicate a lot through the header. In addition, the transition effects are smooth, and the overall column structure makes the website look visually appealing. Once you buy this theme, you will be able to claim all new updates for free. The good part is that the development team has put a lot of effort into adequately commenting on the code. This way, you will understand the code better, and hence you can make the changes to the website faster.   

9. Jitsin – HTML For Crowdfunding Projects & Charity

Jitsin - HTML For Crowdfunding Projects & Charity

Jitsin HTML theme is specifically designed for charity events. While the themes mentioned above had multiple uses, we must note that this theme was developed keeping in mind the sole use of gathering funds from users. Because of this, the website is very robust and serves its function very well. The theme comes with five different versions of home pages. In addition, fourteen inner pages come with a variety of design styles. 

Created for advanced Bootstrap 4 framework, this theme has a valid HTML5 and CSS4 code. The development team is well-taken care of the browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness factors. Going a step extra, they have also provided thorough documentation for the template and commented on the code’s critical aspects. Though the theme has a lot of color options, you can always change the color, fonts, and other design aspects to meet your brand guidelines.  

10. COVID HTML Theme

Covid HTML Theme

The COVID19 pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. There is hardly any country left on this planet that is unaffected by this viral disease. To overcome its impact, many people and organizations have come forward to collect and offer help. If you plan to create a website for such entities, then the COVID HTML theme will be handy. From the design point of view, it is straightforward, neat, and modern. From the coding point of view, the structure is kept uniform, and the entire code is as per industry standards.

The theme is a one-pager website but comes loaded with most standard functions. You can place your images, videos, and content in an excellent uniform way that appeals to the users. This theme can be used for charity events related to COVID19. Apart from that, you can also use the theme to spread awareness about the pandemic or any other cause related to COVID19. 

11. Lifeline 2 – Multipurpose Non-profit HTML Template

Lifeline 2 - Multipurpose Non-profit HTML Template

Sometimes it is advisable to use multipurpose themes even if you want to create standard one-pager websites. You will never know when to add extra features and content to the website. Lifeline 2 HTML template works as a lifeline for all website developers as this is a highly used theme for charity events, non-profits, and other cause-based websites. Its most significant selling point is that it is highly customizable.

Upon downloading, you will get seven unique but highly responsive demos. It also offers four different header styles, including stick and nonsticky options. You will also get the Layer Slider plugin which costs $14 for free. It has inbuilt eCommerce functionality, and hence you can set up the sale of products in exchange for donations. Overall it comes loaded with many design options and functionalities that you will not have to look at anywhere else. The website is fully responsive, and SEO optimized even with such complex designs.

Final Thoughts on HTML themes for charity events

Developing charity event websites always comes with a restricted budget, so you’ll have to make the right choices with the resources you have available. The HTML themes mentioned above are highly cost-effective and provide multiple development options. In addition, you can further accentuate your design by using perfect stock images or other free design assets related to your cause.

On the topic of charities, we believe in the work that many of them are doing to help relieve the burdens of millions of people collectively around the world. We would like to take a moment to mention a few that are truly making a difference.  We have personally worked for or contributed to some on this list and we like to end this post by quoting the Christian scriptures: “it is more blessed to give than to receive“:

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